Attention stabilizes the shared gain of V4 populations.


:Responses of sensory neurons represent stimulus information, but are also influenced by internal state. For example, when monkeys direct their attention to a visual stimulus, the response gain of specific subsets of neurons in visual cortex changes. Here, we develop a functional model of population activity to investigate the structure of this effect. We fit the model to the spiking activity of bilateral neural populations in area V4, recorded while the animal performed a stimulus discrimination task under spatial attention. The model reveals four separate time-varying shared modulatory signals, the dominant two of which each target task-relevant neurons in one hemisphere. In attention-directed conditions, the associated shared modulatory signal decreases in variance. This finding provides an interpretable and parsimonious explanation for previous observations that attention reduces variability and noise correlations of sensory neurons. Finally, the recovered modulatory signals reflect previous reward, and are predictive of subsequent choice behavior.






Rabinowitz NC,Goris RL,Cohen M,Simoncelli EP




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2015-11-02 00:00:00










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  • Striatal fast-spiking interneurons selectively modulate circuit output and are required for habitual behavior.

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  • ENaC-mediated sodium influx exacerbates NLRP3-dependent inflammation in cystic fibrosis.

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  • Dissecting cell-type-specific metabolism in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.

    abstract::Tumors are composed of many different cell types including cancer cells, fibroblasts, and immune cells. Dissecting functional metabolic differences between cell types within a mixed population can be challenging due to the rapid turnover of metabolites relative to the time needed to isolate cells. To overcome this cha...


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  • Noroviruses subvert the core stress granule component G3BP1 to promote viral VPg-dependent translation.

    abstract::Knowledge of the host factors required for norovirus replication has been hindered by the challenges associated with culturing human noroviruses. We have combined proteomic analysis of the viral translation and replication complexes with a CRISPR screen, to identify host factors required for norovirus infection. The c...


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