Gab1 is an integrator of cell death versus cell survival signals in oxidative stress.


:Upon the addition of different growth factors and cytokines, the Gab1 docking protein is tyrosine phosphorylated and in turn activates different signaling pathways. On the basis of the large body of evidence concerning cross talk between the signaling pathways activated by growth factors and oxidative stress, we decided to investigate the role of Gab1 in oxidative injury. We stimulated wild-type mouse embryo fibroblasts (MEF) or MEF with a homozygous deletion of the Gab1 gene (-/- MEF) with H(2)O(2). Our results show that Gab1 is phosphorylated in a dose- and time-dependent manner after H(2)O(2) triggering. Gab1 then recruits molecules such as SHP2, phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K), and Shc. Gab1 phosphorylation is sensitive to the Src family kinase inhibitor PP2. Furthermore, we demonstrate that Gab1 is required for H(2)O(2)-induced c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) activation but not for ERK2 or p38 activation. Reconstitution of Gab1 in -/- MEF rescues JNK activation, and we find that this is dependent on the SHP2 binding site in Gab1. Cell viability assays reveal that Gab1 has a dual role in cell survival: a positive one through its interaction with PI3K and a negative one through its interaction with SHP2. This is the first report identifying Gab1 as a component in oxidative stress signaling and one that is required for JNK activation.


Mol Cell Biol


Holgado-Madruga M,Wong AJ




Has Abstract


2003-07-01 00:00:00












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  • Capn5 is expressed in a subset of T cells and is dispensable for development.

    abstract::The Capn5 gene was inactivated by homologous recombination in ES cells that subsequently colonized the germ line of mice. The targeted mutation integrated a lacZ expression cassette into the Capn5 gene, allowing the expression of Capn5 mRNA to be examined in detail in heterozygous animals. Expression was observed in e...

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  • Interleukin-7 retroviruses transform pre-B cells by an autocrine mechanism not evident in Abelson murine.

    abstract::In this study, we have constructed retroviral vectors expressing the interleukin-7 (IL-7) cDNA and have used infection with these retroviruses to express this cytokine endogenously in an IL-7-dependent pre-B-cell line. Infection with IL-7 retroviruses, but not with a control retrovirus, resulted in the conversion of t...

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