Effects of fronto-occipital artificial cranial vault modification on the cranial base and face.


:Artificial reshaping of the cranial vault has been practiced by many human groups and provides a natural experiment in which the relationships of neurocranial, cranial base, and facial growth can be investigated. We test the hypothesis that fronto-occipital artificial reshaping of the neurocranial vault results in specific changes in the cranial base and face. Fronto-occipital reshaping results from the application of pads or a cradle board which constrains cranial vault growth, limiting growth between the frontal and occipital and allowing compensatory growth of the parietals in a mediolateral direction. Two skeletal series including both normal and artificially modified crania are analyzed, a prehistoric Peruvian Ancon sample (47 normal, 64 modified crania) and a Songish Indian sample from British Columbia (6 normal, 4 modified). Three-dimensional coordinates of 53 landmarks were measured with a diagraph and used to form 9 finite elements as a prelude to finite element scaling analysis. Finite element scaling was used to compare average normal and modified crania and the results were evaluated for statistical significance using a bootstrap test. Fronto-occipitally reshaped Ancon crania are significantly different from normal in the vault, cranial base, and face. The vault is compressed along an anterior-superior to posterior-inferior axis and expanded along a mediolateral axis in modified individuals. The cranial base is wider and shallower in the modified crania and the face is foreshortened and wider with the anterior orbital rim moving inferior and posterior towards the cranial base. The Songish crania display a different modification of the vault and face, indicating that important differences may exist in the morphological effects of fronto-occipital reshaping from one group to another.


Am J Phys Anthropol


Cheverud JM,Kohn LA,Konigsberg LW,Leigh SR




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1992-07-01 00:00:00












  • Technical Note: Guidelines for the digital computation of 2D and 3D enamel thickness in hominoid teeth.

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  • Initial studies on the contributions of body size and gastrointestinal passage rates to dietary flexibility among gorillas.

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  • Calculating hominin and nonhuman anthropoid femoral head diameter from acetabular size.

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  • Technical note: chromosomal and mtDNA analysis of Oliver.

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  • Mitochondrial genomics identifies major haplogroups in Aboriginal Australians.

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  • The Aymara of Western Bolivia. II. Maxillofacial and dental arch variation.

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  • Conformity in diversity? Isotopic investigations of infant feeding practices in two iron age populations from Southern Öland, Sweden.

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  • Subadult sex estimation from diaphyseal dimensions.

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  • Brief communication: a test and correction of the clavicle method of Stout and Paine for histological age estimation of skeletal remains.

    abstract::The histological method developed by Stout and Paine ([1992] Aln. J. Phys. Antropol. 87:111-115) for estimating age at death using the clavicle is tested on a known age independent sample from a nineteenth century cemetery near Spitalfriedhof St. Johann in Basel, Switzerland. The mean absolute difference between repor...

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  • Commingled crypts: Comparative health among Byzantine monastics in the Levant.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Early Byzantine (A.D. 330-842) monastic rules stipulated that entrants relinquished familial connections, personal belongings and secular relationships to become part of the ascetic collective that continued in death, resulting in bioarchaeological marginalization, as was the case of the monastics excavated ...

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  • Preparation and use of varied natural tools for extractive foraging by bonobos (Pan Paniscus).

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The tool-assisted extractive foraging capabilities of captive (zoo) and semi-captive (sanctuary) bonobo (Pan paniscus) groups were compared to each other and to those known in wild chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) cultures. MATERIALS AND METHODS:The bonobos were provided with natural raw materials and challenge...

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  • Brief communication: earliest cranial surgery in North America.

    abstract::The archaeological evidence of ancient cranial surgery is limited to cases of trepanation and cauterization. I report here on the only known case of cranial surgery in direct association with the osseous image of a non-trauma-induced soft tissue lesion (sinus pericranii). This case, from Alameda County, California (La...

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  • A linkage study of protein-coding loci in Macaca mulatta and Macaca fascicularis.

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  • Matrix decomposition model for investigating prehistoric intracemetery biological variation.

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  • Infant mortality and isotopic complexity: New approaches to stress, maternal health, and weaning.

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  • Hunter-gatherer postcranial robusticity relative to patterns of mobility, climatic adaptation, and selection for tissue economy.

    abstract::Human skeletal robusticity is influenced by a number of factors, including habitual behavior, climate, and physique. Conflicting evidence as to the relative importance of these factors complicates our ability to interpret variation in robusticity in the past. It remains unclear how the pattern of robusticity in the sk...

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  • Migration to the medieval Middle East with the crusades.

    abstract::During the 12th and 13th centuries thousands of people moved from Europe to the Middle East to fight, undertake pilgrimage, or settle and make a new life. The aim of this research is to investigate two populations from the Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem, by determining who was born in Europe and who came from the Middl...

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  • Rates of evolution: is there a conflict between neo-darwinian evolutionary theory and the fossil record?

    abstract::Neo-darwinian and population genetics theory assumes that the necessary and sufficient set of conditions for all genetic, therefore evolutionary, change has been identified. Punctuationalists have assumed the opposite and cite the fossil record as evidence for change too rapid to be explained in neo-darwinian theory. ...

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