Evaluating functional antibodies in rhesus monkeys immunized with hepatitis B virus surface antigen vaccine with novel adjuvant formulations.


:Effective and safe novel adjuvants are of great interest to the vaccine research community. In this study, we describe our evaluation of adjuvant formulations containing a TLR9 agonist adjuvant (ISS1018) or ISCOMATRIX™ adjuvant for a two-dose regimen of hepatitis B virus surface antigen virus-like particle vaccine in mice and rhesus macaques. Our results show a 10-20 fold improvement in Ab binding titers determined in an antigen-sandwich assay for adjuvant formulations with ISCOMATRIX™ adjuvant, in comparison to routine aluminum formulation. Furthermore, we optimized a competition assay to evaluate a functional component of immune sera, using a conformation-dependent and protective mAb, RFHBs1, as the probe. Although good correlation was observed between Ab binding titers from the antigen-sandwich assay and functional titers from the in-solution competition against RFHBs1, the latter assessment provided a much more stringent ranking of adjuvant formulations than the former. These results indicate the importance of evaluating functional Abs when assessing and comparing novel adjuvant formulations, as it provides another angle to investigate the effects of change in adjuvant composition on antigenic integrity of the testing vaccines.






Freed DC,Towne VM,Casimiro DR,Zhao Q,Fu TM




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