Randomized controlled trials of blood pressure lowering in hypertension: a critical reappraisal.


:Sixty-eight blood pressure (BP)-lowering randomized controlled trials (defined as randomized controlled trials comparing active treatment with placebo, or less active treatment, achieving a BP difference, performed between 1966 and end 2013 in cohorts with ≥ 40% hypertensive patients, and exclusive of trials in acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, acute stroke, and dialysis) were identified and meta-analyzed grouping the randomized controlled trials on the basis of clinically relevant questions: (1) does BP lowering reduce all types of cardiovascular outcome? (2) Is prevention of all outcomes proportional to the extent of systolic, diastolic, and pulse BP? (3) Have all classes of BP-lowering drugs been shown capable of reducing all types of cardiovascular outcome? (4) Is BP lowering beneficial when intervention is initiated at any grade (or stage) of hypertension? (5) Do BP-lowering randomized controlled trials provide evidence about systolic BP and diastolic BP targets of treatment? (6) Should BP-lowering treatment be preferentially addressed to patients in higher risk categories promising larger absolute treatment benefits? The results of these meta-analyses provide further support to current hypertension treatment guidelines by showing that BP lowering can significantly reduce major cardiovascular outcomes largely independent of the agents used, significant risk reduction is found at all hypertension grades (stages), and when systolic BP is lowered below a cut off of 140 mm Hg with some further reduction limited to stroke at systolic BP values just <130 mm Hg. Absolute risk reduction progressively increases higher is total cardiovascular risk, but this greater benefit is associated with a progressively higher residual risk, ie, higher treatment failures.


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Circulation research


Zanchetti A,Thomopoulos C,Parati G




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  • Hypoxia-induced endothelial apoptosis through nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kappaB)-mediated bcl-2 suppression: in vivo evidence of the importance of NF-kappaB in endothelial cell regulation.

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  • Improved adenoviral vector for vascular gene therapy : beneficial effects on vascular function and inflammation.

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  • Myocyte enhancer factor 2 mediates vascular inflammation via the p38-dependent pathway.

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  • Novel pharmacophores of connexin43 based on the "RXP" series of Cx43-binding peptides.

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  • Independent regulation of cardiac Kv4.3 potassium channel expression by angiotensin II and phenylephrine.

    abstract::Hypertrophied cardiac myocytes exhibit prolonged action potentials and decreased transient outward potassium current (I(to)). Because Kv4.3 is a major contributor to I:(to), we studied regulation of its expression in neonatal rat cardiac myocytes in response to the known stimulators of cardiac myocyte hypertrophy, ang...

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  • Role of TRPM2 channel in mediating H2O2-induced Ca2+ entry and endothelial hyperpermeability.

    abstract::Oxidative stress through the production of oxygen metabolites such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) increases vascular endothelial permeability. H2O2 stimulates ADP-ribose formation, which in turn opens transient receptor potential melastatin (TRPM)2 channels. Here, in endothelial cells, we demonstrate transcript and prote...

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  • Examination of the transverse tubular system in living cardiac rat myocytes by 2-photon microscopy and digital image-processing techniques.

    abstract::The transverse tubular system (t-system) of cardiac muscle is a structure that allows rapid propagation of excitation into the cell interior. Using 2-photon molecular excitation microscopy and digital image-processing methods, we have obtained a comprehensive overview of the t-system of rat ventricular myocytes in liv...

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  • The Biological Basis for Cardiac Repair After Myocardial Infarction: From Inflammation to Fibrosis.

    abstract::In adult mammals, massive sudden loss of cardiomyocytes after infarction overwhelms the limited regenerative capacity of the myocardium, resulting in the formation of a collagen-based scar. Necrotic cells release danger signals, activating innate immune pathways and triggering an intense inflammatory response. Stimula...

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  • The antianginal drug trimetazidine shifts cardiac energy metabolism from fatty acid oxidation to glucose oxidation by inhibiting mitochondrial long-chain 3-ketoacyl coenzyme A thiolase.

    abstract::Trimetazidine is a clinically effective antianginal agent that has no negative inotropic or vasodilator properties. Although it is thought to have direct cytoprotective actions on the myocardium, the mechanism(s) by which this occurs is as yet undefined. In this study, we determined what effects trimetazidine has on b...

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  • Direct effect of beta-adrenergic stimulation on renin release by the rat kidney slice in vitro.

    abstract::Controversy exists regarding the mechanism by which catecholamines stimulate renin secretion in vivo. A sensitive rat kidney slice system was utilized to study the direct effects of adrenergic agonists and antagonists on renin release in vitro. Catecholamines were protected from degradation by the addition of ascorbic...

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  • Lidocaine-induced Brugada syndrome phenotype linked to a novel double mutation in the cardiac sodium channel.

    abstract::Brugada syndrome has been linked to mutations in SCN5A. Agents that dissociate slowly from the sodium channel such as flecainide and ajmaline unmask the Brugada syndrome electrocardiogram and precipitate ventricular tachycardia/fibrillation. Lidocaine, an agent with rapid dissociation kinetics, has previously been sho...

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  • Diabetic cardiomyopathy: the search for a unifying hypothesis.

    abstract::Although diabetes is recognized as a potent and prevalent risk factor for ischemic heart disease, less is known as to whether diabetes causes an altered cardiac phenotype independent of coronary atherosclerosis. Left ventricular systolic and diastolic dysfunction, left ventricular hypertrophy, and alterations in the c...

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  • Collagen phenotypes during development and regression of myocardial hypertrophy in spontaneously hypertensive rats.

    abstract::The myocardium contains collagen matrix that is a major determinant of its architecture, structural integrity, and mechanical properties. This fibrillar matrix consists primarily of type I and type III collagens having epimysial, perimysial, and endomysial components. The present study shows the alteration of collagen...

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  • Evidence for Ca(2+) activation and inactivation sites on the luminal side of the cardiac ryanodine receptor complex.

    abstract::We have used tryptic digestion to determine whether Ca(2+) can regulate cardiac ryanodine receptor (RyR) channel gating from within the lumen of the sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) or whether Ca(2+) must first flow through the channel and act via cytosolically located binding sites. Cardiac RyRs were incorporated into bil...

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  • Modulation of Ca2+ channels by cyclic nucleotide cross activation of opposing protein kinases in rabbit portal vein.

    abstract::Cyclic nucleotides are known to modify voltage-gated (L-type) Ca2+ channel activity in vascular smooth muscle cells, but the exact mechanism(s) underlying these effects is not well defined. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the modulatory role of the cAMP- and cGMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA and P...

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  • Oxidation of membrane cholesterol alters active and passive transsarcolemmal calcium movement.

    abstract::Oxygen free radicals have the ability to oxidize cholesterol. However, nothing is known about the effects of cholesterol oxidation on ion transport in isolated myocardial membranes. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effects of in situ oxidative modification of sarcolemmal cholesterol on Ca2+ flux...

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  • Effects of intracellular angiotensin II in vascular smooth muscle cells.

    abstract::Angiotensin (Ang) II is present inside vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs); however, its intracellular functions, if any, are unknown. We tested the hypothesis that intracellular Ang II exerts effects on cytosolic Ca2+ ([Ca2+]i) in VSMCs. Ang II was administered via microinjection. Intracellular Ang II localization w...

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  • Alterations of myocardial dynamic stiffness implicating abnormal crossbridge function in human mitral regurgitation heart failure.

    abstract::Mitral regurgitation (MR) causes ventricular dilation, a blunted myocardial force-frequency relation, and increased crossbridge force-time integral (FTI). The mechanism of FTI increase was investigated using sinusoidal length perturbation analysis to compare crossbridge function in skinned left ventricular (LV) epicar...

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  • Expression of A-, B-, and C-type natriuretic peptide genes in failing and developing human ventricles. Correlation with expression of the Ca(2+)-ATPase gene.

    abstract::Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) and C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) are novel natriuretic peptides, originally isolated from porcine brain. Similar to atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP), BNP is also synthesized in and secreted from cardiocytes, but CNP is not expressed at significant levels in normal adult myocardium. ...

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    authors: Takahashi T,Allen PD,Izumo S

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  • Duration of ischemia is vital for collateral development: repeated brief coronary artery occlusions in conscious dogs.

    abstract::The effects of two types of repeated transient coronary artery occlusions on collateral development were examined in chronically instrumented, conscious dogs. A 2-minute coronary occlusion at 32-minute intervals (group 1, n = 11) or a 15-second occlusion at 4-minute intervals (group 2, n = 7) were repeated day and nig...

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  • Modulation of Ca2+ control of dog and rabbit cardiac myofibrils by Mg2+. Comparison with rabbit skeletal myofibrils.

    abstract::Increases in free Mg2+ from 0.04 to 10.0 mM with constant pH 7.0 TO 0.10 M ionic strength, and 2 mM MgATP2- caused a rightward shift of the free Ca-relative ATPase relation for both cardiac skeletal myofibrils. The specific activity of cardiac myofibrillar ATPase over a wide range of free Ca2+ was, however, depressed ...

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  • Toward microRNA-based therapeutics for heart disease: the sense in antisense.

    abstract::MicroRNAs act as negative regulators of gene expression by inhibiting the translation or promoting the degradation of target mRNAs. Because individual microRNAs often regulate the expression of multiple target genes with related functions, modulating the expression of a single microRNA can, in principle, influence an ...

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  • Cezanne regulates inflammatory responses to hypoxia in endothelial cells by targeting TRAF6 for deubiquitination.

    abstract:RATIONALE:Hypoxia followed by reoxygenation promotes inflammation by activating nuclear factor κB transcription factors in endothelial cells (ECs). This process involves modification of the signaling intermediary tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 6 with polyubiquitin chains. Thus, cellular mechanisms tha...

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  • Platelet-activating factor and the release of a platelet-derived coronary artery vasodilator substance in the canine.

    abstract::Platelet-activating factor (acetyl-glyceryl-ether-phosphorylcholine; 1-O-alkyl-2-O-acetyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphorylcholine), which is released by stimulated neutrophils and platelets, possesses the ability to alter vascular tone and permeability and to activate various formed blood elements. We have characterized the he...

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  • Variation in a Left Ventricle-Specific Hand1 Enhancer Impairs GATA Transcription Factor Binding and Disrupts Conduction System Development and Function.

    abstract:RATIONALE:The ventricular conduction system (VCS) rapidly propagates electrical impulses through the working myocardium of the ventricles to coordinate chamber contraction. GWAS (Genome-wide association studies) have associated nucleotide polymorphisms, most are located within regulatory intergenic or intronic sequence...

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    authors: Vincentz JW,Firulli BA,Toolan KP,Arking DE,Sotoodehnia N,Wan J,Chen PS,de Gier-de Vries C,Christoffels VM,Rubart-von der Lohe M,Firulli AB

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  • Nuclear factor-kappaB and cAMP response element binding protein mediate opposite transcriptional effects on the Flk-1/KDR gene promoter.

    abstract::-The vascular endothelial growth factor receptor Flk-1/KDR is highly expressed during development and almost disappears in adult tissues. Despite its biological relevance, little is known about the molecular mechanisms controlling its expression. In the present work, it is shown that cAMP response element binding prot...

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    authors: Illi B,Puri P,Morgante L,Capogrossi MC,Gaetano C

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  • Gli3 regulation of myogenesis is necessary for ischemia-induced angiogenesis.

    abstract:RATIONALE:A better understanding of the mechanism underlying skeletal muscle repair is required to develop therapies that promote tissue regeneration in adults. Hedgehog signaling has been shown previously to be involved in myogenesis and angiogenesis: 2 crucial processes for muscle development and regeneration. OBJEC...

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    authors: Renault MA,Vandierdonck S,Chapouly C,Yu Y,Qin G,Metras A,Couffinhal T,Losordo DW,Yao Q,Reynaud A,Jaspard-Vinassa B,Belloc I,Desgranges C,Gadeau AP

    更新日期:2013-10-25 00:00:00

  • Oxygen radicals mediate the cerebral arteriolar dilation from arachidonate and bradykinin in cats.

    abstract::Topical application of sodium arachidonate (50-200 micrograms/ml) or bradykinin (0.1-10 micrograms/ml) on the brain surface of anesthetized cats caused dose-dependent cerebral arteriolar dilation. This dilation was blocked by 67-100% in the presence of superoxide dismutase and catalase. These enzymes did not affect th...

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    authors: Kontos HA,Wei EP,Povlishock JT,Christman CW

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  • Nitric oxide is a mediator of hypoxic coronary vasodilatation. Relation to adenosine and cyclooxygenase-derived metabolites.

    abstract::Hypoxia is a potent coronary-vasodilating signal; its mechanisms are still controversial. We have assessed the possible role of nitric oxide (NO) in hypoxic coronary vasodilatation (HCVD) in isolated guinea pig hearts perfused at constant pressure. HCVD was elicited by a 1-minute 100% N2 exposure; coronary flow double...

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