Mast cells in the rat heart during normal growth and in cardiac hypertrophy.


:Mast cells in rat hearts were studied quantitatively during normal postnatal growth and in two types of cardiac hypertrophy. Normally, cardiac mast cell density in 11-12-day-old animals is very low, but increases markedly in the following 2-3 weeks to its highest values, with a subsequent decline toward adult values. At the peak of mast cell density, the percentage of mast cells in close proximity to capillaries is also highest. In adult animals, mast cell counts are significantly higher in the right ventricle than in the left. This relation is preserved even when the right ventricle is hypertrophic, as in rats born at simulated high altitude. Chronic hypertension and swimming have little effect on the mast cell density in rat hearts. Conspicuous changes in the mast cell density at the time of capillary proliferation seem to indicate a special role played by these cells in the formation of new vessels.


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Circulation research


Rakusan K,Sarkar K,Turek Z,Wicker P




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  • Identification of receptor binding and activation sites in endothelin-1 by use of site-directed mutagenesis.

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  • Spread of contraction in rabbit ear artery preparations in response to stimulation by norepinephrine.

    abstract::To investigate the spread of contraction in the rabbit ear artery, changes in segment diameter were measured after local stimulation. No spread of contraction was produced by direct current or local application of norepinephrine (NE). Repetitive electrical stimulation caused contraction which spread far from the point...

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    abstract::To determine the relative importance of protein degradation in the development of starvation-induced cardiac atrophy, in vivo fractional synthetic rates of total cardiac protein, myosin heavy chain, actin, light chain 1, and light chain 2 were measured in fed and fasted rabbits by continuous infusion of [3H] leucine. ...

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  • Bradykinin B2-receptor activation augments norepinephrine exocytosis from cardiac sympathetic nerve endings. Mediation by autocrine/paracrine mechanisms.

    abstract::We determined whether local bradykinin production modulates cardiac adrenergic activity. Depolarization of guinea pig heart sympathetic nerve endings (synaptosomes) with 1 to 100 mmol/L K+ caused the release of endogenous norepinephrine (10% to 50% above basal level). This release was exocytotic, because it depended o...

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  • Investigational analysis reveals a potential role for neutrophils in giant-cell arteritis disease progression.

    abstract:RATIONALE:Giant-cell arteritis (GCA) is a large-vessel vasculitis characterized by immune cell infiltration, yet the potential involvement of neutrophils has rarely been studied. OBJECTIVE:We investigated whether alterations in neutrophil reactivity occurred in the pathogenesis of GCA or during its clinical management...

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  • Myocardial oxygenation in dogs during partial and complete coronary artery occlusion.

    abstract::Regional myocardial oxygenation was assessed during partial and complete coronary artery occlusion using near infrared spectroscopy. In eight open-chest dogs, partial occlusions resulting in an approximately 42% decrease in left anterior descending coronary artery (LAD) blood flow produced an approximately 21% decreas...

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