[Management of hemorrhagic radiation cystitis with hyperbaric oxygen therapy].


INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES:hemorrhagic cystitis (HC) after pelvic radiotherapy occurs in 2-8% of patients. A variety of treatments have been described, most of them with uncertain results. We assessed the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in HC cases. PATIENTS AND METHODS:retrospective analysis of patients with HC after pelvic radiotherapy receiving HBOT at our center between January 2002 and January 2010. Our protocol included 40 sessions of HBOT in a multiplace hyperbaric chamber with 90minutes of 100% oxygen breathing at 2.2 atm. Success was evaluated in terms of total or partial stop of bladder bleeding. Telephone follow-up was updated at the time of submission in all cases. RESULTS:twenty-five patients were treated (21 male, 4 female); the mean age was 66.7 years. Twenty men were irradiated for prostate cancer and one for bladder cancer. Three women had cervix cancer and one endometrial cancer. In all cases previous conservative treatment had failed and HBOT was considered only after other measures failed. All the patients responded to HBOT and none recurred after end of treatment at a mean follow-up of 21.2 months. There were no serious complications. CONCLUSION:HBOT is a highly effective and safe, non-invasive therapy for HC secondary to pelvic radiation; it should be considered as first line alternative in these difficult cases.


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Parra C,Gómez R,Marchetti P,Rubio G,Felmer A,Castillo OA




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  • [Reference values of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in 63926 workers without prostatic symptoms who participated in prostate screening cancer developed by the Ibermutuamur Prevention Society in 2006].

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  • [Extracorporeal lithotripsy in Spain in the 20th. Century].

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:In November of 1998, the Spanish Association of Urology decides to carry out a study on the lithotripsy in Spain, through the Group of Work in Lithiasis Urinary, with the objective of knowing the n(o) and distribution of Units and the real situation of the extracorporeal litotripsy for shock waves, in conn...

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  • [Melanoma in urology: our experience and review of the literature].

    abstract::Melanomas make up 2% of all body tumours, but the figure is increasing mainly in countries with longer sun hours daily. Genitourinary location is even more infrequent. That explains our clinical report when we discovered the three cases seen in our unit, one in a female urethra, one suprarenal and the third one in the...

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  • [Determining factors in the success of the treatment of ureteral lithiasis by ESWL].

    abstract::Shock-wave extracorporeal lithotripsy (SWEL) is admittedly the choice method for most ureteral calculi (UC). Treatment of 1.674 UC was carried out with a Lithostar (Siemens). Endourologic support manoeuvres (ESM) were used in 11.7% patients. To determine their statistical influence on treatment's result variables such...

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  • The 1973 WHO and 2004 WHO grading systems are not equal in prediction of survival among stage T1 bladder cancer patients.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES:The aim of this study was to analyse prognostic impact of tumour histological grade on survival differences between primary G2 and G3 WHO1973 stage T1 tumours which were graded as HG according to WHO2004 grading system. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Data from 481 patients with primary T1HG bladder ...

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  • [Non-surgical treatment of testicular cancer: guidelines for the urologist].

    abstract::Near 70% of patients diagnosed with testicular seminoma make their presentation without metastasis. Although spread at the time of diagnosis is the rule, 25% of non-seminomatous germ-cell tumours are found confined to the testicle at presentation. Standardization of diagnostic and follow-up methods -within reach of mo...

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  • [Our experience in high-flow priapism due to uni-or bilateral arterio-lacunar fistula].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To present our experience in both uni-and bilateral priapism, highlighting good results obtained with supraselective embolisation. MATERIAL AND METHODS:We present 5 cases of high-flow priapism secondary to perineal trauma, with a mean age of 31 years (24-43 years). The mean time to presentation from the mome...

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  • [Bladder hyporeflexia caused by vinca alkaloids].

    abstract::Presentation of one case of hyporreflexic bladder like a first step of neurotoxicity due to Vinca alkaloids. These drugs produces peripheral neuropathies as usual, but in some rare occasions they may affect to the autonomic nervous system with its effects in the bladder producing hyporreflexic. This disease reverts sp...

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  • [The prostate cancer in the community of Madrid in 2000. II Presentation and diagnosis].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To know the presentation form, diagnostic method and clinical stage at the time of diagnosis in subjects with prostate cancer (PC) in the Autonomous Community of Madrid in 2000. MATERIAL AND METHOD:Data from 1745 patients with histologically confirmed prostate cancer obtained from 15 Hospitals participating ...

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    authors: Herranz Amo F,Arias Funez F,Arrizabalaga Moreno M,Calahorra Fernández FJ,Carballido Rodríguez J,Diz Rodríguez R,Herrero Payo JA,Llorente Abarca C,Martín Martínez JC,Martínez-Piñeiro Lorenzo L,Mínguez Martínez R,Moreno Sierra J,Ro

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  • [Wunderlich syndrome caused by the rupture of a simple cyst in a patient treated with acetyl salicylic acid].

    abstract::Report case of a Wunderlich syndrome due to spontaneous rupture of a simple renal cyst. The patient is a 77-year old, hypertensive female who was on routine treatment with Aspirin. The rarity of retroperitoneal haemorrhage with this origin is documented; also the influence of aspirin as predisposing factor for this co...

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  • [Multiple schwannoma of the penis].

    abstract::Schwannoma or neurilemmoma designate a tumour that originates in the Schwann cells of peripheral nerves, therefore occurring anywhere in the body. They are very rare in the penis. In the literature are reported twenty seven cases of penile schwannoma. We report a case of multiple schwannoma of the penis and make a bri...

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  • Complex Peyronie's disease cases: surgery with or without penile prosthesis placement.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE:Surgery is the treatment of choice for patients with Peyronie's disease presenting difficulty in penetration or erectile dysfunction without adequate response to therapy. Several techniques have been described, and urologists must be aware of their possible complications and sequelae in order...

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  • [Influence of sex differences in biological aggressivity of bladder urothelial tumor at first diagnosis].

    abstract:RATIONALE:To investigate whether, in the same way incidence is affected, biological aggressiveness of bladder cancer at diagnosis is greater in men than in women. METHOD:Using data from a retrospective study on urothelial cancer of the bladder between 1975 and 1991 in La Rioja (Spain), an estimate was made of total Re...

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  • [Partial nephrectomy in renal cell carcinoma].

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES:Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) represents 3% of all neoplasm. The growing incidental diagnosis of small renal tumor has allowed the application of nephron sparing surgery (NSS), even in those cases with a normal contralateral kidney. We present the results of NSS at our center in the last decade...

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  • [Transvestibular urethrolysis].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Bladder outlet obstruction with obstructive and irritative urinary symptoms may be a complication of surgery for female urinary incontinence. In presence of persistent symptoms, the therapy is surgical and usually consists in an accurate urethrolysis. The way of approach is generally transvaginal. In this pap...

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  • [Micropapillary carcinoma of the bladder: case report and review of the literature].

    abstract::Micropapillary carcinoma is an uncommon pathologic variant of bladder carcinoma with aggressive behavior. Its usual presentation is like a high grade and high stage carcinoma and associated with other histologic types in different proportion. It doesn't differ clinically from normal transitional cell carcinoma of the ...

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  • [Shattered kidney in a patient with asymptomatic chronic hydronephrosis. Case report and literature review].

    abstract::The incidence of renal anomalies in patients who suffer a renal trauma is around 4.4 and 19%. We introduce a case of a patient whose first sign of a chronic hydronefrosis was a renal burst secondary to an abdominal trauma. ...

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  • [Prognostic value of DNA ploidy in prostatic cancer].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To asses the prognostic value of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) ploidy in a group of patients with prostate cancer treated with adrogenic blockade. MATERIALS AND METHODS:A retrospective study on 136 patients with prostatic cancer having undergone androgenic blockade was carried out. The prognostic influence of ...

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  • [Laparoscopic nephron-sparing surgery. 5 years' experience].

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Laparoscopic nephron-sparing surgery is among the most complex urological procedures currently performed. Open surgery continues to be the gold standard of care, but the laparoscopic approach is gaining ground slowly but surely. Our 5 years' experience is reported. MATERIALS AND METHODS:From September 200...

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  • [Percutaneous renal surgery].

    abstract:RATIONALE:Analysis of complications resulting from the renal percutaneous approach. METHODS:Between 1990 and 1996, 175 percutaneous surgical procedures were performed by our group. In 69.2% cases, the reason was a lithiasic condition. We also carried out: 35 endopyelotomies, 12 renal cyst resections, 4 stenosis of ure...

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  • [Pulmonary fibrosis and endovesical mitomycin C].

    abstract::The Mitomycin C is a chemotherapeutic agent used in several types of carcinomas. In the superficial vesical carcinoma comes using since more than a quarter century in the form of endovesical instillations. It is a drug relatively safe, although there have been described adverse effects related to its systemic administ...

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  • [Toxicity of prophylaxis of superficial bladder tumors].

    abstract::The paper reviews the various prophylaxis modalities in surface vesical tumours in order to define the degree of toxicity caused by each of them. Also, a prophylaxis diagram is prepared, having into account each substance's toxicity, the benefit awarded to each of then and the tumour prognosis. The agents under assess...

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    authors: Ojea Calvo A,Nogueira March JL,Alonso A,Verez M,Rodríguez Iglesias B,Benavente J,Barros JM

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  • [Testicular lymphoblastic infiltration after healing of systemic disease].

    abstract::The paper presents the case of a patient with isolated testicular relapse (ITR), after a period of complete continuous remission (CCR) following chemotherapy, cobalt-therapy and bone marrow transplant (BMT) due to diagnosis of acute type T lymphoblastic leukemia L1. A review of literature regarding treatment of these ...

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    authors: Villavicencio H,Sánchez C

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  • [Prostate cancer diagnosis using 24 cores extended biopsy].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine the diagnostic performance of extended prostatic biopsy (PB) in prostate cancer (PC) and variables affecting positivity. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Patients (n = 147) underwent 24 cylinder PB at the Arquitecto Marcide Hospital, Ferrol, La Coruña, between December 2002-September 2004. Inclusion criter...

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  • Prostate cancer, new treatment advances - immunotherapy.

    abstract::Prostate cancer (PCa) is the fourth most common cancer in the world and treatment is currently based on surgical removal and/or radiotherapy and/or hormone therapy. In the last few years' immunotherapy has become an important cancer treatment option. While the principles of immunotherapy evolved, only sipuleucel-T was...

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  • Learning curve for the management of tyrosine kinase inhibitors as the first line of treatment for patients with metastatic renal cancer.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To analyse the learning curve for the management of tyrosine kinase inhibitors as the first line of treatment for patients with metastatic renal cancer. MATERIAL AND METHODS:We evaluated 32 consecutive patients treated in our department for metastatic renal cancer with tyrosine kinase inhibitors (pazopanib ...

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  • [Urachal cyst presenting as acute urinary retention].

    abstract::About 2% of adults have an urachal cyst. The diagnosis is usually made due to its clinical complications. We report an inusual case of acute urinary retention due to an urachal cyst, with hipogastric pain and anuria as initial syntoms. ...

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