A "one size fits all" approach to language fMRI: increasing specificity and applicability by adding a self-paced component.


:We have previously established an fMRI task battery suitable for mapping the language processing network in children. Among the tasks used, the synonyms and the vowel identification task induced robust task-related activations in children with average language abilities; however, the fixed presentation time seems to be a drawback in participants with above- or below-average language abilities. This feasibility study in healthy adults (n = 20) was aimed at adapting these tasks to the individual level of each patient by implementing a self-paced stimulus presentation. The impact of using a block- versus an event-related statistical approach was also evaluated. The self-paced modification allowed our participants with above-average language abilities to process stimuli much faster than originally implemented, likely increasing task adherence. A higher specificity of the event-related analysis was confirmed by stronger left inferior frontal and crossed cerebellar activations. We suggest that self-paced paradigms and event-related analyses may both increase specificity and applicability.


Exp Brain Res


Máté A,Lidzba K,Hauser TK,Staudt M,Wilke M




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  • Changes in the bioenergetic state of rat hippocampus during 2.5 min of ischemia, and prevention of cell damage by cyclosporin A in hyperglycemic subjects.

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  • Hippocampus and the blood supply to TE: parahippocampal pial section impairs visual discrimination learning in monkeys.

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  • Kinaesthetic role of muscle afferents in man, studied by tendon vibration and microneurography.

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  • Antagonist motor responses correlate with kinesthetic illusions induced by tendon vibration.

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  • Low-frequency galvanic vestibular stimulation evokes two peaks of modulation in skin sympathetic nerve activity.

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  • Transplantation of fetal lateral geniculate nucleus to the occipital cortex: connectivity with host's area 17.

    abstract::The developing lateral geniculate complex was excised from fetal albino rats at 18 days of gestation and implanted into the occipital cortex of host animals at 5 days of postnatal age. Groups of host animals were sacrificed at 10, 20 and 30 days following this procedure. The transplant tissue of selected animals was s...

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