Retinal damage from intense visible light.


:Studies of laboratory animal retinal exposure to green monochromatic laser radiation show an increasing stability of tissue with increasing pulse duration up to 10(-1) s. This mechanism of biological response of the eye to light damage is fundamental to living systems. It does not manifest itself in animals under deep anesthesia. A mathematical model has been developed which permits one to predict the dependence of threshold injury of visible monochromatic radiation. The model is based on the assumption that the entropy of the reaction of thermal tissue denaturation decreases with increasing pulse duration. This may be used to refine safety standards for personnel working with lasers and to optimize the parameters of lasers used in ophthalmic surgery.


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Zheltov G,Glazkov V,Podol'tzef A,Linnik L,Privalov A




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  • Investigation of atmospheric, mechanical and other pressure effects influencing the levels of radon and radon progeny in buildings.

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  • On the discrepancy between epidemiologic studies in individuals of lung cancer and residential radon and Cohen's ecologic regression.

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  • Successful Teaching of Radiobiology Students in the Medical Management of Acute Radiation Effects From Real Case Histories Using Clinical Signs and Symptoms and Taking Advantage of Recently Developed Software Tools.

    abstract::In 2015, the Bundeswehr Institute of Radiobiology organized a North Atlantic Treaty Organization exercise to examine the significance of clinical signs and symptoms for the prediction of late-occurring acute radiation syndrome. Cases were generated using either the Medical Treatment Protocols for Radiation Accident Vi...

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  • Determination of 240Pu/239Pu isotopic ratios in human tissues collected from areas around the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site by sector-field high resolution ICP-MS.

    abstract::Information on the 240Pu/239Pu isotope ratios in human tissues for people living around the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site (SNTS) was deduced from 9 sets of soft tissues and bones, and 23 other bone samples obtained by autopsy. Plutonium was radiochemically separated and purified, and plutonium isotopes (239Pu and 24...

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  • Measuring the external exposure dose in the contaminated area near the Chernobyl nuclear power station using the thermoluminescence of quartz in bricks.

    abstract::We collected bricks from buildings in the heavily contaminated evacuated area of Belarus in a 30-km zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power station and the Gomel-Bryansk area of 150-250 km from Chernobyl and estimated the cumulative radiation dose caused by the reactor accident by measuring the thermoluminescence (TL)...

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  • Indoor 222Rn concentrations in Central Asturias.

    abstract::A survey of the 222Rn concentrations in 106 homes in the four main towns of the Central Asturias region was carried out over three years. A total of 1,014 measurements was obtained using passive radon charcoal canisters. The 222Rn concentrations fit a log-normal distribution law, with a geometric mean of 23 Bq m(-3). ...

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  • Time-dependent chemical compositions of 13N and 15O induced in air by the operation of a high energy electron accelerator.

    abstract::Time-dependent chemical compositions for 13N and 15O induced in the air atmosphere of a high energy electron accelerator room have been studied using a computer simulation method. A radiation chemistry model was developed to describe the chemical reactions of 13N and 15O species with the air molecules and their radiol...

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  • The U.S. Transuranium Registry report on the 241Am content of a whole body.

    abstract::An analysis and evaluation of 241Am in the whole body of a donor to the U.S. Transuranium Registry (USTR) is presented in five parts. The USTR donor's pertinent medical history, autopsy findings and antemortem evaluations of intake and systemic burden are described in Parts I and II. The donor was a 49-yr-old male Cau...

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  • The delayed pulmonary syndrome following acute high-dose irradiation: a rhesus macaque model.

    abstract::Several radiation dose- and time-dependent tissue sequelae develop following acute high-dose radiation exposure. One of the recognized delayed effects of such exposures is lung injury, characterized by respiratory failure as a result of pneumonitis that may subsequently develop into lung fibrosis. Since this pulmonary...

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  • Comparison of in situ and laboratory gamma spectroscopy of natural radionuclides in desert soil.

    abstract::In situ and laboratory gamma spectroscopy were used to characterize natural background levels of radiation in the soil at eight sites around the Yucca Mountain Range. The purpose of this practical field analysis was to determine if published empirical in situ calibration factors would yield accurate quantitative speci...

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  • Estimate of the dose-increment due to outdoor exposure to gamma rays from uranium progeny deposited on the soil around a coal-fired power plant in Ajka Town, Hungary.

    abstract::Brown coal unusually rich in uranium is burnt in a coal-fired power plant that lies inside the confines of a small industrial town named Ajka, Hungary, and has been operational since 1943. The 238U (226Ra) activity discharged to the atmosphere per unit electrical energy produced was about 330-400 GBq (GW y)(-1), which...

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  • A constant flow filter air sampler for workplace environments.

    abstract::A filter air sampler has been developed for sampling radionuclide aerosol particles from the workplace environment. It provides easy filter changing, constant flow sampling, and a visual display to indicate proper operation. An experimental study was conducted to characterize the collection efficiency of the sampler a...

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  • Reconstruction of Enriched Uranium Released to Air from the Former Apollo Facility, Apollo, Pennsylvania.

    abstract::The former Apollo facility converted enriched uranium hexafluoride into uranium oxide for shipment to nuclear fuel fabrication plants from 1957 to 1983. This paper describes quantification of the source term from the Apollo facility in terms of quantities of uranium released, particle size, and solubility characterist...

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  • WNA's worldwide overview on front-end nuclear fuel cycle growth and health, safety and environmental issues.

    abstract::This paper presents the WNA's worldwide nuclear industry overview on the anticipated growth of the front-end nuclear fuel cycle from uranium mining to conversion and enrichment, and on the related key health, safety, and environmental (HSE) issues and challenges. It also puts an emphasis on uranium mining in new produ...

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  • FIRST THOMAS S. TENFORDE TOPICAL LECTURE: The Ethics of Radiological Protection.

    abstract::The International Commission on Radiological Protection system of radiological protection is based on three pillars: science, ethical and social values, and experience. As far as ethics and the protection of humans are concerned, the system combines the values of beneficence/non-maleficence, prudence, justice, and dig...

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  • Statistical considerations for improved signal identification from repeated measurements at low signal-to-background ratios.

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  • Estimating internal dose due to ingestion of radionuclides from Nevada Test Site fallout.

    abstract::The U.S. Department of Energy initiated the Radiation Exposure Review Project to provide a critical reexamination of radiation doses to people resulting from testing nuclear devices at the Nevada Test Site. One part of this effort focused on the dose resulting from the ingestion of contaminated food. The PATHWAY radio...

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  • Incineration and monitoring of low-level 3H and 14C wastes at a biological research institution.

    abstract::Low-level radioactive waste containing liquid scintillation fluid and known amounts of 14C and 3H has been incinerated in a modified pathological incinerator with the incinerator effluent, refractory surface and ash being monitored. The study relates the activity monitored to that incinerated and discusses how this re...

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  • A proposed modification of the cavity theory for electrons.

    abstract::An empirical expression of cavity theory for electron fields is developed in a fashion similar to Burlin's general theory of cavity ionization for photons. It incorporates a term that relates the absorbed dose ratio in the cavity and material medium to the differences in electron scattering. This new expression correl...

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    authors: Ogunleye OT,Paliwal BR

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  • Thermal Modeling for the Next Generation of Radiofrequency Exposure Limits: Commentary.

    abstract::This commentary evaluates two sets of guidelines for human exposure to radiofrequency (RF) energy, focusing on the frequency range above the "transition" frequency at 3-10 GHz where the guidelines change their basic restrictions from specific absorption rate to incident power density, through the end of the RF band at...

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    authors: Foster KR,Ziskin MC,Balzano Q

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  • Intake risk and dose evaluation methods for workers in radiochemistry labs of a medical cyclotron facility.

    abstract::The aim of this paper is to evaluate the risks and doses for the internal contamination of the radiochemistry staff in a high workload medical cyclotron facility. The doses from internal contamination derive from the inhalation of radioactive gas leakage from the cells by personnel involved in the synthesis processes ...

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  • Radiation doses to local populations near nuclear weapons test sites worldwide.

    abstract::Nuclear weapons testing was conducted in the atmosphere at numerous sites worldwide between 1946 and 1980, which resulted in exposures to local populations as a consequence of fallout of radioactive debris. The nuclear tests were conducted by five nations (United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, France, and China...

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  • Relationships between 222Rn dissolved in ground water supplies and indoor 222Rn concentrations in some Colorado front range houses.

    abstract::Indoor 222Rn concentrations were measured in 37 houses with alpha track detectors placed in water-use rooms near water sources (bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens) and in non-water-use living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms away from water sources. Results show that relative contributions of 222Rn to indoor air ...

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  • Uncertainties in predicted radionuclide body burdens and doses from discrete stochastic source terms.

    abstract::Expressions are derived in three cases for the expectation and uncertainty of body burdens and doses calculated from a linear model of environmental transport and human metabolism in terms of expectation and uncertainty in inputs of discrete, stochastic random variables. Three cases are compared to determine the relat...

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  • 1976 Hanford americium exposure incident: psychological aspects.

    abstract::Accidents involving exposure to radiation or radioactive materials may involve an unusual degree of emotional trauma. Methods that may be employed in dealing with such trauma are discussed in relation to a specific accident in which a radiation worker was injured and seriously contaminated with 241Am. ...

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  • Somatic-cell mutations as a possible predictor of cancer risk.

    abstract::The somatic-mutation theory of carcinogenesis has received strong scientific support from results of recent studies on tumor-suppressor genes. We anticipated that people among the high risk for cancer group, either through exposure to various ionizing radiations or by virtue of unique genotypes, would also manifest in...

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  • 137Cs exposure in the Marshallese populations: an assessment based on whole-body counting measurements (1989-1994).

    abstract::The Marshall Islands were the site of numerous tests of nuclear weapons by the United States. From 1946 to 1958, nuclear devices were detonated at Enewetak and Bikini Atolls. Following the inadvertent contamination of the northern islands downwind of the 1954 Bravo Test, Brookhaven National Laboratory became involved ...

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  • Joint American Nuclear Society and Health Physics Society Conference: Applicability of Radiation Response Models to Low Dose Protection Standards.

    abstract::Seventy-five years after the Hanford Site was initially created as the primary plutonium production site for atomic weapons development under the Manhattan Project, the American Nuclear Society and the Health Physics Society are sponsoring a conference from 30 September through 3 October 2018, in Pasco, Washington, ti...

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  • Surge capacity volunteer perspectives on a field training exercise specifically designed to emphasize likely roles during a disaster response.

    abstract::Experience gained from involvement in a number of emergency response activities since September 2001 in Texas indicated that the likely roles of statewide medical reserve corps units typically included aspects such as crowd control, registration and tracking, and information management. The need for training specifica...

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    authors: Emery RJ,Sprau DD,Morecook RC,Herbold J

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