The implementation of a system for managing analytical quality in networked laboratories.


BACKGROUND:In a network of laboratories analytical variability between instruments, even of the same type, may exist for reasons beyond the control of laboratory staff. Controlling variability is a prerequisite for the application of shared reference ranges and for ensuring the transferability of patient test results. Controlling variability requires a robust, non-conventional quality system to detect poor performance of analysers that are geographically distant. Essential to this quality system is a set of well-defined quality specifications. METHODS:The approach used in our study started with (1) selection of a model for quality specifications based on biological variation; the 'three-level model' (TLM) was selected on the basis of its flexibility to accommodate various levels of analytical performance; (2) determination of the performance characteristics of the 71 analytes measured in core biochemistry in terms of imprecision and bias; (3) defining quality requirements in the form of imprecision, bias and total error for 71 analytes measured routinely in core biochemistry; and (4) developing software to assist a consistent wide application of the quality specifications and to monitor analytical indices to the common quality specifications. RESULTS:In this paper we describe how we have implemented this model across our network. Forty-six of the 71 analytes in our core laboratory repertoire were allocated to the TLM. We were able to demonstrate equivalence of results on all analysers, for 42 out of 46 analytes allocated to this model. CONCLUSIONS:We propose that other networked laboratories should investigate the suitability of this quality system for use in their network.


Ann Clin Biochem


Jassam N,Lindsay C,Harrison K,Thompson D,Bosomworth MP,Barth JH




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  • Novel mutations in the Dubin-Johnson syndrome gene ABCC2/MRP2 and associated biochemical changes.

    abstract::A patient with sepsis and jaundice was admitted for diagnosis and treatment. Associated biochemical changes included increased C-reactive protein, conjugated bilirubin and gamma-glutamyltransferase, the duration of which was protracted. High urine coproporphyrin isomer-1 and immunostaining of liver tissue suggested Du...

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  • Immunoturbidimetric measurement of serum retinol-binding protein in renal and hepatic disease.

    abstract::Serum retinol-binding protein (RBP), with a biological half-life of less than 12 h, is a useful indicator of liver or kidney dysfunction. An automated immunoturbidimetric assay for the measurement of RBP has been developed using the Cobas-BIO centrifugal analyser and commercially available materials. Serum samples wit...

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  • Effect of heat inactivation of HIV on specific serum proteins and tumour markers.

    abstract::The effect on the concentrations of specific serum proteins and tumour markers, of heat-treating samples at 56 degrees C for 30 min to inactivate HIV, was investigated. Statistically significant decreases, that may affect clinical decisions, were observed for alpha-1-antitrypsin, beta-2-microglobulin, IgE, fibrinogen,...

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  • The case of stainless statins.

    abstract::Two cases of hypercholesterolaemic patients are presented in whom raised plasma creatine kinase was noted during treatment with statins. The plasma creatine kinase failed to fall following cessation of therapy. Further investigation revealed the aetiology of the raised plasma creatine kinase to be due to previously un...

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  • Are biochemistry interpretative comments helpful? Results of a general practitioner and nurse practitioner survey.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Adding or incorporating clinical interpretative comments on biochemistry results is widespread in UK laboratories; although this consumes considerable human resource, there is still little evidence to suggest that it is either effective or appreciated by our clinical colleagues. I therefore decided to survey...

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