The influence of season and ambient temperature on birth outcomes: a review of the epidemiological literature.


:Seasonal patterns of birth outcomes, such as low birth weight, preterm birth and stillbirth, have been found around the world. As a result, there has been an increasing interest in evaluating short-term exposure to ambient temperature as a determinant of adverse birth outcomes. This paper reviews the epidemiological evidence on seasonality of birth outcomes and the impact of prenatal exposure to ambient temperature on birth outcomes. We identified 20 studies that investigated seasonality of birth outcomes, and reported statistically significant seasonal patterns. Most of the studies found peaks of preterm birth, stillbirth and low birth weight in winter, summer or both, which indicates the extremes of temperature may be an important determinant of poor birth outcomes. We identified 13 studies that investigated the influence of exposure to ambient temperature on birth weight and preterm birth (none examined stillbirth). The evidence for an adverse effect of high temperatures was stronger for birth weight than for preterm birth. More research is needed to clarify whether high temperatures have a causal effect on fetal health.


Environ Res


Environmental research


Strand LB,Barnett AG,Tong S




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  • Biomonitoring of the adult population in the area of turin waste incinerator: Baseline levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon metabolites.

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  • Endosulfan and its metabolites in fertile women, placenta, cord blood, and human milk.

    abstract::Although industrialized nations have restricted or banned many organochlorine pesticides, some of these chemicals (e.g., endosulfans) are still used, on the assumption that they pose little threat to the environment, wildlife, or human health. According to available information, Spain is the main consumer of endosulfa...

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  • Prenatal lead exposure and cord blood DNA methylation in the Korean Exposome Study.

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