Solvent interaction of a Hsp70 chaperone substrate-binding domain investigated with water-NOE NMR experiments.


:The interaction of solvent of the substrate binding domain of the bacterial heat shock 70 chaperone protein DnaK was studied in its apo form and with bound hydrophobic substrate peptide, using refined nuclear magnetic resonance experiments. Distinct differences between the two states of the protein were observed. According to our data, the apo form interacts more extensively with solvent than the peptide-bound form. Significantly, the open hydrophobic substrate binding cleft of DnaK in the apo form is found to contain several molecules of water which are displaced by the binding of the hydrophobic substrate, the peptide NRLLLTG. The solvent in the hydrophobic cleft has a residence time longer than 400 ps. It is predicted that the displacement of this trapped water must contribute to the binding free energy of the natural hydrophobic substrates of this class of protein-folding chaperone proteins.






Cai S,Stevens SY,Budor AP,Zuiderweg ER




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2003-09-30 00:00:00












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    abstract::A 37 kDa protein that binds to diadenosine tetraphosphate (Ap4A) was purified from human HeLa cells and identified as uracil DNA glycosylase/glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (UDG/GAPDH). Utilizing photoaffinity labeling with [alpha-32P]8N3-Ap4A, an Ap4A binding protein of 37 kDa was identified from HeLa cell n...


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  • A mutational analysis of binding interactions in an antigen-antibody protein-protein complex.

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  • Specific RNA binding by Q beta coat protein.

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  • GTP-stimulated phosphorylation of P-glycoprotein in transporting vesicles from KB-V1 multidrug resistant cells.

    abstract::We have previously shown that GTP can replace ATP as an energy source to support vinblastine transport by the multidrug transporter P-glycoprotein (Pgp) in plasma membrane vesicles isolated from the multidrug resistant cell line KB-V1 [Lelong et al. (1992) FEBS Lett. 304, 256-260]. Like [gamma-32P]ATP, [gamma-32P]GTP ...


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    abstract::CopA, a thermophilic membrane ATPase from Archaeoglobus fulgidus, drives the outward movement of Cu(+) or Ag(+) [Mandal et al. (2002) J. Biol. Chem. 277, 7201-7208]. This, as other P(IB)-ATPases, is characterized by a putative metal binding sequence (C(380)PC(382)) in its sixth transmembrane fragment and cytoplasmic m...


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    abstract::Isopenicillin N synthase (IPNS) catalyzes the oxidative cyclization of delta-(L-alpha-aminoadipoyl)-L-cysteinyl-D-valine to isopenicillin N. It is proposed that the multiple products produced from certain substrate analogues result from pathway branching after formation of a ferryl oxene intermediate. We have been int...


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  • Human CD4 Metastability Is a Function of the Allosteric Disulfide Bond in Domain 2.

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    abstract::The direct interrogation of fleeting intermediates by rapid-mixing kinetic methods has significantly advanced our understanding of enzymes that utilize dioxygen. The gas's modest aqueous solubility (<2 mM at 1 atm) presents a technical challenge to this approach, because it limits the rate of formation and extent of a...


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  • Amino acid 305 determines catalytic center accessibility in CYP3A4.

    abstract::Site-directed mutagenesis has been used to replace alanine 305 with phenylalanine (A305F) and serine (A305S) in the active site of cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4). Enzyme kinetics for diazepam, erythromycin, nifedipine, and testosterone metabolism have been determined for both mutants and wild-type CYP3A4. The A305F muta...


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  • Purification and characterization of selenomethionyl thymidylate synthase from Escherichia coli: comparison with the wild-type enzyme.

    abstract::Replacement of methionine (Met) residues by selenomethionine (SeMet) was recently shown to facilitate the crystallographic analysis of protein structure through the application of multi-wavelength anomalous diffraction techniques [Yang et al. (1990) Science (Washington, D.C.) 249, 1398-1405]. The availability of SeMet...


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  • Crystal structure of the petal death protein from carnation flower.

    abstract::Expression of the PSR132 protein from Dianthus caryophyllus (carnation, clover pink) is induced in response to ethylene production associated with petal senescence, and thus the protein is named petal death protein (PDP). Recent work has established that despite the annotation of PDP in sequence databases as carboxyph...


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