Skill qualifications in pediatric minimally invasive surgery.


PURPOSE:In 2006, The Japanese Society of Pediatric Endoscopic Surgeons devised a plan to develop a pediatric endoscopic surgical skill qualification (ESSQ) system. This system is controlled by The Japan Society for Endoscopic Surgery. The standard requirement for skills qualification is the ability of each applicant to complete common types of laparoscopic surgery. The main goal of the system is to decrease complications of laparoscopic surgery by evaluating the surgical skills of each applicant and subsequently certify surgeons with adequate skills to perform laparoscopic operations safely. METHODS:A committee of pediatric ESSQ created a checklist to assess the applicant's laparoscopic surgical skills. Skills are assessed in a double-blinded fashion by evaluating an unedited video recording of a fundoplication for pediatric gastroesophageal reflux disease. RESULTS:The initial pediatric ESSQ system was started in 2008. In 2008 and 2009, respectively, 9 out of 17 (53%) and 6 out of 12 (50%) applicants were certified as expert pediatric laparoscopic surgeons. CONCLUSIONS:Our ultimate goal is to provide safe and appropriate pediatric minimally invasive procedures and to avoid severe complications. To prove the predictive validity of this system, a survey of the outcomes of operations performed by certified pediatric surgeons is required.


Pediatr Surg Int


Iwanaka T,Morikawa Y,Yamataka A,Nio M,Segawa O,Kawashima H,Sato M,Terakura H,Take H,Hirose R,Yagi M




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  • Massive gastrointestinal bleeding associated with hookworm infestation in a child: case report.

    abstract::We report a rare case of massive haematochezia due to hookworm infestation that required two laparotomies before the cause of bleeding could be diagnosed. The need to consider this parasite as a possible cause of gut bleeding in endemic countries is stressed, as early recognition may avoid unnecessary investigations a...

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  • The morbidity and outcome of surgery in children with large pre-treated Wilms' tumour: size matters.

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  • Differences in nitrergic innervation of the developing chick cloaca and colorectum.

    abstract::The intrinsic innervation of the developing gut has long been a subject of investigation, but little is known regarding that of the embryonic cloaca. The cloaca, like the rest of the gastrointestinal tract, is intrinsically innervated by the enteric nervous system. Nitrergic neurons and fibres make up a large part of ...

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    abstract::Biliary atresia (BA) is a common cause of infantile cholestasis. Disease progression leads to intra hepaticfibrosis, and thus to the development of PH and EV. Our objective has been to study the relationship between procollagen-III-peptide (PIIIP) and the severity of EV in children with BA after Kasai operation. Child...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:Although Rex shunt is an effective treatment for extrahepatic portal venous obstruction (EHPVO), 4-20% children develop rebleeding postoperatively. This study was used to evaluate the surgical treatment of rebleeding after Rex shunt in our center. METHOD:From June 2008 to Jan 2017, 12 of 122 children with EHPV...

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    abstract::Numerous case reports in the literature have suggested a causal link between beta-haemolytic streptococcal infection and delayed-onset right-sided diaphragmatic hernia/eventration in the perinatal age group. We report a child with antenatally documented right diaphragmatic eventration 4 weeks before birth who subseque...

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  • Roundworm obstruction of the hepatic limb of a Roux-en-Y anastomosis.

    abstract::A 7-year-old female with a type I choledochal cyst underwent an exploratory laparotomy. A Roux-en-Y choledochojejunostomy was done following cyst excision. The patient was re-explored 8 days later for an anastomotic bile leak and high fever. A round-worm was found obstructing the jejunal lumen at the porta hepatis, re...

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  • Urolithiasis in infants.

    abstract::There are few publications about urolithiasis of the new born baby and infant (UNI). The UNI represents 20% of the pediatric urolithiasis. The etiologies in this age group are chiefly dominated by the urinary-tract infections and metabolic abnormalities. The purpose of this paper was to investigate the epidemiological...

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    abstract::Congenital arteriovenous fistulas are a rare cause of neck mass in children, but should be considered in the differential diagnosis of paediatric patients presenting with pulsatile neck masses even when there is no history of trauma. Balloon embolisation is the treatment of choice because of the high risk of surgical ...

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  • Congenital anterior urethrocutaneous fistula associated with urethral duplication.

    abstract::Congenital anterior penile urethral fistula is a rare anomaly; only seven cases have been reported to date. This report outlines the clinical presentation and the embryologic mechanism of a case associated with urethral duplication. ...

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  • Modulation of immune cell function by polyunsaturated fatty acids.

    abstract::The n-3 and n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are essential dietary constituents. They are important as a source of energy, as structural components of cell membranes, and as signalling molecules. They have been demonstrated to be potent modulators of the immune response, and research has endeavoured to optimise...

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    authors: Sweeney B,Puri P,Reen DJ

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  • Congenital lung lesions: classification and concordance of radiological appearance and surgical pathology.

    abstract::Congenital lung lesions are diagnosed antenatally in the majority of cases. Postnatal management includes chest radiography and CT-scanning, followed by either surgical resection or CT surveillance. Pre-operatively, lesions are often "labelled" as CCAM (and the Stocker classification incorrectly applied), sequestratio...

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    authors: Farrugia MK,Raza SA,Gould S,Lakhoo K

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  • Bladder injuries following inguinal canal surgery in infants.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Surgery of the inguinal canal is very common in infancy. Occasionally, injury of the bladder may occur with severe consequences. The aim of this paper was to warn young surgeons of this serious complication. METHODS:During the last 2 years, we observed four cases of bladder injury following surgery on inguinal...

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