Effects of brief monocular deprivation on binocular depth perception in the cat: a sensitive period for the loss of stereopsis.


:The period of susceptibility for binocular depth vision was studied in kittens by subjecting them to periods of monocular deprivation beginning at different ages. In an initial study, we found that normally reared kittens can learn a depth-discrimination task much more rapidly when tested binocularly than monocularly, even when testing is begun as early at 30 d. In subsequent experiments, kittens were monocularly deprived by eyelid suture, following which their monocular and binocular depth thresholds were measured using the jumping-stand procedure. We obtained the following results: (1) When monocular deprivation is applied before the time of natural eye opening but is discontinued by no later than 30 d, there is very little effect on binocular depth thresholds. (2) When deprivation is begun at 90 d, binocular depth thresholds are unaffected. (3) When deprivation is begun between these two ages, the magnitude of the deficit varies with the period of deprivation and the age at which it begins. (4) By imposing brief (5 or 10 d) periods of deprivation, beginning at different ages, we were able to demonstrate that the peak of the sensitive period is between the ages of 35 and 45 d, with a fairly rapid decline in susceptibility outside those age limits. (5) Even with as little as 5 d of deprivation, substantial permanent deficits in binocular depth vision can be induced.


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  • Mechanisms of early visual processing in the medulla of the locust optic lobe: how self-inhibition, spatial-pooling, and signal rectification contribute to the properties of transient cells.

    abstract::In the arthropod medulla, which is the second ganglion on the afferent visual pathway, a column of about 40 cells represents each point in space (i.e. compound eye facet). Some stages of visual processing underlying the responses of one class of cells in the locust medulla have been identified. These transient cells g...

    journal_title:Visual neuroscience

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    authors: Osorio D

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  • Effect of retinal impulse blockage on cytochrome oxidase-rich zones in the macaque striate cortex: II. Quantitative electron-microscopic (EM) analysis of neuropil.

    abstract::Unilateral retinal impulse blockage with tetrodotoxin (TTX) induces reversible shrinkage and decreased cytochrome oxidase (CO) activity in alternate rows of supragranular, CO-rich puffs in the adult macaque striate cortex (Wong-Riley & Carroll, 1984b: Carroll & Wong-Riley, 1987). The present study extended the finding...

    journal_title:Visual neuroscience

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    authors: Wong-Riley MT,Trusk TC,Tripathi SC,Hoppe DA

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  • Early development of eye and retina in lanternfish larvae.

    abstract::The morphological characteristics of the eyes and the retinae of lanternfish larvae of Lampanyctus crocodilus, Benthosema glaciale, and Myctophum punctatum were analyzed in pre-flexion, flexion, and post-flexion stages. Pre-flexion larvae of L. crocodilus, the species with the shallowest depth distribution, had spheri...

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  • Radial motion bias in macaque frontal eye field.

    abstract::The visual responsiveness and spatial tuning of frontal eye field (FEF) neurons were determined using a delayed memory saccade task. Neurons with visual responses were then tested for direction selectivity using moving random dot patterns centered in the visual receptive field. The preferred axis of motion showed a si...

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  • Effects of different forms of monocular deprivation on primary visual cortex maps.

    abstract::Monocular deprivation (MD) by lid suture is one of the classic paradigms for the study of developmental plasticity in the cerebral cortex, and we have detailed knowledge of its anatomical and physiological consequences as well as underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms. However, the effects of other forms of mani...

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  • VEP and PERG acuity in anesthetized young adult rhesus monkeys.

    abstract::This study used the swept spatial-frequency method to compare retinal and cortical acuity in anesthetized young adult rhesus monkeys. Visual evoked potentials (VEPs) and pattern electroretinographic responses (PERGs) were recorded from 25 monkeys (age range: 4-12 years) anesthetized with a continuous infusion of propo...

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  • Differential effects of excitatory amino acids on photoreceptors of the chick retina: an electron-microscopical study using the zinc-iodide-osmium technique.

    abstract::Although excitotoxins derived from acidic amino acids are known to damage neurons in the inner nuclear and ganglion cell layers of the retina, little is known about their effects on photoreceptors. This study examines the acute and long-term effects of excitotoxins on photoreceptors of the chick retina. The zinc-iodid...

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    authors: Sattayasai J,Zappia J,Ehrlich D

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  • The interstitial nucleus of the superior fasciculus, posterior bundle (INSFp) in the guinea pig: another nucleus of the accessory optic system processing the vertical retinal slip signal.

    abstract::As in rabbit, gerbil, and rat, the guinea pig interstitial nucleus of the superior fasciculus, posterior bundle (INSFp) is a sparse assemblage of neurons scattered among the fibers forming the fasciculus bearing this name. Most of the INSFp neurons are small and are ovoid in shape. Interspersed among these, are a few ...

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    authors: Benassi C,Biral GP,Lui F,Porro CA,Corazza R

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  • Toward a unified model of vertebrate rod phototransduction.

    abstract::Recently, we introduced a phototransduction model that was able to account for the reproducibility of vertebrate rod single-photon responses (SPRs) (Hamer et al., 2003). The model was able to reproduce SPR statistics by means of stochastic activation and inactivation of rhodopsin (R*), transducin (G alpha ), and phosp...

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    authors: Hamer RD,Nicholas SC,Tranchina D,Lamb TD,Jarvinen JL

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  • Number and topography of cones, rods and optic nerve axons in New and Old World primates.

    abstract::To better understand the evolution of spatial and color vision, the number and spatial distributions of cones, rods, and optic nerve axon numbers were assessed in seven New World primates (Cebus apella, Saimiri ustius, Saguinus midas niger, Alouatta caraya, Aotus azarae, Calllithrix jacchus, and Callicebus moloch). Th...

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    authors: Finlay BL,Franco EC,Yamada ES,Crowley JC,Parsons M,Muniz JA,Silveira LC

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  • Movement of retinal along cone and rod photoreceptors.

    abstract::Single isolated photoreceptors can be taken through a visual cycle of light adaptation by bleaching visual pigment, followed by dark adaptation when supplied with 11-cis retinal. Light adaptation after bleaching is manifested by faster response kinetics and a permanent reduction in sensitivity to light flashes, presum...

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    authors: Jin J,Jones GJ,Cornwall MC

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  • AMPA-selective glutamate receptor subunits GluR2 and GluR4 in the cat retina: an immunocytochemical study.

    abstract::AMPA-selective glutamate receptors play a major role in glutamatergic neurotransmission in the retina and are expressed in a variety of neuronal subpopulations. In the present study, immunocytochemical techniques were used to visualize the distribution of GluR2 and GluR4 subunits in the cat retina. Results were compar...

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    authors: Qin P,Pourcho RG

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  • A reassessment of the lower visual field map in striate-recipient lateral suprasylvian cortex.

    abstract::Lateral suprasylvian visual cortex in the cat has been studied extensively, but its retinotopic organization remains controversial. Although some investigators have divided this region into many distinct areas, others have argued for a simpler organization. A clear understanding of the region's retinotopic organizatio...

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    authors: Sherk H,Mulligan KA

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  • Contrast encoding in retinal bipolar cells: current vs. voltage.

    abstract::To investigate the influence of voltage-sensitive conductances in shaping light-evoked responses of retinal bipolar cells, whole-cell recordings were made in the slice preparation of the tiger salamander, Ambystoma tigrinum. To study contrast encoding, the retina was stimulated with 0.5-s steps of negative and positiv...

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    authors: Thoreson WB,Burkhardt DA

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  • The morphology of the dorsal eye of the hydrothermal vent shrimp, Rimicaris exoculata.

    abstract::The bresiliid shrimp, Rimicaris exoculata, lives in large masses on the sides of hydrothermal vent chimneys at two sites on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Although essentially no daylight penetrates to depths of 3500 m, very dim light is emitted from the hydrothermal vents themselves. To exploit this light, R. exoculata has ...

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    authors: O'Neill PJ,Jinks RN,Herzog ED,Battelle BA,Kass L,Renninger GH,Chamberlain SC

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  • Encoding of both vertical and horizontal disparity in random-dot stereograms by Wulst neurons of awake barn owls.

    abstract::In binocular vision, the lateral displacement of the eyes gives rise to both horizontal and vertical disparities between the images projected onto the left and right retinae. While it is well known that horizontal disparity is exploited by the binocular visual system of birds and mammals to enable depth perception, th...

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    authors: Nieder A,Wagner H

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  • On the distribution of gamma cells in the cat retina.

    abstract::Ganglion cells of the cat retina that are neither alpha nor beta cells are often lumped for convenience into a single anatomical group--the gamma cells (Boycott & Wässle, 1974; Stone, 1983; Wässle & Boycott, 1991). Defined in this way, gamma cells are the morphological counterpart to the physiological W-cell class, wh...

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  • Properties of stimulus-dependent synchrony in retinal ganglion cells.

    abstract::Neighboring retinal ganglion cells often spike synchronously, but the possible function and mechanism of this synchrony is unclear. Recently, the strength of the fast correlation between ON-OFF directionally selective cells of the rabbit retina was shown to be stimulus dependent. Here, we extend that study, investigat...

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    authors: Chatterjee S,Merwine DK,Amthor FR,Grzywacz NM

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  • Analysis of dendritic arbors of native and regenerated ganglion cells in the goldfish retina.

    abstract::The retinas of adult teleost fish can regenerate following injury, but little is known about the neuronal integration of the visual scene that is performed by the regenerated retina. Using goldfish retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) as the experimental system, an evaluation of dendritic arbor structure and passive electrot...

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    authors: Cameron DA,Vafai H,White JA

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  • Bipolar or rectified chromatic detection mechanisms?

    abstract::It is widely accepted that human color vision is based on two types of cone-opponent mechanism, one differencing L and M cone types (loosely termed "red-green"), and the other differencing S with the L and M cones (loosely termed "blue-yellow"). The traditional view of the early processing of human color vision sugges...

    journal_title:Visual neuroscience

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    authors: Sankeralli MJ,Mullen KT

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  • Neuropharmacological analysis of the role of indoleamine-accumulating amacrine cells in the rabbit retina.

    abstract::In order to elucidate the role of putative indoleaminergic amacrine cells in visual processing, we have employed pharmacological agents specific for the two classes of serotonin receptor, 5-HT2 and 5-HT1, which have been identified in both the retina and brain. Perfusion of the rabbit retina with 5-HT2 selective antag...

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    authors: Brunken WJ,Daw NW

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  • Distributed spatial coding in the superior colliculus: a review.

    abstract::This paper reviews evidence that the superior colliculus (SC) of the midbrain represents visual direction and certain aspects of saccadic eye movements in the distribution of activity across a population of cells. Accurate and precise eye movements appear to be mediated, in part at least, by cells of the SC that have ...

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    authors: McIlwain JT

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  • Neurotransmitters, receptors, and neuropeptides in the accessory optic system: an immunohistochemical survey in the pigeon (Columba livia).

    abstract::Immunohistochemical techniques were used to survey the distribution of several conventional transmitters, receptors, and neuropeptides in the pigeon nucleus of the basal optic root (nBOR), a component of the accessory optic system. Amongst the conventional neurotransmitters/modulators, the most intense labeling of fib...

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    authors: Britto LR,Hamassaki DE,Keyser KT,Karten HJ

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  • The retinoids of seven species of mantis shrimp.

    abstract::Eyes of stomatopod crustaceans, or mantis shrimps, contain the greatest diversity of visual pigments yet described in any species, with as many as ten or more spectral classes present in a single retina. In this study, the eyes of seven species of mantis shrimp from three superfamilies of stomatopods were examined for...

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    authors: Goldsmith TH,Cronin TW

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  • Dopaminergic amacrine cells express opioid receptors in the mouse retina.

    abstract::The presence of opioid receptors has been confirmed by a variety of techniques in vertebrate retinas including those of mammals; however, in most reports, the location of these receptors has been limited to retinal regions rather than specific cell types. Concurrently, our knowledge of the physiological functions of o...

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    authors: Gallagher SK,Anglen JN,Mower JM,Vigh J

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  • The relationship between GABA-containing cells and the cholinergic circuitry in the rabbit retina.

    abstract::As a part of ongoing efforts to understand the cholinergic circuitry in the mammalian retina, we studied the coexpression of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), the GABA transporter 1 (GAT-1), or choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) immunoreactivity in the rabbit retina. Double-l...

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    authors: Dmitrieva NA,Lindstrom JM,Keyser KT

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  • A neural and computational model for the chromatic control of accommodation.

    abstract::Accommodation is more accurate with polychromatic stimuli than with narrowband or monochromatic stimuli. The aim of this paper is to develop a computational model for how the visual system uses the extra information in polychromatic stimuli to increase the accuracy of accommodation responses. The proposed model is dev...

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    authors: Flitcroft DI

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  • Differential expression of glutamate receptor genes (GluR1-5) in the rat retina.

    abstract::The recent isolation of at least five different cDNAs encoding functional subunits of glutamate receptors (GluR1 to GluR5) has revealed a diversity whose function is not understood. To learn more about how these different receptor subunits are used in the brain, we undertook an in situ hybridization study of the retin...

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    authors: Hughes TE,Hermans-Borgmeyer I,Heinemann S

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  • Minimum-variance cone-excitation ratios and the limits of relational color constancy.

    abstract::Relational color constancy refers to the constancy of the perceived relations between the colors of surfaces of a scene under changes in the spectral composition of the illuminant. Spatial ratios of cone excitations provide a natural physical basis for this constancy, as, on average, they are almost invariant under il...

    journal_title:Visual neuroscience

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    authors: Nascimento SM,de Almeida VM,Fiadeiro PT,Foster DH

    更新日期:2004-05-01 00:00:00

  • Changes in sensitivity of the dark-adapted eye during concurrent light adaptation of the other eye.

    abstract::Thresholds for detection of light by a dark-adapted test eye were measured while the other, non-test eye was either similarly dark adapted or while it was exposed to an intense red adapting field. An interocular effect that depends on the retinal location of the test was found: compared to the threshold during binocul...

    journal_title:Visual neuroscience

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    authors: Auerbach E,Dörrenhaus A,Cavonius CR

    更新日期:1992-04-01 00:00:00