Teaching basic science: Dr Fox in the physiology chicken coop.


:In a variation of the Dr Fox study, an educational specialist delivered a lecture in the first-year course on physiology. A highly expressive teaching style was used for content which was determined by physiology teachers. The aim was to determine whether students would note a difference. According to student evaluations, this was the highest rated lecture in the 1984 course. The lecture was repeated in the 1985 and 1986 courses with positive, but less high ratings. No students detected that the lecturer was not a physiologist.


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Medical education


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  • Medical education: the discontinuers' view point.

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  • A comparison of the interviewing skills of first- and final-year medical students.

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    abstract::Over the past decade, on-line databases have become increasingly popular among health care professionals. As a group, these 'end-users' report utilizing databases to keep abreast of medical progress, to conduct research and to address specific patient care issues. Throughout the literature, medical professionals ('con...

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  • The art and science of clinical teaching.

    abstract::A review of the literature on clinical teaching indicates that medical schools emphasize didactic teaching of facts. Interpersonal skills, problem solving skills and cultivation of attitudes are neglected. However, the literature also described the skills of 'good' clinical teachers, and enumerates them. Programmes at...

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    abstract::In 119 patients with diabetes, student nurses, social workers, dietitians and medical students a pretest was carried out with multiple-choice questions on the subject of diabetes diet. The group was then exposed to programmed diet instruction with a teaching machine. There was a significant learning effect as measured...

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  • Do patients have an obligation to participate in student teaching?

    abstract:CONTEXT:Patients may participate in teaching in many ways, in different settings and with different degrees of expert supervision. The majority of patients are generally very willing to participate in teaching. At times, however, patients may decline to see students because they are too sick, wish to maintain their pri...

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  • A pilot study of microcomputer testing in paediatrics.

    abstract::A system for administering multiple choice questions and for providing immediate feedback via microcomputer was designed and field-tested by three groups of paediatric residents. Only minor technical problems were encountered, and these can be resolved easily. Attitudes towards the system were strongly positive. Resid...

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  • The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates: global efforts in graduate medical education.

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  • Medical education accreditation in Mexico and the Philippines: impact on student outcomes.

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