The role of the ganglioside lipid moiety in the process of ganglioside-cell interactions.


:The role of the ceramide moiety of gangliosides, together with the deriving aggregative properties of ganglioside in solution, in the process of ganglioside-cell interactions was studied. The natural GM1(stearoyl) and the synthetic GM1(acetyl), containing the stearoyl and acetyl groups as the acyl moiety, respectively, were used in binding experiments to rat cerebellar granule cells. Regardless of the cell culture conditions, such as the presence of absence of fetal calf serum, the association of GM1(acetyl) to the cells was much greater than that of GM1(stearoyl). GM1(acetyl) was present in the incubation medium as monomers. After incubation, a large part of the total GM1(acetyl) associated to cells, 76-93% depending on the experimental conditions, was removed by washing with protein solutions. The remaining associated ganglioside was not removed by repeating washing with protein solutions or trypsin treatments and was considered as a component of the membrane. The cell association of GM1(stearoyl), present in solution as monomers as well as micelles, could be classified as serum-labile, trypsin-labile and trypsin-stable. The trypsin-stable form of association, corresponding to the molecules stably inserted into the membrane, was proportionally higher, the proportions varying with increasing incubation time and decreasing ganglioside concentration. This form of association was particularly high when incubation was performed in the presence of fetal calf serum. Incubation experiments performed with a mixture of GM1(stearoyl) and GM1(acetyl) in a molar ratio which allowed their presence in the medium as monomers as well as mixed micelles, led to a ganglioside association suggesting that besides the aggregative properties of the molecule other ganglioside properties are involved in the ganglioside-cell interaction process.


Chem Phys Lipids


Bassi R,Sonnino S




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1992-07-01 00:00:00














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