Stimulation of transcript elongation requires both the zinc finger and RNA polymerase II binding domains of human TFIIS.


:The eukaryotic transcriptional factor TFIIS enhances transcript elongation by RNA polymerase II. Here we describe two functional domains in the 280 amino acid human TFIIS protein: residues within positions 100-230 are required for binding to polymerase, and residues 230-280, which form a zinc finger, are required in conjunction with the polymerase binding region for transcriptional stimulation. Interestingly, a mutant TFIIS with only the polymerase binding domain actually inhibits transcription, whereas a mutant in which the polymerase binding and zinc finger domains are separated by an octapeptide is only weakly active. The zinc finger itself has no effect on transcription, but in contrast to the wild-type protein, it binds to oligonucleotides. These findings suggest that TFIIS may interact with RNA polymerase II such that the normally masked zinc finger can specifically contact nucleotides in the transcription elongation zone at a position juxtaposed to the polymerization site.






Agarwal K,Baek KH,Jeon CJ,Miyamoto K,Ueno A,Yoon HS




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1991-08-06 00:00:00












  • Light inhibition of bovine retinal rod guanylyl cyclase mediated by beta gamma-transducin.

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  • The adhesive specificity of the soluble human lectin, IgE-binding protein, toward lipid-linked oligosaccharides. Presence of the blood group A, B, B-like, and H monosaccharides confers a binding activity to tetrasaccharide (lacto-N-tetraose and lacto-N-ne

    abstract::The immunoglobulin E-binding protein, epsilon BP (also known as CBP35, Mac-2, L-34, and L-29), is a beta-galactoside-binding protein of approximately 30 kDa and a member of the animal lectin family termed S-type or S-Lac. Multiple biological activities have been attributed to this lectin such as mediation of IgE bindi...


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  • Functional and structural characterization of an unusual cofactor-independent oxygenase.

    abstract::The vast majority of characterized oxygenases use bound cofactors to activate molecular oxygen to carry out oxidation chemistry. Here, we show that an enzyme of unknown activity, RhCC from Rhodococcus jostii RHA1, functions as an oxygenase, using 4-hydroxyphenylenolpyruvate as a substrate. This unique and complex reac...


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  • Thermodynamic investigation into the mechanisms of proton-coupled electron transfer events in heme protein maquettes.

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  • Formation and function of the Manganese(IV)/Iron(III) cofactor in Chlamydia trachomatis ribonucleotide reductase.

    abstract::The beta(2) subunit of a class Ia or Ib ribonucleotide reductase (RNR) is activated when its carboxylate-bridged Fe(2)(II/II) cluster reacts with O(2) to oxidize a nearby tyrosine (Y) residue to a stable radical (Y(*)). During turnover, the Y(*) in beta(2) is thought to reversibly oxidize a cysteine (C) in the alpha(2...


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  • Functional characterization of an NADPH dependent 2-alkyl-3-ketoalkanoic acid reductase involved in olefin biosynthesis in Stenotrophomonas maltophilia.

    abstract::OleD is shown to play a key reductive role in the generation of alkenes (olefins) from acyl thioesters in Stenotrophomonas maltophilia. The gene coding for OleD clusters with three other genes, oleABC, and all appear to be transcribed in the same direction as an operon in various olefin producing bacteria. In this stu...


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  • Isolation and characterization of somatolactin, a new protein related to growth hormone and prolactin from Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) pituitary glands.

    abstract::The characterization of cod somatolactin (SL), a new pituitary protein belonging to the growth hormone/prolactin family, is described. Cod SL has a molecular weight of 26 kDa and consists of 209 amino acids, of which eight are Cys. The protein has three disulfide bonds between residues Cys5-Cys15, Cys65-Cys181, and Cy...


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    authors: Rand-Weaver M,Noso T,Muramoto K,Kawauchi H

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  • Tropomyosin stabilizes the pointed end of actin filaments by slowing depolymerization.

    abstract::Tropomyosin is postulated to confer stability to actin filaments in nonmuscle cells. We have found that a nonmuscle tropomyosin isolated from the intestinal epithelium can directly stabilize actin filaments by slowing depolymerization from the pointed, or slow-growing, filament end. Kinetics of elongation and depolyme...


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  • An extracellular loop region of the serotonin transporter may be involved in the translocation mechanism.

    abstract::The serotonin transporter (SERT) is a member of a highly homologous family of proteins responsible for the reuptake of biogenic amines from the synaptic cleft. We took advantage of native restriction sites in SERT to construct a chimeric transporter containing a small (34 amino acid) region of the norepinephrine trans...


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  • Inhibitory copper binding site on the spinach cytochrome b6f complex: implications for Qo site catalysis.

    abstract::The isolated cytochrome (cyt) b(6)f complex from spinach is inhibited by Cu(2+) with a K(D) of about 1 microM at pH 7.6 in the presence of 1.6 microM decyl-plastoquinol (C(10)-PQH(2)) as a substrate. Inhibition was competitive with respect to C(10)-PQH(2) but noncompetitive with respect to horse heart cyt c or plastoc...


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  • Solution structure and cell selectivity of piscidin 1 and its analogues.

    abstract::Piscidin 1 (Pis-1) is a novel cytotoxic peptide with a cationic alpha-helical structure that was isolated from the mast cells of hybrid striped bass [Silphaduang, U., and Noga, E. J. (2001) Nature 414, 268-269]. Pis-1 is not selective for bacterial versus mammalian cells. In the present study, to develop novel antibio...


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  • Fidelity of the RNA-dependent DNA synthesis exhibited by the reverse transcriptases of human immunodeficiency virus types 1 and 2 and of murine leukemia virus: mispair extension frequencies.

    abstract::Human immunodeficiency viruses type 1 and 2 (HIV-1 and HIV-2, respectively) exhibit extensive genetic variations. It was postulated that much of this genetic variability stems from the low fidelity of the reverse transcription step. Both HIV reverse transcriptases (RTs) were shown to be particularly error-prone during...


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  • NSC 622124 inhibits human Eg5 and other kinesins via interaction with the conserved microtubule-binding site.

    abstract::Kinesin-5 proteins are essential for formation of a bipolar mitotic spindle in most and, perhaps all, eukaryotic cells. Several Kinesin-5 proteins, notably the human version, HsEg5, are targets of a constantly expanding group of small-molecule inhibitors, which hold promise both as tools for probing mechanochemical tr...


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    abstract::Exogenous mannosylphosphoryldolichol (Man-P-Dol) has previously been shown to stimulate UDP-GlcNAc:dolichyl phosphate N-acetylglucosamine 1-phosphate transferase (GPT1), the enzyme catalyzing the biosynthesis of N-acetylglucosaminylpyrophosphoryldolichol (GlcNAc-P-P-Dol). To define the structural specificity of the ma...


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  • Partial denaturation of transthyretin is sufficient for amyloid fibril formation in vitro.

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  • Complex of human apolipoprotein C-1 with phospholipid: thermodynamic or kinetic stability?

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  • Fucoxanthin-chlorophyll a/c light-harvesting complexes of Laminaria saccharina: partial amino acid sequences and arrangement in thylakoid membranes.

    abstract::The N-terminus of the major polypeptide component of the light-harvesting complex (LHC) from the brown alga Laminaria saccharina is blocked. Two partial sequences, one near the N-terminus and the other near the C-terminus, have been obtained by chemical cleavage with acetic acid and N-chlorosuccinimide. Four peptides ...


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  • Complete amino acid sequence of the 4Fe-4S, thermostable ferredoxin from Clostridium thermoaceticum.

    abstract::The complete amino acid sequence of the 4Fe-4S ferredoxin from the thermophilic bacterium Clostridium thermoaceticum has been determined. The protein is extremely thermostable and is the only known clostridial ferredoxin to contain a single [4Fe-4S] cluster. The sequence totals 63 residues and includes the first trypt...


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  • Dimerization specificity of adult and neonatal chicken skeletal muscle myosin heavy chain rods.

    abstract::The dimerization specificity of the recombinantly expressed and purified rod domain of adult and neonatal chicken myosin heavy chain was analyzed using metal chelation chromatography. Our results indicate that full-length adult and neonatal rods preferentially formed homodimers when renatured from an equimolar mixture...


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  • Paramecium calmodulin mutants defective in ion channel regulation associate with melittin in the absence of calcium but require it for tertiary collapse.

    abstract::Calmodulin (CaM) is a small acidic protein essential to calcium-mediated signal transduction. Conformational change driven by calcium binding controls its selective activation of myriad target proteins. In most well characterized cases, both homologous domains of CaM interact with a target protein. However, physiologi...


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  • Energy landscape of the Michaelis complex of lactate dehydrogenase: relationship to catalytic mechanism.

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  • Fourier transforms infrared difference spectroscopy of secondary quinone acceptor photoreduction in proton transfer mutants of Rhodobacter sphaeroides.

    abstract::In order to investigate the changes of protonation or environment of carboxylic residues occurring upon photoreduction of the secondary quinone acceptor (QB) in the reaction center (RC) of the photosynthetic bacteria Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1., we have performed light-induced Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spec...


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  • The tyrosine photophysics of a primase-derived peptide are sensitive to the peptide's zinc-bound state: proof that the bacterial primase hypothetical zinc finger sequence binds zinc.

    abstract::A 35-amino acid peptide corresponding to the putative "zinc finger" sequence of primase was prepared to study its zinc binding properties. When zinc was added to the peptide, it was found that the fluorescence quantum yield of the single tyrosine increased by 46% and the average lifetime by 34%. The binding stoichiome...


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  • Assembly of A beta amyloid protofibrils: an in vitro model for a possible early event in Alzheimer's disease.

    abstract::Amyloid fibrils comprising primarily the peptides A beta 40 and A beta 42 are a defining feature of the Alzheimer's disease (AD) brain, and convergent evidence suggests that the process of their formation plays a central role in the AD pathogenic pathway. Elucidation of fibril assembly is critical for the discovery of...


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  • Deglycosylated human follitropin: characterization and effects on adenosine cyclic 3',5'-phosphate production in porcine granulosa cells.

    abstract::Chemical deglycosylation of gonadotropins with hydrogen fluoride (HF) has facilitated the investigation of the structure-function relationship of the individual peptide and oligosaccharide moieties in the mechanism of hormone action. These studies have dealt almost exclusively with lutropin or human choriogonadotropin...


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  • Specific proteolysis of human plasminogen by a 24 kDa endopeptidase from a novel Chryseobacterium Sp.

    abstract::A novel single polypeptide endopeptidase of 24 kDa (24k-endopeptidase) was purified with a yield of 300-400 microg/L from conditioned medium of a bacterial strain which was identified as a new species in the genus Chryseobacterium Sp. on the basis of its 16S rDNA sequence and DNA:DNA hybridizations. The NH(2)-terminal...


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    authors: Lijnen HR,Van Hoef B,Ugwu F,Collen D,Roelants I

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  • Composition and structure of zinc-deficient Euglena gracilis chromatin.

    abstract::The histone content of zinc-deficient (-Zn) Euglena gracilis decreases while, concomitantly, DNA content increases and the transcription rate is reduced markedly [Mazus, B., Falchuk, K. H., & Vallee, B. L. (1983) Biochemistry (in press); Falchuk, K. H., Fawcett, D. W., & Vallee, B. L. (1975) J. Cell Sci. 17, 57-78]. T...


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    authors: Stankiewicz AJ,Falchuk KH,Vallee BL

    更新日期:1983-10-25 00:00:00

  • The limits of promiscuity: isoform-specific dimerization of filamins.

    abstract::Filamins are a family of actin cross-linking proteins that are primarily localized in the cortical cytoplasm of all mammalian cells. Until now, three major isoforms (filamins a, b, and c) have been identified, that were shown to be differentially expressed and/or localized in different tissues. An amino-terminal doubl...


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    authors: Himmel M,Van Der Ven PF,Stöcklein W,Fürst DO

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  • Methylselenocysteine treatment leads to diselenide formation in human cancer cells: evidence from X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies.

    abstract::The selenoamino acids methylselenocysteine (MeSeCys) and selenomethionine (SeMet) have disparate efficacies as anticancer agents. Herein, we use X-ray absorption spectroscopy to determine the chemical form of selenium in human neuroblastoma cells. Cells treated with MeSeCys contain a significant diselenide component, ...


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    authors: Weekley CM,Aitken JB,Musgrave IF,Harris HH

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