Mast cells in the rat heart during normal growth and in cardiac hypertrophy.


:Mast cells in rat hearts were studied quantitatively during normal postnatal growth and in two types of cardiac hypertrophy. Normally, cardiac mast cell density in 11-12-day-old animals is very low, but increases markedly in the following 2-3 weeks to its highest values, with a subsequent decline toward adult values. At the peak of mast cell density, the percentage of mast cells in close proximity to capillaries is also highest. In adult animals, mast cell counts are significantly higher in the right ventricle than in the left. This relation is preserved even when the right ventricle is hypertrophic, as in rats born at simulated high altitude. Chronic hypertension and swimming have little effect on the mast cell density in rat hearts. Conspicuous changes in the mast cell density at the time of capillary proliferation seem to indicate a special role played by these cells in the formation of new vessels.


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Circulation research


Rakusan K,Sarkar K,Turek Z,Wicker P




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  • The long noncoding RNA CHRF regulates cardiac hypertrophy by targeting miR-489.

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  • Response of superficial proximal convoluted tubule to decreased and increased renal perfusion pressure. In vivo microperfusion study in rats.

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  • MiR-15 family regulates postnatal mitotic arrest of cardiomyocytes.

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  • Mechanisms of supersensitivity to sympathomimetic amines in the chronically denervated heart of the conscious dog.

    abstract::Mechanisms of denervation supersensitivity to sympathomimetic amines were studied in conscious animals. Norepinephrine, 0.1 micrograms/kg, increased left ventricular dP/dt significantly more (4208 +/- 828 mm Hg/sec) in dogs with cardiac denervation than in intact dogs (1029 +/- 280 mm Hg/sec), P less than 0.01, wherea...

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  • Ca(V)3.2 channels and the induction of negative feedback in cerebral arteries.

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  • High-resolution optical mapping of the right bundle branch in connexin40 knockout mice reveals slow conduction in the specialized conduction system.

    abstract::Connexin40 (Cx40) is a major gap junction protein that is expressed in the His-Purkinje system and thought to be a critical determinant of cell-to-cell communication and conduction of electrical impulses. Video maps of the ventricular epicardium and the proximal segment of the right bundle branch (RBB) were obtained u...

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  • Role of sodium and calcium dysregulation in tachyarrhythmias in sudden cardiac death.

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  • Effects of infarcted myocardium on regional blood flow measurements to ischemic regions in canine heart.

    abstract::The present study assesses effects of acutely infarcted myocardium on apparent microsphere loss as a function of time, determines effects of apparent microsphere loss on blood flow measurements to ischemic regions, and determines to what extent apparent microsphere loss alters interpretation of serial measurements of ...

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  • Biphasic development of the mammalian ventricular conduction system.

    abstract:RATIONALE:The ventricular conduction system controls the propagation of electric activity through the heart to coordinate cardiac contraction. This system is composed of specialized cardiomyocytes organized in defined structures including central components and a peripheral Purkinje fiber network. How the mammalian ven...

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  • Porcine coronary arteries with regenerated endothelium have a reduced endothelium-dependent responsiveness to aggregating platelets and serotonin.

    abstract::To test the ability of regenerated endothelium to evoke endothelium-dependent relaxations, male Yorkshire pigs underwent balloon endothelial denudation of the proximal left anterior descending coronary artery. Endothelium-dependent responses were examined in vitro, in rings of coronary segments taken from the denuded ...

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  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Genetic Determinants and Mechanisms.

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    abstract::The kinetic attributes of the afferent arteriole myogenic response were investigated using the in vitro perfused hydronephrotic rat kidney. Equations describing the time course for pressure-dependent vasoconstriction and vasodilation, and steady-state changes in diameter were combined to develop a mathematical model o...

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  • miR33 inhibition overcomes deleterious effects of diabetes mellitus on atherosclerosis plaque regression in mice.

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  • Prejunctional inhibition of norepinephrine release caused by acetylcholine in the human saphenous vein.

    abstract::We performed experiments to determine whether or not acetylcholine exerts a prejunctional inhibitory effect on adrenergic neurotransmission in the human blood vessel wall. Rings of human greater saphenous veins were prepared 2 to 15 hours after death and mounted for isometric tension recording in organ chambers filled...

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  • Modulation of Ca2+ control of dog and rabbit cardiac myofibrils by Mg2+. Comparison with rabbit skeletal myofibrils.

    abstract::Increases in free Mg2+ from 0.04 to 10.0 mM with constant pH 7.0 TO 0.10 M ionic strength, and 2 mM MgATP2- caused a rightward shift of the free Ca-relative ATPase relation for both cardiac skeletal myofibrils. The specific activity of cardiac myofibrillar ATPase over a wide range of free Ca2+ was, however, depressed ...

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  • Human nonmuscle myosin heavy chains are encoded by two genes located on different chromosomes.

    abstract::We report the cloning of cDNAs encoding two different human nonmuscle myosin heavy chains designated NMMHC-A and NMMHC-B. The mRNAs encoding NMMHC-A and NMMHC-B are both 7.5 kb in size but are shown to be the products of different genes, which are localized to chromosome 22q11.2 and chromosome 17q13, respectively. In ...

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  • Pulse wave propagation.

    abstract::This report evaluates pulse wave propagation with respect to contributions by vascular wall elastic and geometric properties, vessel wall and blood viscosity, and nonlinearities in system parameters and in the equations of motion. Discrepancies in results obtained with different experimental methods and theory are dis...

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