A "one size fits all" approach to language fMRI: increasing specificity and applicability by adding a self-paced component.


:We have previously established an fMRI task battery suitable for mapping the language processing network in children. Among the tasks used, the synonyms and the vowel identification task induced robust task-related activations in children with average language abilities; however, the fixed presentation time seems to be a drawback in participants with above- or below-average language abilities. This feasibility study in healthy adults (n = 20) was aimed at adapting these tasks to the individual level of each patient by implementing a self-paced stimulus presentation. The impact of using a block- versus an event-related statistical approach was also evaluated. The self-paced modification allowed our participants with above-average language abilities to process stimuli much faster than originally implemented, likely increasing task adherence. A higher specificity of the event-related analysis was confirmed by stronger left inferior frontal and crossed cerebellar activations. We suggest that self-paced paradigms and event-related analyses may both increase specificity and applicability.


Exp Brain Res


Máté A,Lidzba K,Hauser TK,Staudt M,Wilke M




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2016-03-01 00:00:00














  • The postnatal development of visual callosal connections in the absence of visual experience or of the eyes.

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  • Pax7 and superior collicular polarity: insights from Pax6 (Sey) mutant mice.

    abstract::Pax genes are important modulators of CNS development. Pax7 and Pax6 polarise the neural tube and regionalise the brain. Pax7 is pivotal in specifying the superior colliculus/tectum, an important centre for integration of visuomotor responses and a target for Pax6+ retinal ganglion cell axons during retinocollicular m...

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  • An intact peripheral nerve preparation for monitoring inputs from single muscle afferent fibres.

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    abstract::(1) The responses of CA1 pyramidal cells to short glutamate pulses (10-50 ms) delivered at sensitive spots in the apical dendrites have been analysed by intracellular recording. (2) The glutamate pulses elicited stable depolarizing responses in a dose- and frequency-dependent manner. (3) When a single action potential...

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  • Projections of the medial terminal nucleus of the accessory optic system upon pretectal nuclei in the pigmented rat.

    abstract::The projections of the medial terminal nucleus (MTN) of the accessory optic system (AOS) upon pretectal nuclei have been studied in pigmented rats by means of (i) the anterograde transport of 3H-leucine with the use of light autoradiography and (ii) the retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase (HRP). Injections ...

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