Teaching basic science: Dr Fox in the physiology chicken coop.


:In a variation of the Dr Fox study, an educational specialist delivered a lecture in the first-year course on physiology. A highly expressive teaching style was used for content which was determined by physiology teachers. The aim was to determine whether students would note a difference. According to student evaluations, this was the highest rated lecture in the 1984 course. The lecture was repeated in the 1985 and 1986 courses with positive, but less high ratings. No students detected that the lecturer was not a physiologist.


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Medical education


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  • Observational analysis of near-peer and faculty tutoring in problem-based learning groups.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Near-peer and faculty staff tutors may facilitate problem-based learning (PBL) through different means. Near-peer tutors are thought to compensate for their lack of subject matter expertise with greater adeptness at group facilitation and a better understanding of their learners. However, theoretical explanatio...

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  • Pre-registration house officers' views on studying under a reformed medical curriculum in the UK.

    abstract::In 1996 the University of Liverpool introduced a new curriculum based on the recommendations published in Tomorrow's Doctors. This work examines how graduates of that course view their undergraduate curriculum and whether they consider it prepared them well for the pre-registration year. Five focus groups were arrange...

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  • Language background, proficiency in English, and selection for language development.

    abstract::With a diverse language background profile in an Australian medical student population, teaching interventions are necessary for students whose English language proficiency is not adequate for the study of medicine. This paper describes the screening of written and aural English language proficiency in 143 first year ...

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  • Feedback from health professionals in postgraduate medical education: Influence of interprofessional relationship, identity and power.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Capitalising on direct workplace observations of residents by interprofessional team members might be an effective strategy to promote formative feedback in postgraduate medical education. To better understand how interprofessional feedback is conceived, delivered, received and used, we explored both feedb...

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  • Patient involvement in teaching and assessing intimate examination skills: a systematic review.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:There are recognised difficulties in teaching and assessing intimate examination skills that relate to the sensitive nature of the various examinations and the anxiety faced by novice learners. This systematic review provides a summary of the evidence for the involvement of real patients (RPs) and simulated ...

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  • Students' moral reasoning, Machiavellianism and socially desirable responding: implications for teaching ethics and research integrity.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate the relationship between psychological constructs related to professional and research integrity and moral reasoning among medical students. METHODS:Medical students, 2nd-year (n = 208, 85.6% of 243 enrolled students), answered the moral reasoning test-defining issues test 2 (DIT2) and the Mac...

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  • Doctors' professional values: results from a cohort study of United Kingdom medical graduates.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To examine young doctors' views on a number of professional issues including professional regulation, multidisciplinary teamwork, priority setting, clinical autonomy and private practice. METHOD:Postal survey of 545 doctors who graduated from United Kingdom medical schools in 1995. RESULTS:Questionnaires w...

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  • Training psychiatrists and family doctors in evaluating interpersonal skills.

    abstract::Ten psychiatrists and 15 family doctors were asked to score videotapes of patient-doctor encounters before and after each of two training periods. One period focused on the theory of assessment of doctors' interpersonal skills, while the other was purely practical. Results indicate that after one training session in e...

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  • Medical students' attitudes to psychiatric illness in primary care.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Previous research has shown that general practitioners (GPs) hold negative attitudes towards patients with schizophrenia, which do not simply reflect the nature or chronic aspects of the illness. This study aimed to describe the attitudes and predicted behaviour of medical students towards patients with mental ...

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  • Research governance: impeding both research and teaching? A survey of impact on undergraduate research opportunities.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To explore the impact of research governance on medical students' ability to gain an understanding of research methodology, as required by the General Medical Council. METHODS:We carried out a qualitative study based on semi-structured interviews, in 3 medical schools in the UK, with 12 interviewees includin...

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  • In search of educational efficiency: 30 years of Medical Education's top-cited articles.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Academic journals represent shared spaces wherein the significance of thematic areas, methodologies and paradigms are debated and shaped through collective engagement. By studying journals in their historical and cultural contexts, the academic community can gain insight into the ways in which authors and audie...

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  • Understanding the impact of simulated patients on health care learners' communication skills: a systematic review.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Effective communication skills are at the core of good health care. Simulated patients (SPs) are increasingly engaged as an interactive means of teaching, applying and practising communication skills with immediate feedback. There is a large body of research into the use of manikin-based simulation but a gap ex...

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  • "Phase examination" an assessment of consultation skills and integrative knowledge based in general practice.

    abstract::The undergraduate medical curriculum at Linköping was changed and problem-based learning introduced in 1986. As a consequence the need for new examinations arose. To assess the students' consultation skills, ability to use theory in practice and skills in problem-based learning, a new examination called 'phase examina...

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  • Meritocratic and fair? The discourse of UK and Australia's widening participation policies.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Globally, people with the academic and personal attributes to successfully study medicine experience disadvantages associated with sociodemographic factors. Governments have attempted to address this issue via macrolevel policies aimed at widening participation (WP) to medicine. These policies differ by co...

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  • Medical informatics education in paediatric residency training.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The objective of this study was to determine whether Medical Informatics education among house staff is included in the current residency curriculum, and to present ways in which this type of education may be improved. DESIGN:During autumn 1996 a mailed survey was distributed to chief residents of American ...

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  • Computer-aided learning in the real world of medical education: does the quality of interaction with the computer affect student learning?

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Computerised learning clearly offers exciting potential for improving student learning, either as an aid to or as a replacement for traditional formats, or for the development of innovative approaches. However, rigorous evaluation of the utility of computer-aided learning (CAL) in enhancing student learning ...

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  • Performance correlates in a postgraduate psychiatric examination.

    abstract::This paper has reported some aspects of an analysis of the correlates of success in candidates' first attempts at the postgraduate psychiatric examinations of the R.A.N.Z.C.P. These are developed to suggest some attributes which selectors of trainees could take into account. Profitable future areas for research are de...

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  • Content specificity: is it the full story? Statistical modelling of a clinical skills examination.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study sought to determine the relative contributions made by transferable skills and content-specific skills to Year 2 medical student performance in a clinical skills examination. METHODS:Correlated trait-correlated method models were constructed to describe the performance of 2 year groups of students...

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  • Teaching problem-solving and clinical reasoning: 20 years experience with video-supported small-group learning.

    abstract::In the context of a curriculum reform the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Leuven, Belgium, introduced a new teaching project: video-supported small-group learning on problem-solving and clinical reasoning. The aim of this study is to reflect 20 years experience. The video-supported sessions for sixth-year med...

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  • Medical students' note-taking in a medical biochemistry course: an initial exploration.

    abstract::Beginning medical students spend numerous hours every week attending basic science lectures and taking notes. Medical faculty often wonder whether they should give students pre-printed instructors' notes before lectures. Proponents of this strategy argue that provided notes enhance learning by facilitating the accurat...

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  • Medical students' health-related quality of life: roles of social and behavioural factors.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The long and demanding course of medical education may be accompanied by distress with serious consequences. This study was conducted to assess the multidimensional health-related quality of life (HR-QoL) in medical students in different stages of medical education and its associations with behavioural and s...

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  • Predicting medical students' intentions to take up rural practice after graduation.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Using a novel longitudinal tracking project, this study develops and evaluates the performance of a predictive model and index of rural medical practice intention based on the characteristics of incoming medical students. METHODS:Medical school entry survey data were obtained from the Medical Schools Outcom...

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  • Orthopaedic undergraduate education.

    abstract::Musculoskeletal disease in the community is common, and much of it responds to early diagnosis and preventive care. At the same time, modern orthopaedics, like so many specialist subjects, has increased significantly in depth and detail pari passu with its advances. It therefore becomes all the more important in desig...

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  • The implementation of Tomorrow's Doctors.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In 1993 the General Medical Council published its recommendations on undergraduate medical education. AIM:To study the implementation of these recommendations in UK medical schools by means of informal visitations. METHODS:Teams consisting of 3-5 members visited the 25 UK medical schools in a 3-year period...

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  • Diagnostic error and clinical reasoning.

    abstract:CONTEXT:There is a growing literature on diagnostic errors. The consensus of this literature is that most errors are cognitive and result from the application of one or more cognitive biases. Such biased reasoning is usually associated with 'System 1' (non-analytic, pattern recognition) thinking. METHODS:We review thi...

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  • Independent learning: a self-instructional videotape approach in psychiatry.

    abstract::In response to the increased need to train well-rounded general practitioners within a limited time schedule, the teaching staff developed a self-instructional videotape programme devoted to suicide assessment. This tape, if successful, was to serve as a pilot for a full series of 18 tapes devoted to the assessment an...

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  • Educational intervention in pharmacy students' attitudes to HIV/AIDS and drug misuse.

    abstract::By providing injecting equipment to drug misusers, community pharmacists in the UK may become involved in preventing the spread of HIV via the intravenous route. Over 60% of pharmacy graduates from the School of Pharmacy enter community pharmacy and, as part of their undergraduate course, attend a series of lectures a...

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  • Traditional vs. flexible programmes: training in family and community medicine.

    abstract::The aims of this study were to gain an understanding of the concerns of those in control in Canadian Family Medicine, and to gain an understanding of the experiences of trainees in the traditional postgraduate year 2 (PGY-2) and in a flexible PGY-2 at the University of Toronto (U of T) Department of Family and Communi...

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  • Putting the expert together again.

    abstract:CONTEXT:The study of expertise in medical education has a long history of success. Researchers have identified and elaborated on many dimensions of expert performance. In part, this success has derived from researchers' ability to effectively isolate the dimensions and explore each separately. Although this deconstruct...

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  • Beyond the self: The role of co-regulation in medical students' self-regulated learning.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Medical students are expected to self-regulate their learning within complex and unpredictable clinical learning environments. Research increasingly focuses on the effects of social interactions on the development of self-regulation in workplace settings, a notion embodied within the concept of co-regulated lea...

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