Gait characteristics before hardware removal in patients operated upon for tibial plateau fractures.


PURPOSE:The reporting of gait analysis data on operated fractures of the tibial plateau, while extensive for studies of knee osteoarthritis of mostly undisclosed aetiology and ACL deficient knees, is rather limited in literature. METHODS:In the present study we investigated 25 tibial plateau fractures classified as Schatzker II, IV, V and VI that underwent operative reduction and lateral plate osteosynthesis. Apart from routine radiographic exploration and patient completed (KOOS) scores at three (mean of 3.2 months), six (mean of 5.6 months) and 12 months (mean of 11.3 months) postoperatively, gait analysis was performed at these intervals as well. Cadence, step time and knee flexion were the gait parameters that were selected for the comparison at six and 12 months postoperatively. RESULTS:The analysed gait parameters were significantly improved between the six and the 12-month session and statistically significant differences were found between the two groups of values. Cadence had a mean value of 41 steps/minute at six months and 45 steps/minute at 12 months (p = 0.99). Step time was a mean of 0.74 seconds at six months while at 12 months the median value was 0.66 seconds (p = 0.94). Knee flexion angles evolved in a similar manner with mean values of 58° at six months and 69° at 12 months (p = 0.95). The mean KOOS scores were 42.4, 56.3 and 67.99 at three, six and 12 months postoperatively, respectively. CONCLUSION:Complex intra-articular fractures, classified as Schatzker IV, V and VI, had a higher impact on joint function than Schatzker II fractures treated with similar techniques and implants. There were statistically significant improvements in the recovery status at 12 months postoperatively compared to six months with extended chances for improvement.


Int Orthop


Deleanu B,Prejbeanu R,Crisan D,Predescu V,Popa I,Poenaru DV




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  • Prevalence of associated injuries after anterior shoulder dislocation: a prospective study.

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  • High platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio predicts poor survival of elderly patients with hip fracture.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio (PLR) has been extensively studied in various diseases. However, the relationship between PLR and hip fracture remains unknown. The aim of this study was to evaluate whether PLR would be an independent prognostic factor in elderly hip fracture patients. METHODS:Between January ...

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  • Prevention of post-coccygectomy infection in a series of 136 coccygectomies.

    abstract::Postoperative infection is a regular complication in coccygectomy. The authors propose the use of a topical skin adhesive on the postoperative wound as a contribution to the prevention of this complication. It was used on the first 56 patients in this study. The rate of infection was 3.6% compared with the 14% rate of...

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    abstract::There is currently an increased interest in the use of electro surgery in arthroscopy. Since the introduction of the bipolar arthroscopic radiofrequency (RF) wand, it has started to replace the classic Bovie monopolar probe on the assumption that the new technology provides multifunctional devices, combining both tiss...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:Several studies have investigated effectiveness of fibrin spray or bipolar sealer to control peri-operative bleeding and reduce the need for blood transfusion, but a direct comparison between the two methods has not been previously performed. We conducted a prospective randomised trial, with standard electrocau...

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  • [Malunion of the distal radius and its treatment. Apropos of 122 radii].

    abstract::We have reviewed 109 out of 122 operations performed for malunion of the distal radius. An excellent or good result was achieved in 80%, with 3% poor and 7% mediocre. Complications occurred in 12.6%. Accurate assessment of the frontal and sagittal angles of the articular surface of the distal radius was necessary in p...

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  • [Articular irrigation in arthroscopy].

    abstract::Synovial oedema is a frequent complication in arthroscopic procedures performed with normal saline as the irrigating fluid. The authors have studied the effect of saline solution, Ringer lactate, 5% Dextran and 10% Dextran in normal saline on 12 specimens of human synovial membrane. They found that 10% Dextran in norm...

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  • Results of lateral ankle ligament repair surgery in one hundred and nineteen patients: do surgical method and arthroscopy timing matter?

    abstract:PURPOSE:Ankle sprains are the most common athletic injury. One of five chronic lateral ankle instability patients will require surgery, making operative outcomes crucial. The purpose of this study is to determine if operative method influences failure and complication rates in chronic lateral ankle ligament repair surg...

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  • Computer-assisted total knee arthroplasty marketing and patient education: an evaluation of quality, content and accuracy of related websites.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The internet is increasingly being used as a resource for health-related information by the general public. We sought to establish the authorship, content and accuracy of the information available online regarding computer-assisted total knee arthroplasty (CA-TKA). METHODS:One hundred fifty search results f...

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  • Does healing of both greater and lesser tuberosities improve functional outcome after reverse shoulder arthroplasty for fracture? A retrospective study of twenty-eight cases with a computed tomography scan at a minimum of one-year follow-up.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Reverse shoulder arthroplasty (RSA) is often indicated in elderly patients with displaced proximal humerus fractures (PHF). The rate of greater tuberosity (GT) healing varies from 37 to 90% in this population. The aim of this study was to assess greater and lesser tuberosity (LT) fixation and healing on CT scan...

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