Kinetics of pure cultures of hydrogen-oxidizing denitrifying bacteria and modeling of the interactions among them in mixed cultures.


:In this study we report the isolation of four denitrifying bacteria from a batch reactor, where the progress of hydrogenotrophic denitrification was examined. Only three of the strains had the ability to use hydrogen as electron donor. In the present work, kinetic batch experiments were carried out in order to study the dynamic characteristics of pure and defined mixed cultures of hydrogen-oxidizing denitrifying bacteria, under anoxic conditions, in a defined synthetic medium, in the presence of nitrates. Kinetic models were developed and the kinetic parameters were determined from the batch experiments for each bacterium separately. The behavior of mixed cultures and the interactions between the bacteria were described using kinetic models based on the kinetic models developed for each bacterium separately and their predictions were compared with the results from mixed culture experiments. The mathematical models that were developed and validated in the present work are capable of describing the behavior of the bacteria in pure and mixed cultures, and in particular, the kinetics of nitrate and nitrite reduction and cell growth.


Biotechnol Bioeng


Vasiliadou IA,Siozios S,Papadas IT,Bourtzis K,Pavlou S,Vayenas DV




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2006-10-20 00:00:00












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