Atraumatic tendon handling during tendon repair.


:Two techniques are presented for atraumatic handling of tendon ends during repair of flexor and extensor tendons. If the tendon is cleanly transected, the suture is carried out by holding the tendon in nerve holding forceps. If debridement is needed, a slice is partly cut and used to handle the tendon; the slice is then cut off and discarded.


Int Orthop


Lanzetta M,Chollet A




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  • Effectiveness of custom-made foot orthoses for treating forefoot pain: a systematic review.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Pain in and around the metatarsal heads, the metatarsal phalangeal joints and the surrounding soft tissues is called metatarsalgia. Non-operative treatment of metatarsalgia includes foot orthoses. Foot orthoses may be classified as standard or custom-made. A systematic review was carried out to determine whethe...

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  • Osteochondral autograft transplantation versus autologous bone-cartilage paste grafting for the treatment of knee osteochondritis dissecans.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To compare the results of two groups of patients affected by osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) of the knee and treated with either osteochondral autologous transplantation (OAT) or bone-cartilage paste grafting (PG). METHODS:A total of 27 patients affected by OCD lesions of the femoral condyles were included: 15...

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  • Synovial sarcoma: a clinicopathological review.

    abstract::We have reviewed 20 cases of synovial sarcoma. The main clinical and pathological features of these cases are outlined. Typically these tumours arise in the leg in young adults with a long history before presentation and diagnosis. Clinical and radiological findings are unhelpful in making an early diagnosis. The five...

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  • The anti-rheumatic effect of multiple synovectomy in patients with refractory rheumatoid arthritis.

    abstract::We assessed the anti-rheumatic effects of radical multiple synovectomy (RaMS) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who did not respond to intensive medical treatment. The selection of patients into three groups, A, B or C, was randomised. Patients assigned to group A (n = 28) continued the prescribed pre-operati...

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  • Epiphysis preserving resection of malignant proximal tibial tumours.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The purpose of the study was to evaluate the treatment of five patients with proximal tibial epiphysis preserving resection for malignant tumours of the tibia. METHOD:Three patients suffered from Ewing sarcoma, two had osteosarcoma. The proximal level of the resection was in the line of the growth plate in fou...

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  • In vitro release of vancomycin from vancomycin-loaded blood coated demineralised bone.

    abstract::In vitro and in vivo studies have demonstrated the possibility that cancellous bone could be used as a carrier of antibiotics for local delivery. However, the release of antibiotics from the loaded cancellous bone is too rapid and uncertain. We hypothesised that demineralisation of cancellous bone would increase the a...

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  • Persistent radiculopathy after surgical treatment for lumbar disc herniation: causes and treatment options.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Lumbar disc surgery is a common procedure in the USA. It is frequently performed with good or excellent results in most patients. This article reviews common causes of persistent radiculopathy after surgical intervention. METHODS:We performed an extensive review of the literature as well as applying our own ex...

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  • Risk factors for metastasis at presentation with conventional chondrosarcoma: a population-based study.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The aim of the study was to investigate risk factors for metastasis at diagnosis. METHODS:We collected patients diagnosed with conventional chondrosarcoma between 1983 and 2014 from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) database. Each patient was classified as having metastatic or localized di...

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  • Biologic augmentation of rotator cuff repair with mesenchymal stem cells during arthroscopy improves healing and prevents further tears: a case-controlled study.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of biologic augmentation of rotator cuff repair with iliac crest bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). The prevalence of healing and prevention of re-tears were correlated with the number of MSCs received at the tendon-to-bone interface. MET...

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  • Delayed open reduction for supracondylar fractures of the humerus.

    abstract::Twenty children with grade IV supracondylar fractures of the humerus had an open reduction 11 to 17 days after injury. The delay was due to swelling and blisters. Most patients recovered a useful range of movement and there were no complications. A posterior approach with V-Y plasty of the triceps makes it easy to ali...

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  • Injury severity in ice skating: an epidemiologic analysis using a standardised injury classification system.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Although injuries sustained during ice skating have been reported to be more serious than other forms of skating, the potential injury risks are often underestimated by skating participants. The purpose of this study was to give a descriptive overview of injury patterns occurring during ice skating. Special emp...

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  • Measurement of cartilage thickness in the human knee-joint by magnetic resonance imaging using a three-dimensional gradient-echo sequence.

    abstract::We studied human specimens and compared data on cartilage thickness measurements with magnetic resonance imaging by using an image analysing system with corresponding histological sections in the middle of each sector. The findings are based on 768 measurements in 26 knee joints. Overall, there was very good magnetic ...

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  • Functional implications of femoral offset following hemiarthroplasty for displaced femoral neck fracture.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Inadequate reconstruction of femoral offset after total hip arthroplasty (THA) is associated with unfavourable outcomes, but its importance following hemiarthroplasty for displaced femoral neck fracture is unknown. METHODS:Our study examined the correlation between reconstructed femoral offset and functional o...

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  • Does healing of both greater and lesser tuberosities improve functional outcome after reverse shoulder arthroplasty for fracture? A retrospective study of twenty-eight cases with a computed tomography scan at a minimum of one-year follow-up.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Reverse shoulder arthroplasty (RSA) is often indicated in elderly patients with displaced proximal humerus fractures (PHF). The rate of greater tuberosity (GT) healing varies from 37 to 90% in this population. The aim of this study was to assess greater and lesser tuberosity (LT) fixation and healing on CT scan...

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  • Orthopaedic surgery and HIV disease in Africa.

    abstract::Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection has radically changed African orthopaedic practice within a decade. In Lusaka, a third of adults are infected, but most have no physical signs of the disease. Early experience showed that closed fractures healed normally, the risk of sepsis during osteosynthesis was increas...

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  • Time and cost savings in arthroscopic subacromial decompression: the use of bipolar versus monopolar radiofrequency.

    abstract::There is currently an increased interest in the use of electro surgery in arthroscopy. Since the introduction of the bipolar arthroscopic radiofrequency (RF) wand, it has started to replace the classic Bovie monopolar probe on the assumption that the new technology provides multifunctional devices, combining both tiss...

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  • Percutaneous bone grafting for nonunion and delayed union of fractures of the tibial shaft.

    abstract::Percutaneous bone grafting with a specially devised milling cutter was used in 21 patients with nonunion or delayed union of fractures of the tibial shaft. Union was obtained in 18. The technique is safe, simple and can be done under local anaesthesia. ...

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  • Total knee arthroplasty in advanced tuberculous arthritis of the knee.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Controversies regarding the treatment of advanced tuberculosis of the knee still exist. We retrospectively investigated protocols of total knee arthroplasty (TKA) and their efficacy in patients with advanced tuberculosis. METHODS:Nine TKAs associated with advanced tuberculosis were performed at our institut...

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  • Limb salvage in distal tibial osteosarcoma using a custom mega prosthesis.

    abstract::We have assessed the oncological and functional results of limb salvage surgery using a custom-made endoprosthetic replacement in six patients (mean age 17 years) with distal tibial osteosarcoma (stage IIB). A wide margin excision was possible in three, marginal in two and contaminated in one. Skeletal reconstruction ...

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  • Is computed tomography an accurate and reliable method for measuring total knee arthroplasty component rotation?

    abstract:PURPOSE:Computed tomography (CT) is widely used to assess component rotation in patients with poor results after total knee arthroplasty (TKA). The purpose of this study was to simultaneously determine the accuracy and reliability of CT in measuring TKA component rotation. METHODS:TKA components were implanted in dry-...

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  • Kuntscher nailing of femoral shaft fractures in children and adolescents.

    abstract::We have reviewed 29 cases of very unstable diaphyseal fractures of the femur in children and adolescents treated by Kuntscher nailing. Follow up was for at least 5 years, and in most cases until after the end of growth. There were no postoperative complications, and the mean overgrowth of the femur was 7.06 mm. There ...

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  • Load cell analysis following silastic arthroplasty of the hallux.

    abstract::The first metatarsophalangeal joint was replaced by a flexible silastic hinge prosthesis in 33 joints of 25 patients. Most patients were pleased with the operation but one third had some discomfort under the second and third metatarsal heads. We used a computer linked load cell matrix to analyse the forces under these...

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  • Surgical correction of kyphotic deformity in spinal tuberculosis.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Approximately 5% of patients with spinal tuberculosis will develop a severe kyphotic deformity resulting in increased potential for pain, spinal cord compression, cardiopulmonary dysfunction, costopelvic impingement and cosmetic concerns. This manuscript reviews the evaluation and surgical management of tubercu...

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    authors: Issack PS,Boachie-Adjei O

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  • The comparison of measurement accuracy among three different imaging modalities in evaluating elastofibroma dorsi. An analysis of 52 cases.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Elastofibroma dorsi (ED) is a rare soft-tissue tumour. Diagnosis is made using imaging, mainly magnetic resonance due to its higher sensitivity and specificity in soft tissues. No agreement exists when deciding which imaging test must be used. Often multiple tests are made in the same patient, increasing time a...

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  • Better results with patelloplasty compared to traditional total knee arthroplasty.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The aim of this study was to compare the results of primary total knee arthroplasty with or without patelloplasty. METHODS:We retrospectively reviewed 89 patients who had received total knee arthroplasty. In patelloplasty, the patellar cartilage was resected using a tangential saw cut, and in the traditional t...

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  • An experimental study of nerve regeneration through chemically treated allografts.

    abstract::We carried out experiments in rabbits to determine whether treating nerve transplants with gradually increasing concentrations of ethanol, ether and ficin would inhibit the graft-host immune reaction to the allograft. After treatment with ethanol, the basal laminar scaffold of the Schwann cell remained intact and ther...

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  • The duration of denervation and regeneration in nerve grafting. Quantitative histological assessment in the rat.

    abstract::The common peroneal nerves of 15 male rats were severed and the rats were divided into four groups: immediate grafting (I group); grafting delayed one month (IM group); grafting delayed for three months (3M group) and 5 healthy rats were used as controls (control group). All the rats were sacrificed 5 months after gra...

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  • Congenital aplasia of the anterior cruciate ligament. Report of a case in a seven-year-old girl.

    abstract::A seven-year-old girl, whose right knee gave way, was found to have anterolateral instability of the joint associated with congenital aplasia of the anterior cruciate ligament. Instability was present in the final 30 degrees of extension, and has been controlled by a brace which prevented this movement. ...

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    authors: Hejgaard N,Kjaerulff H

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  • Synovial haemangioma of the knee: an under recognised condition.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Synovial haemangioma is a rare type of tumour for which only around 200 cases have been reported worldwide. It usually occurs in the female population during the second decade of life and most commonly affects the knee joint. Patients can complain of pain, recurrent knee swelling and limitation of motion. Si...

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    authors: Lopez-Oliva CL,Wang EH,Cañal JP

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  • A study of normal foot abduction across various age groups in children.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:The relapse rate after Ponseti method of correction has reduced in recent years which is attributable to the better appreciation of the need to achieve the correct degree of abduction. Ponseti recommended clinical 'overcorrection' of the foot to 700 of abduction. However, no scientific basis for this figur...

    journal_title:International orthopaedics

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    authors: Gupta P,Mittal N,Jindal N,Verma P,Sharma M

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