Quantification and in vitro bioaccessibility of glucosinolates and trace elements in Brassicaceae leafy vegetables.


:Leaf samples from five Brassicaceae species (Brassica carinata, Brassica oleracea, Brassica rapa, Eruca vesicaria and Sinapis alba) were analyzed to determine their contents of glucosinolates and trace elements, and the bioaccessibility of these compounds. Considerable variability in the total contents and glucosinolate profiles was observed in the Brassicaceae species, with the total amounts ranging from 8.5 µmol/g dw in Brassica oleracea to 32.9 µmol/g dw in Sinapis alba. Bioaccessibilities of the predominant glucosinolates were moderate, ranging from 13.1% for glucoraphanin to 43.2% for gluconapin, which is particularly relevant as they have been implicated in a variety of anti-carcinogenic mechanisms. Trace element concentrations were: Se (28-160 µg/Kg dw); Cr (0.31-4.03 µg/g dw); Ni (0.19-1.53 µg/g dw); Fe (8.6-18.8 µg/g dw); Zn (20.8-41.5 µg/g dw); Ca (6.2-15.2 mg/g dw). Brassicaceae leaves were also moderate dietary sources of Se, Ni, Zn and Ca.


Food Chem


Food chemistry


Cámara-Martos F,Obregón-Cano S,Mesa-Plata O,Cartea-González ME,de Haro-Bailón A




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  • Chlorogenic acid induces resistance against Penicillium expansum in peach fruit by activating the salicylic acid signaling pathway.

    abstract::The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of chlorogenic acid (CGA) treatment on induction of resistance against pathogens in peach fruit. Treatment with CGA at 25-150 mg L-1 was effective at reducing lesion diameter and decay index of peach fruit during storage at 25 °C after Penicillium expansum infe...

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