Structural Insights into the CotB2-Catalyzed Cyclization of Geranylgeranyl Diphosphate to the Diterpene Cyclooctat-9-en-7-ol.


:The diterpene cyclase CotB2 catalyzes the cyclization of geranylgeranyl diphosphate (GGPP) to the tricyclic cyclooctat-9-en-7-ol, which is characterized by a 5-8-5-fused ring skeleton. We have previously proposed a cyclization cascade involving a unique carbon-carbon bond rearrangement combined with multiple hydride shifts, all occurring at a single active site. Here, we report the first high-resolution X-ray crystal structure of CotB2 with bound substrate analog geranylgeranyl thiodiphosphate (GGSPP). In the GGSPP-bound form, GGSPP folds into a unique S-shaped conformation that probably reflects the substrate-bound state prior to ionization of the substrate GGPP. The folded framework of GGSPP is surrounded by hydrophobic residues and several aromatic and asparagine residues that are well-positioned to stabilize a series of reactive carbocation intermediates through a combination of cation-π and dipole charge interactions. The combined crystal structures and mutagenesis-based biochemical assays provide a structural basis for exquisite control of ring formation and stereochemistry during CotB2 catalysis.


ACS Chem Biol


ACS chemical biology


Tomita T,Kim SY,Teramoto K,Meguro A,Ozaki T,Yoshida A,Motoyoshi Y,Mori N,Ishigami K,Watanabe H,Nishiyama M,Kuzuyama T




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