Anxiety and EEG alpha activity in neurotic patients.


:The literature is reviewed on EEG alpha activity in different psychological states, i.e., morbid anxiety, attention and mental relaxation. In the present study, 20 male neurotic inpatients suffering from chronic moderate anxiety were assessed with respect to anxiety level and EEG alpha activity (frequency and per cent time) and fast activity. No significant EEG asymmetry was found. The average alpha per cent time was very low, most of the patients being low-alpha subjects. Anxiety and alpha index were significantly correlated. The patients were then treated with either 80 mg per day of temazepam or placebo for 2 weeks (double-blind). Significant effects were detected in the anxiety state, the drug group showing more improvement, but not in the EEG profile. The measures were expressed at this stage as change scores from the pre-treatment values and correlations between them were computed. The only correlation of significance was a negative correlation between anxiety level and alpha index found after 1 week in the drug group.


Acta Psychiatr Scand


Siciliani O,Schiavon M,Tansella M




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1975-08-01 00:00:00












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