Impact of a Home Telehealth Program After a Hospitalized COPD Exacerbation: A Propensity Score Analysis.


INTRODUCTION:Currently there is lack of data regarding the impact of a home telehealth program on readmissions and mortality rate after a COPD exacerbation-related hospitalization. OBJECTIVE:To demonstrate if a tele-monitoring system after a COPD exacerbation admission could have a favorable effect in 1-year readmissions and mortality in a real-world setting. METHODS:This is an observational study where we compared an intervention group of COPD patients treated after hospitalization that conveyed a telehealth program with a followance period of 1 year with a control group of patients evaluated during one year before the intervention began. A propensity-score analyses was developed to control for confounders. The main clinical outcome was 1-year all-cause mortality or COPD-related readmission. RESULTS:The analysis comprised 351 telemonitoring patients and 495 patients in the control group. The intervention resulted in less mortality or readmission after 12 months (35.2% vs. 45.2%; hazard ratio [HR] 0.71 [95% CI=0.56-0.91]; p=0.007). This benefit was maintained after the propensity score analysis (HR=0.66 [95% CI=0.51-0.84]). This benefit, which was seen from the first month of the study and during its whole duration, is maintained when mortality (HR=0.54; 95% CI=[0.36-0.82]) or readmission (subdistribution hazard ratio [SHR] 0.66; 95% CI=[0.50-0.86]) are analyzed separately. CONCLUSION:Telemonitoring after a severe COPD exacerbation is associated with less mortality or readmissions at 12 months in a real world clinical setting.


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Marcos PJ,Represas Represas C,Ramos C,Cimadevila Álvarez B,Fernández Villar A,Fraga Liste A,Fernández Nocelo S,Quiles Del Río J,Zamarrón Sanz C,Golpe R,Abal Arca J,Calvo Álvarez U,Pértega S,García Comesaña J




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    abstract:INTRODUCTION:The diagnosis of latent tuberculous infection (LTI) by IGRA continues to generate debate. Experience in the simultaneous use of 2 IGRA tests is scant. The aim of this study was to compare the results of 2 versions of QuantiFERON-TB Gold (In-Tube/Plus) with those of T-SPOT.TB, and to analyse the effectivene...

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    abstract::Traditional medical practice has been "reactive" (doctor takes part when disease appears). The theoretical (scale free networks and complex systems), technological (high efficiency "omic" technologies) and conceptual (biology systems) advances throughout the last decade, allow us to anticipate the transition to an "an...

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  • Differences in clinical features of two immigrant populations with tuberculosis.

    abstract::A study was performed to assess differences in the clinical presentation of tuberculosis between two groups of immigrants. Ninety-four patients seen in the emergency room for newly diagnosed tuberculosis between 2006 and 2012 were included. Forty-nine patients were from Asian countries and 45 from Latin America. Mean ...

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  • A population-based cohort study on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Latin America: methods and preliminary results. The PLATINO Study Phase II.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The PLATINO baseline study, conducted from 2003-2005 in five Latin American cities (São Paulo, Mexico City, Montevideo, Santiago, Caracas), showed a high prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). METHODS/DESIGN:A follow-up study was conducted in three out of the five centers (Montevideo, S...

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    authors: Menezes AM,Muiño A,López-Varela MV,Valdivia G,Lisboa C,Jardim JR,Montes de Oca M,Tálamo C,Wehrmeister FC,Perez-Padilla R,Equipo del estudio Platino.

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  • [Pulmonary mycetoma].

    abstract::Ten cases of pulmonary mycetoma diagnosed in our service between 1985-1992 were retrospectively studied. Clinical methodology followed in the study is commented and the different therapeutic options are reviewed, so the literature concerning this process. The unspecificity of serum precipitins with Aspergillus is emph...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Certain sporting activities may trigger asthma exacerbations of varying intensity in children. Such exacerbations may lead to limitations in and rejection of such activities. During school hours, teachers are in a good position to observe these phenomena. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the shutt...

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  • [The primary ciliary dyskinesia syndrome. A frequent pathology].

    abstract::The prevalence of primary ciliary dyskinesia syndrome (PCDS) in Western countries is of 1/40,000 but is 13% in patients with bronchiectasis. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of PCDS in patients with bronchiectasis and sinusitis, including whether or not these patients present specific clinical sig...

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