Attention stabilizes the shared gain of V4 populations.


:Responses of sensory neurons represent stimulus information, but are also influenced by internal state. For example, when monkeys direct their attention to a visual stimulus, the response gain of specific subsets of neurons in visual cortex changes. Here, we develop a functional model of population activity to investigate the structure of this effect. We fit the model to the spiking activity of bilateral neural populations in area V4, recorded while the animal performed a stimulus discrimination task under spatial attention. The model reveals four separate time-varying shared modulatory signals, the dominant two of which each target task-relevant neurons in one hemisphere. In attention-directed conditions, the associated shared modulatory signal decreases in variance. This finding provides an interpretable and parsimonious explanation for previous observations that attention reduces variability and noise correlations of sensory neurons. Finally, the recovered modulatory signals reflect previous reward, and are predictive of subsequent choice behavior.






Rabinowitz NC,Goris RL,Cohen M,Simoncelli EP




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2015-11-02 00:00:00










  • An ancient Pygo-dependent Wnt enhanceosome integrated by Chip/LDB-SSDP.

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  • The nucleolar protein NIFK promotes cancer progression via CK1α/β-catenin in metastasis and Ki-67-dependent cell proliferation.

    abstract::Nucleolar protein interacting with the FHA domain of pKi-67 (NIFK) is a Ki-67-interacting protein. However, its precise function in cancer remains largely uninvestigated. Here we show the clinical significance and metastatic mechanism of NIFK in lung cancer. NIFK expression is clinically associated with poor prognosis...


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  • Evidence for transmission of COVID-19 prior to symptom onset.

    abstract::We collated contact tracing data from COVID-19 clusters in Singapore and Tianjin, China and estimated the extent of pre-symptomatic transmission by estimating incubation periods and serial intervals. The mean incubation periods accounting for intermediate cases were 4.91 days (95%CI 4.35, 5.69) and 7.54 (95%CI 6.76, 8...


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  • Magnetothermal genetic deep brain stimulation of motor behaviors in awake, freely moving mice.

    abstract::Establishing how neurocircuit activation causes particular behaviors requires modulating the activity of specific neurons. Here, we demonstrate that magnetothermal genetic stimulation provides tetherless deep brain activation sufficient to evoke motor behavior in awake mice. The approach uses alternating magnetic fiel...


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  • Ribosomal profiling during prion disease uncovers progressive translational derangement in glia but not in neurons.

    abstract::Prion diseases are caused by PrPSc, a self-replicating pathologically misfolded protein that exerts toxicity predominantly in the brain. The administration of PrPSc causes a robust, reproducible and specific disease manifestation. Here, we have applied a combination of translating ribosome affinity purification and ri...


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  • Epimutations are associated with CHROMOMETHYLASE 3-induced de novo DNA methylation.

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  • Organic electrochemical transistor arrays for real-time mapping of evoked neurotransmitter release in vivo.

    abstract::Though neurotransmitters are essential elements in neuronal signal transduction, techniques for in vivo analysis are still limited. Here, we describe an organic electrochemical transistor array (OECT-array) technique for monitoring catecholamine neurotransmitters (CA-NTs) in rat brains. The OECT-array is an active sen...


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  • A stable mode of bookmarking by TBP recruits RNA polymerase II to mitotic chromosomes.

    abstract::Maintenance of transcription programs is challenged during mitosis when chromatin becomes condensed and transcription is silenced. How do the daughter cells re-establish the original transcription program? Here, we report that the TATA-binding protein (TBP), a key component of the core transcriptional machinery, remai...


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  • Adaptation in protein fitness landscapes is facilitated by indirect paths.

    abstract::The structure of fitness landscapes is critical for understanding adaptive protein evolution. Previous empirical studies on fitness landscapes were confined to either the neighborhood around the wild type sequence, involving mostly single and double mutants, or a combinatorially complete subgraph involving only two am...


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  • DNA damage shifts circadian clock time via Hausp-dependent Cry1 stabilization.

    abstract::The circadian transcriptional repressors cryptochrome 1 (Cry1) and 2 (Cry2) evolved from photolyases, bacterial light-activated DNA repair enzymes. In this study, we report that while they have lost DNA repair activity, Cry1/2 adapted to protect genomic integrity by responding to DNA damage through posttranslational m...


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  • Intermittent hypoxia mediated by TSP1 dependent on STAT3 induces cardiac fibroblast activation and cardiac fibrosis.

    abstract::Intermittent hypoxia (IH) is the predominant pathophysiological disturbance in obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), known to be independently associated with cardiovascular diseases. However, the effect of IH on cardiac fibrosis and molecular events involved in this process are unclear. Here, we tested IH in angiotensin II ...


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  • Plasticity and evolutionary convergence in the locomotor skeleton of Greater Antillean Anolis lizards.

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  • Towards a mechanistic foundation of evolutionary theory.

    abstract::Most evolutionary thinking is based on the notion of fitness and related ideas such as fitness landscapes and evolutionary optima. Nevertheless, it is often unclear what fitness actually is, and its meaning often depends on the context. Here we argue that fitness should not be a basal ingredient in verbal or mathemati...


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  • Does diversity beget diversity in microbiomes?

    abstract::Microbes are embedded in complex communities where they engage in a wide array of intra- and inter-specific interactions. The extent to which these interactions drive or impede microbiome diversity is not well understood. Historically, two contrasting hypotheses have been suggested to explain how species interactions ...


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  • Silicone oil-induced ocular hypertension and glaucomatous neurodegeneration in mouse.

    abstract::Understanding the molecular mechanism of glaucoma and development of neuroprotectants is significantly hindered by the lack of a reliable animal model that accurately recapitulates human glaucoma. Here, we sought to develop a mouse model for the secondary glaucoma that is often observed in humans after silicone oil (S...


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    authors: Zhang J,Li L,Huang H,Fang F,Webber HC,Zhuang P,Liu L,Dalal R,Tang PH,Mahajan VB,Sun Y,Li S,Zhang M,Goldberg JL,Hu Y

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