Value of glycolic acid analysis in ethylene glycol poisoning: A clinical case report and systematic review of the literature.


OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the clinical utility of glycolic acid (GA) determination in the diagnosis and prognosis of ethylene glycol (EG) intoxications. METHOD:Systematic review of serum and/or urine GA concentrations available in the literature in cases of EG poisoning. Present a clinical case in which the determination of the GA was decisive. RESULTS:In total, 137 patients were included. Serum GA concentrations (but not EG) of patients who survive are different from those who die. The optimal cut-off of serum GA to predict mortality was 990.5mg/L (sensitivity 85.2%, specificity 54.3%) with an Odds Ratio of 6.838 (2.868-16.302). In our clinical case, serum EG was negative; however, urine GA was positive (1230.7mg/L). CONCLUSIONS:In all suspected cases of EG poisoning, it is advisable to carry out the simultaneous analysis of EG and GA.


Forensic Sci Int


Tuero G,González J,Sahuquillo L,Freixa A,Gomila I,Elorza MÁ,Barceló B




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