Effectiveness of Jeryl Lynn-containing vaccine in Spanish children.


:We evaluated the effectiveness of the Jeryl Lynn strain vaccine in a large outbreak of mumps in Navarre, Spain, 2006-2008. Each of the 241 cases of mumps occurring in children over 15 months of age born between 1998 and 2005 was compared with 5 controls individually matched by sex, birth date, district of residence and paediatrician. Vaccination history was obtained blindly from clinical records. Conditional logistic regression was used to obtain the matched odds ratios (ORs), and effectiveness was calculated as 1-OR. Some 70% of cases had received one dose of measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, and 24% had received two doses. Overall vaccine effectiveness was 72% (95% CI, 39-87%). Two doses were more effective (83%; 54-94%) than a single dose (66%; 25-85%). Among vaccinated children, risk was higher in those who had received the first dose after 36 months of age (OR=3.1; 1.2-8.4) and those who had received the second dose 3 or more years before study enrolment (OR=10.2; 1.5-70.7). Early waning of immunity in children after the second dose may contribute to reduced vaccine effectiveness for mumps prevention.






Castilla J,García Cenoz M,Arriazu M,Fernández-Alonso M,Martínez-Artola V,Etxeberria J,Irisarri F,Barricarte A




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    abstract::Both seasonal and pandemic influenza cause considerable morbidity and mortality globally. In addition, the ongoing threat of new, unpredictable influenza pandemics from emerging variant strains cannot be underestimated. Recently bioCSL (previously known as CSL Biotherapies) sponsored a symposium 'New Wisdom to Defy an...


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  • Hepatitis B vaccination: universal vaccination of newborn babies and children at 12 years of age versus high risk groups. A comparison in the field.

    abstract::From 1983 to 1993 two anti-hepatitis B vaccinal strategies were adopted in two small towns of Southern Italy at high incidence for HBV infections: Afragola (prevalence of HBsAg carriers of 13.4%) and Frattamaggiore (prevalence of HBsAg carriers of 12.9%). In Afragola, the universal vaccination of infants in their firs...


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