Increased rate of hysterectomy in women undergoing surgery for osteoarthritis of the knee.


:We performed a case-controlled study to determine whether previous gynecological surgery is associated with severe osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee, the hip or the spine, as well as mild OA of the knee. Patients who underwent surgical treatment for OA were defined as having severe OA. Patients with knee pain and radiographic grade 2 OA in a tibiofemoral joint on the Kellgren and Lawrence scale were defined as having mild knee OA. An increased rate of hysterectomy was observed in the severe knee OA group after adjustment for age and number of children, or even after adjustment for body mass index. Hysterectomy in this group was most often performed for myoma uteri. Patients with mild knee OA tended to have previous hysterectomy. From the results, we speculate that certain subsets of OA which often take a progressive course might be related to hysterectomy.


Inoue K,Ushiyama T,Kim Y,Shichikawa K,Nishioka J,Hukuda S




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  • Transcriptional induction of SOX9 by NF-kappaB family member RelA in chondrogenic cells.

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  • The validity of in vivo ultrasonographic grading of osteoarthritic femoral condylar cartilage: a comparison with in vitro ultrasonographic and histologic gradings.

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  • Anti-inflammatory activity of chondroitin sulfate.

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  • Upregulation of lipocalin-2 (LCN2) in osteoarthritic cartilage is not necessary for cartilage destruction in mice.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Lipocalin-2 (LCN2) is a recently characterized adipokine that is upregulated in chondrocytes treated with pro-inflammatory mediators and in the synovial fluid of osteoarthritis (OA) patients. Here, we explored the in vivo functions of LCN2 in OA cartilage destruction in mice. METHODS:The expression levels of...

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  • Type II diabetes mellitus and incident osteoarthritis of the hand: a population-based case-control analysis.

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  • Standing balance post total knee arthroplasty: sensitivity to change analysis from four to twelve weeks in 466 patients.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Little is known about how static standing balance changes post total knee arthroplasty (TKA). The primary aim of this study was to examine the sensitivity to change and redundancy of center of pressure (COP) variables post-TKA. The secondary aim was to compare the sensitivity of these measures to standard cli...

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  • Cartilage growth and remodeling: modulation of balance between proteoglycan and collagen network in vitro with beta-aminopropionitrile.

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  • Effectiveness of autologous chondrocyte implantation in cartilage repair of the knee: a systematic review of controlled trials.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The relative differences in effectiveness of subchondral stimulation, osteochondral grafts, and autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) are still unclear. It is the objective of this study to systematically review the literature on ACI compared to other treatments by clinical outcome and the quality of the ...

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  • Validation of cartilage volume and thickness measurements in the human shoulder with quantitative magnetic resonance imaging.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To validate quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (qMRI) for the assessment of cartilage volume and thickness in thin and curved cartilage layers, such as the shoulder. METHODS:Eight shoulder specimens from healthy individuals (aged 31-69 years) were investigated using a 3D gradient echo sequence with sele...

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  • OARSI Clinical Trials Recommendations: Design and conduct of clinical trials of surgical interventions for osteoarthritis.

    abstract::To highlight methodological challenges in the design and conduct of randomized trials of surgical interventions and to propose strategies for addressing these challenges. This paper focuses on three broad areas: enrollment; intervention; and assessment including implications for analysis. For each challenge raised in ...

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  • Skin and urine pentosidine weakly correlate with joint damage in a cohort of patients with early signs of osteoarthritis (CHECK).

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Age-related changes in articular cartilage are likely to play a role in the aetiology of osteoarthritis (OA). One of the major age-related changes in cartilage is the accumulation of advanced-glycation-endproducts (AGEs). Since, cartilage tissue is not readily available from patients for studying AGE levels,...

    journal_title:Osteoarthritis and cartilage

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  • Preferences for physical activity: a conjoint analysis involving people with chronic knee pain.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate individual preferences for physical activity (PA) attributes in adults with chronic knee pain, to identify clusters of individuals with similar preferences, and to identify whether individuals in these clusters differ by their demographic and health characteristics. DESIGN:An adaptive conjoint...

    journal_title:Osteoarthritis and cartilage

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  • Bisphosphonates reduce bone mineral loss at ligament entheses after joint injury.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To examine the effects of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) insufficiency, and subsequent bisphosphonate (BP) antiresorptive therapy, on the bone mineral interface at the enthesis of remaining ligamentous restraints. METHODS:We measured bone mineral geometry (and subsequent adaptation) at the medial collatera...

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  • Epigenetically mediated spontaneous reduction of NFAT1 expression causes imbalanced metabolic activities of articular chondrocytes in aged mice.

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  • Differential induction and regulation of matrix metalloproteinases in osteoarthritic tissue and fluid synovial fibroblasts.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To investigate the secretion profiles of matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) and their inhibitors (TIMP) in synovial fluid-derived fibroblasts and to compare them with those of tissue-derived fibroblasts. METHODS:Fibroblast cultures established from synovial tissues (TSC) and fluids (FSC) of the same OA patient...

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  • Sustained efficacy of a single intra-articular dose of FX006 in a rat model of repeated localized knee arthritis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the efficacy of a single intra-articular (IA) dose of FX006, an extended-release formulation of triamcinolone acetonide (TCA) in poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) microspheres, on the sequelae of repeated episodes of synovitis. DESIGN:Three flares of localized synovitis in the right knee of ra...

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  • Reinforcement of articular cartilage with a tissue-interpenetrating polymer network reduces friction and modulates interstitial fluid load support.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Osteoarthritis (OA) is associated with increased articular cartilage hydraulic permeability and decreased maintenance of high interstitial fluid load support (IFLS) during articulation, resulting in increased friction on the cartilage solid matrix. This study assesses frictional response following in situ syn...

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  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment of cartilage degeneration using full-field optical coherence tomography ex vivo.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The purpose of this study was to investigate the ability of full-field optical coherence tomography (FFOCT) to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate cartilage degeneration using the qualitative evaluation of histology sections as the reference. DESIGN:Thirty-three human knee cartilage samples of variable...

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  • Stepwise preconditioning enhances mesenchymal stem cell-based cartilage regeneration through epigenetic modification.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study is to investigate the functions and underlying mechanisms of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) underwent stepwise preconditioning in chondrogenic medium before expansion, then further explore their therapeutic effects in a surgically induced osteoarthritis (OA) model. METHODS:MSCs isolated from the ad...

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  • Low magnitude high frequency vibration accelerated cartilage degeneration but improved epiphyseal bone formation in anterior cruciate ligament transect induced osteoarthritis rat model.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To evaluate the effects of low-magnitude high-frequency vibration (LMHFV) on degenerated articular cartilage and subchondral bone in anterior cruciate ligament transection (ACLT) induced osteoarthritis (OA) rat model. METHODS:6 months old female Sprague-Dawley rats received ACLT on right knee and randomly d...

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  • Subchondral bone in osteoarthritis: association between MRI texture analysis and histomorphometry.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) texture analysis is a method of analyzing subchondral bone alterations in osteoarthritis (OA). The objective of this study was to evaluate the association between MR texture analysis and ground-truth subchondral bone histomorphometry at the tibial plateau. DESIGN:The local re...

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  • Body mass index affects knee joint mechanics during gait differently with and without moderate knee osteoarthritis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Obesity is a highly cited risk factor for knee osteoarthritis (OA), but its role in knee OA pathogenesis and progression is not as clear. Excess weight may contribute to an increased mechanical burden and altered dynamic movement and loading patterns at the knee. The objective of this study was to examine the...

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  • Radiographically normal knees with contralateral joint space narrowing display greater change in cartilage transverse relaxation time than those with normal contralateral knees: a model of early OA? - data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative (OAI).

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To develop a model of early osteoarthritis, by examining whether radiographically normal knees with contralateral joint space narrowing (JSN), but without contralateral trauma history, display greater longitudinal cartilage composition change (transverse relaxation time; T2) than subjects with bilaterally nor...

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  • Exercise-driven metabolic pathways in healthy cartilage.

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  • Nondestructive assessment of sGAG content and distribution in normal and degraded rat articular cartilage via EPIC-microCT.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The objective of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of quantifying the Equilibrium Partitioning of an Ionic Contrast agent via Microcomputed Tomography (EPIC-microCT) to nondestructively assess sulfated glycosaminoglycan (sGAG) content and distribution in rat articular cartilage ex vivo, and in doing ...

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  • Reliability, reproducibility and variability of the traditional Histologic/Histochemical Grading System vs the new OARSI Osteoarthritis Cartilage Histopathology Assessment System.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:For many years, the Histologic/Histochemical Grading System (HHGS) for osteoarthritis monitoring has been used as a histological scoring system for the quality of cartilage. There are, however, some limitations using this grading system. The goal of the investigation presented in this paper was to examine the...

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  • External knee adduction and flexion moments during gait and medial tibiofemoral disease progression in knee osteoarthritis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Test the hypothesis that greater baseline peak external knee adduction moment (KAM), KAM impulse, and peak external knee flexion moment (KFM) during the stance phase of gait are associated with baseline-to-2-year medial tibiofemoral cartilage damage and bone marrow lesion progression, and cartilage thickness ...

    journal_title:Osteoarthritis and cartilage

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  • Changes in mechanics and composition of human talar cartilage anlagen during fetal development.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Fetal cartilage anlage provides a framework for endochondral ossification and organization into articular cartilage. We previously reported differences between mechanical properties of talar cartilage anlagen and adult articular cartilage. However, the underlying development-associated changes remain to be es...

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  • A pilot study of the reproducibility and validity of measuring knee subchondral bone density in the tibia.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To describe the reproducibility and validity of six different measurement techniques for knee subchondral bone mineral density (sBMD). METHODS:A consecutive sample of 50 male and female participants from a population-based longitudinal study had sBMD assessed using dual energy X-ray absorptiometry scans. Ant...

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