Comparison of semi-automated and manual methods to measure the volume of liver tumours on MDCT images.


OBJECTIVE:To retrospectively compare semi-automated and manual volume measurements of malignant liver tumours and inter- and intra-observer variability using commercially available software. METHODS:This study was performed on 60 consecutive patients with untreated liver metastases (30) and HCCs (30), i.e. 92 lesions (49 metastases, 43 HCCs) using hepatic MDCT. Lesion volumes were manually measured independently by two radiologists and semi-automatically by the same two radiologists and a technician. Those measurements were repeated on 20 patients (10 metastases and 10 HCCs) a week later. An independent operator timed all the measurements. Using the Spearman correlation coefficient and Bland-Altman plots, statistical analyses were performed. RESULTS:Liver lesion volumes obtained with semi-automated and manual methods were well correlated (Spearman, r = 0.98 and 0.91). Their agreement was high for intra-observer measurements with the semi-automated method (Spearman, r = 0.91 and 0.94). The agreement was lower for inter-observer measurements with both methods (Spearman, r = 0.87 for semi-automated and 0.91 for manual). The semi-automated method significantly reduced the post-processing duration (23s ± 19s vs. 33s ± 11s, p value <0.0001). CONCLUSION:In our study, semi-automated volume analysis of malignant liver tumours correlated well with the manual method. Furthermore, the semi-automated volume analysis was significantly quicker.


Eur Radiol


European radiology


Dubus L,Gayet M,Zappa M,Abaleo L,De Cooman A,Orieux G,Vilgrain V




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  • Heterotropic mesenteric ossification: a case report (2004:10b).

    abstract::Heterotropic mesenteric ossification is a rare entity. Only a few cases have been described in the literature. We report a case of heterotropic mesenteric ossification in a patient who underwent several laparotomies, after suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. We discuss the radiographic findings of this disease tha...

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  • Tuberous sclerosis: diffusion MRI findings in the brain.

    abstract::Diffusion MRI has mainly been used for detection of acute ischemia, and for distinction of cytotoxic and vasogenic edema. We applied diffusion MRI in patients with tuberous sclerosis in order to evaluate diffusion imaging characteristics of parenchymal changes. Five children with known tuberous sclerosis were included...

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  • Pericolic or paracolic? The right word in the right place for acute diverticulitis.

    abstract:KEY POINT:• The term "pericolic" is wrongly used to describe an abscess adjacent to the colon in patients with acute diverticulitis. We explain why the proper term is the word "paracolic." ...

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  • Radiological placement of chest ports in pediatric oncology patients.

    abstract::A single center's procedural and follow-up results of radiological chest port placement in pediatric oncology patients are presented. Between July 2002 and December 2003, 37 children (20 boys, 17 girls; age range, 4 months to 16 years; mean 6.7 years) underwent chest port placement. All patients received only one port...

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