Results of a Diagnostic Procedure Based on Multiplex Technology on Dried Blood Spots and Buccal Swabs for Subjects With Suspected Alpha1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.


INTRODUCTION:The objective of this analysis was the evaluation of a new national circuit used for diagnosing alpha1 antitrypsin deficiency (AATD) based on multiplex technology using online registration and mail posted samples from dried blood spots (DBS) and buccal swabs. METHODS:This is an observational, ongoing study conducted in Spain since March 2018. Samples are coded on a web platform and sent by postal mail to the central laboratory. Allele-specific genotyping for the 14 most common mutations was done with the Luminex 200 Instrument System. Gene sequencing was done if none of the mutations were found and the AAT serum level was <60mg/dl, or by request from the clinician in charge. RESULTS:At the time of the present report, 5803 (92.9%) samples were processed, 4984 (85.9%) from buccal swab and 819 (14.1%) from DBS. The prevalence of the frequent allele combinations were: MS 19.0%, MZ 14.4%, SS 2.9%, SZ 3.7%, and ZZ: 1.4%. Globally, Z carriers represented 20.0% and S carriers 26.6% of this population, with differences seen between regions. 209 (3.6%) were identified carrying rare alleles, 12 (0.2%) carrying null alleles and 14 (0.3%) new mutations were described. Respiratory diseases other than COPD, including poorly controlled asthma or bronchiectasis, also presented AATD mutations. CONCLUSIONS:The availability of a diagnostic system based on the simultaneous testing of 14 genetic variants from buccal swabs or DBS sent by postal mail and with web registration has proven to be useful, and the system can improve the timely diagnosis of AATD.


Arch Bronconeumol


Lopez-Campos JL,Casas-Maldonado F,Torres-Duran M,Medina-Gonzálvez A,Rodriguez-Fidalgo ML,Carrascosa I,Calle M,Osaba L,Rapun N,Drobnic E,Miravitlles M




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    abstract::We analyze the result of using a pneumological rapid-attention facility for diagnosis and immediate treatment of patients with respiratory symptoms arriving at the emergency room of University Hospital Virgen del Rocío in Seville (Spain). In the first six months the outpatient service saw 321 patients (male/female rat...

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  • Activating and resistance mutations of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene and non-small cell lung cancer: a clinical reality.

    abstract::In non-small cell lung cancer, the EGFR gene mutations identify a patient sub-population with different clinical characteristics and treatment responses to those that do not have these mutations. There are mutations that derive in increased sensitive to EGFR targeted therapy, as well as mutations that result in resist...

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