Interaction effects may actually be nonlinear effects in disguise: A review of the problem and potential solutions.


:It is common in addictions research for statistical analyses to include interaction effects to test moderation hypotheses. Far less commonly do researchers consider the possibility that a given predictor may exert a nonlinear effect on the outcome. This lack of attention to the possible nonlinear effects of individual predictors is problematic because it may result in identification of entirely spurious interactions with other, correlated predictors. Given the commonplace practice of testing interactions, and the rarity of testing nonlinear effects, we speculate that some of the significant interactions reported in the literature may actually be spurious, reflecting only the misspecification of nonlinear effects. We outline the mathematical reasons for this problem using the relatively simple case of a quadratic regression model. Within this context, prior research by Busemeyer and Jones (1983) clearly demonstrated that quadratic effects of individual predictors can masquerade as interaction effects between correlated predictors. Furthermore, the explosive growth of mediation, moderation, and moderated mediation analyses in behavioral research makes this issue especially relevant for researchers of addiction. In this article, we (1) call further attention to the potential problems of omitting nonlinear effects in linear regression, (2) extend these findings to the more complex moderated mediation model, and (3) provide practical recommendations for applied researchers for differentiating nonlinear from interactive effects.


Addict Behav


Addictive behaviors


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  • Assessment of nicotine dependence among adolescent and young adult smokers: a comparison of measures.

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  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: A review about its efficacy in the treatment of alcohol, tobacco and cocaine addiction.

    abstract::Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a chronic and relapsing disease characterized by craving, loss of control, tolerance and physical dependence. At present, the combination of pharmacotherapy and psychosocial intervention is the most effective management strategy in preventing relapse to reduce dropout rates and promote ...

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  • Can persons with a history of multiple addiction treatment episodes benefit from technology delivered behavior therapy? A moderating role of treatment history at baseline.

    abstract::A growing line of research has shown positive treatment outcomes from technology-based therapy for substance use disorders (SUDs). However, little is known about the effectiveness of technology-based SUD interventions for persons who already had numerous prior SUD treatments. We conducted a secondary analysis on a 12-...

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  • Complaints that predict drop-out from a detoxification and counselling unit.

    abstract::Sixty-one consecutive clients in a multidrug addiction detoxification and counselling unit were interviewed by their medical counsellor about bodily pain, distress, and coherence in their life. Clients who did not complete the 3-week postdetoxification program reported a higher level of fatigue and difficulties with c...

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  • Rapid resumption of cigarette smoking following myocardial infarction: inverse relation to MI severity.

    abstract::In order to identify factors associated with relapse to cigarette smoking, medical and interview data were collected from 66 chronic smokers hospitalized for acute myocardial infarction (MI). Relapse to smoking during the in-hospital recovery period was prevalent (38% of patients). The major correlate of smoking relap...

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    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Some fear that distribution of naloxone to persons at risk of experiencing an opioid overdose may reduce the perceived negative consequences of drug use, leading to riskier patterns of use. This study assessed whether participation in naloxone/overdose training altered drug use frequency, quantity or sever...

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  • HIV infection and high-risk behaviors in opioid dependent patients: the Indian context.

    abstract::Various risk behaviors promote the spread of HIV in drug addicts. Reflecting the substantial regional and geographic differences in the impact of HIV, its prevalence rates vary from country to country. In view of increasing reports of injection drug-uses (IDUs) from different parts of India, the study was aimed to exa...

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  • Statistical definition of relapse: case of family drug court.

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    abstract::The results from this study supported a bi-directional theory of addiction for a sample of Black, inner-city, working-class, male substance abusers. Using structural equations modeling, at 6 months posttreatment we found that (a) the reciprocal effect emotional and psychological distress and substance relapse had on o...

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  • Household survey on drug abuse in Brazil: study involving the 107 major cities of the country--2001.

    abstract::The prevalence of the use in Brazil of illicit drugs, as well as of alcohol and tobacco, was determined. Further, illicit use of psychotropic medicines, and anabolic steroids were also surveyed. This study was carried out in 107 Brazilian cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants aged 12-65 years. The sampling design ...

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  • Adolescents' self-defined tobacco use status, marijuana use, and tobacco dependence.

    abstract:AIMS:To examine differences in tobacco use and dependence between adolescents who are and are not marijuana users. DESIGN:Cross-sectional analysis of existing survey data. PARTICIPANTS:Data were obtained from 7440 adolescents who completed the British Columbia Youth Survey of Smoking and Health II (BCYSOSH-II), a sch...

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  • Alcohol cue reactivity and ad lib drinking in young men at risk for alcoholism.

    abstract::Individuals at high risk for alcoholism have been hypothesized to acquire alcoholic characteristics more rapidly than those at low risk. Two studies examined reactivity to alcohol cues, a phenomenon linked to craving for alcohol in clinical alcoholics, and ad lib drinking behavior in young men at varying risk for alco...

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  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal emotional processes in individuals treated for alcohol use disorder and non-addicted healthy individuals.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Prior work largely confirms the presence of various emotional processing deficits among individuals with an alcohol use disorder (AUD); however, their specificity and relevance still warrant investigation. The aim of the current study was to compare selected aspects of emotional processing (i.e., mental st...

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    authors: Kopera M,Trucco EM,Jakubczyk A,Suszek H,Michalska A,Majewska A,Szejko N,Łoczewska A,Krasowska A,Klimkiewicz A,Brower KJ,Zucker RA,Wojnar M

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