Vegetative Cell and Spore Proteomes of Clostridioides difficile Show Finite Differences and Reveal Potential Protein Markers.


:Clostridioides difficile-associated infection (CDI) is a health-care-associated infection caused, as the name suggests, by obligate anaerobic pathogen C. difficile and thus mainly transmitted via highly resistant endospores from one person to the other. In vivo, the spores need to germinate into cells prior to establishing an infection. Bile acids and glycine, both available in sufficient amounts inside the human host intestinal tract, serve as efficient germinants for the spores. It is therefore, for better understanding of C. difficile virulence, crucial to study both the cell and spore states with respect to their genetic, metabolic, and proteomic composition. In the present study, mass spectrometric relative protein quantification, based on the 14N/15N peptide isotopic ratios, has led to quantification of over 700 proteins from combined spore and cell samples. The analysis has revealed that the proteome turnover between a vegetative cell and a spore for this organism is moderate. Additionally, specific cell and spore surface proteins, vegetative cell proteins CD1228, CD3301 and spore proteins CD2487, CD2434, and CD0684 are identified as potential protein markers for C. difficile infection.


J Proteome Res


Abhyankar WR,Zheng L,Brul S,de Koster CG,de Koning LJ




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2019-11-01 00:00:00












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