Retinal damage from intense visible light.


:Studies of laboratory animal retinal exposure to green monochromatic laser radiation show an increasing stability of tissue with increasing pulse duration up to 10(-1) s. This mechanism of biological response of the eye to light damage is fundamental to living systems. It does not manifest itself in animals under deep anesthesia. A mathematical model has been developed which permits one to predict the dependence of threshold injury of visible monochromatic radiation. The model is based on the assumption that the entropy of the reaction of thermal tissue denaturation decreases with increasing pulse duration. This may be used to refine safety standards for personnel working with lasers and to optimize the parameters of lasers used in ophthalmic surgery.


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Zheltov G,Glazkov V,Podol'tzef A,Linnik L,Privalov A




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  • Cancer mortality in counties near two former nuclear materials processing facilities in Pennsylvania, 1950-1995.

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  • Evaluation of scattered radiation in a calibration range using exposure rate energy spectra.

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  • Lifetime bone cancer dose-response relationships in beagles and people from skeletal burdens of 226Ra and 90Sr.

    abstract::The life-time tumor dose-response relationships observed in beagles injected with 226Ra or fed 90Sr at the University of California, Davis, provide a basis for understanding the induction of bone cancer for these bone-seeking radionuclides and for scaling to people. In these studies 385 dogs were exposed to graded dos...

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  • Radon Release and Its Simulated Effect on Radiation Doses.

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  • The effect of rare earth filtration on patient exposure, dose reduction, and image quality in oral panoramic radiology.

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  • Comparison of the needs for biodosimetry for large-scale radiation events for military versus civilian populations.

    abstract::The aim of this paper is to compare and contrast the needs for biodosimetry for initial triage for military forces and civilian populations when there are radiation exposures that involve potentially a large number of persons. Several differences in the likely scenarios for exposure of military forces include a greate...

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  • Internal dose following a major nuclear war.

    abstract::The PATHWAY model results were used, in conjunction with a hypothetical major nuclear attack on the U.S., to arrive at the ratio of internal to external dose for humans from early (48 h) fallout. Considered were the four nuclides (137Cs, 89Sr, 90Sr, 131I) that account for most of the reconstructed whole-body committed...

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  • Intercomparison of Commercially Available Active Radon Measurement Devices in a Discovered Radon Chamber.

    abstract::An unventilated 70 m underground space, with 2.1 m high ceilings and an inner set of concrete walls to damp vibrations, was discovered to have relatively stable radon levels of ~1,080 Bq m over a 1-y period. The addition of radium sources was not required to achieve high and somewhat variable radon levels, as these ar...

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  • One size does not fit all: the merit of absorbed doses to the blood in 131I therapy for differentiated thyroid carcinoma.

    abstract::The amount of 131I necessary for successful ablation in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) is still subject to debate. This study investigates the relationship of the absorbed dose of radiation to the blood while administering 131I activity with several other parameters in DTC patients. This prospective...

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  • Evaluation of a technique for separating organic material from mineral bone in individuals occupationally exposed to Pu.

    abstract::The shaft portion of the left femur from an individual occupationally exposed to Pu was used to investigate the suitability of an ethylenediamine extraction technique to separate mineral bone from organic material. Marrow in the lumen was removed before the extraction technique was used and was analyzed separately for...

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  • A national survey of 222Rn in U.S. homes and correlating factors.

    abstract::A survey of 222Rn levels in 453 houses of physics professors from 101 universities in 42 states (plus the District of Columbia) was carried out with 1-y exposures of nuclear track detectors, accompanied by an extensive questionnaire. The geometric mean concentration was 38 Bq/m3 (1.03 pCi/l), the standard deviation wa...

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  • The distribution of Thorotrast in human bone marrow: a case report.

    abstract::Samples of bone containing cellular and fatty bone marrow were removed at autopsy from the body of a woman who, following an automobile accident, had been injected with approximately 25 mL of the radiographic contrast medium Thorotrast. The woman survived for 36 y after the accident and died at age 72 y following bone...

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  • Trabecula: A Random Generator of Computational Phantoms for Bone Marrow Dosimetry.

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  • Defining molecular and cellular responses after low and high linear energy transfer radiations to develop biomarkers of carcinogenic risk or therapeutic outcome.

    abstract::The variability in radiosensitivity across the human population is governed in part by genetic factors. The ability to predict therapeutic response, identify individuals at greatest risk for adverse clinical responses after therapeutic radiation doses, or identify individuals at high risk for carcinogenesis from envir...

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  • Surge capacity volunteer perspectives on a field training exercise specifically designed to emphasize likely roles during a disaster response.

    abstract::Experience gained from involvement in a number of emergency response activities since September 2001 in Texas indicated that the likely roles of statewide medical reserve corps units typically included aspects such as crowd control, registration and tracking, and information management. The need for training specifica...

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