In vivo assay to monitor flavonoid uptake across plant cell membranes.


:Flavonoids represent one of the most important molecules of plant secondary metabolism, playing many different biochemical and physiological roles. Although their essential role in plant life and human health has been elucidated by many studies, their subcellular transport and accumulation in plant tissues remains unclear. This is due to the absence of a convenient and simple method to monitor their transport. In the present work, we suggest an assay able to follow in vivo transport of quercetin, the most abundant flavonoid in plant tissues. This uptake was monitored using 2-aminoethoxydiphenyl borate (DPBA), a fluorescent probe, in non-pigmented Vitis vinifera cell cultures.


FEBS Open Bio


FEBS open bio


Filippi A,Petrussa E,Peresson C,Bertolini A,Vianello A,Braidot E




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2015-08-29 00:00:00










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    abstract::Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most malignant form of brain tumor and is associated with resistance to conventional therapy and poor patient survival. Prostate apoptosis response (Par)-4, a tumor suppressor, is expressed as both an intracellular and secretory/extracellular protein. Though secretory Par-4 induces...

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  • p38α controls self-renewal and fate decision of neurosphere-forming cells in adult hippocampus.

    abstract::Neural stem cells (NSC) from the adult hippocampus easily lose their activity in vitro. Efficient in vitro expansion of adult hippocampus-derived NSC is important for generation of tools for research and cell therapy. Here, we show that a single copy disruption or pharmacological inhibition of p38α enables successful ...

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  • Experimentally optimized threading structures of the proton-coupled folate transporter.

    abstract::The proton-coupled folate transporter (PCFT, SLC46A1) transports folic acid across the plasma membrane, together with an excess of protons such that the net charge translocation is positive. We developed 3D structural models of PCFT threaded onto the X-ray structures of major facilitator superfamily (MFS) members that...

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  • LibME-automatic extraction of 3D ligand-binding motifs for mechanistic analysis of protein-ligand recognition.

    abstract::Identifying conserved binding motifs is an efficient way to study protein-ligand recognition. Most 3D binding motifs only contain information from the protein side, and so motifs that combine information from both protein and ligand sides are desired. Here, we propose an algorithm called LibME (Ligand-binding Motif Ex...

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  • Kinetic and thermodynamic analysis of the conformational folding process of SS-reduced bovine pancreatic ribonuclease A using a selenoxide reagent with high oxidizing ability.

    abstract::Redox-coupled folding pathways of bovine pancreatic ribonuclease A (RNase A) with four intramolecular disulfide (SS) bonds comprise three phases: (I) SS formation to generate partially oxidized intermediate ensembles with no rigid folded structure; (II) SS rearrangement from the three SS intermediate ensemble (3S) to ...

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  • Development of a novel murine heart failure model overexpressing human renin and angiotensinogen.

    abstract::Renin is the rate-limiting enzyme of the renin-angiotensin system cascade, which drives the pathophysiological progression of heart failure. Species differences in the amino acid sequence of the catalytic domain of renin limit evaluations of the potency and efficacy of human renin inhibitors in animal models, and a hi...

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  • Ezetimibe reduced hepatic steatosis induced by dietary oxysterols in nonhuman primates.

    abstract::Oxidized cholesterol (oxysterols) plays an important and multifaceted role in lipid metabolism. Here we examined whether dietary oxysterols accelerate hepatic lipid accumulation and inflammation in nonhuman primates. We also examined the effect of the Niemann-Pick C1-like1 inhibitor, ezetimibe (Ez). Macaca fasciculari...

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  • Identification of distinctive interdomain interactions among ZP-N, ZP-C and other domains of zona pellucida glycoproteins underlying association of chicken egg-coat matrix.

    abstract::The vertebrate egg coat, including mammalian zona pellucida, is an oocyte-specific extracellular matrix comprising two to six zona pellucida (ZP) glycoproteins. The egg coat plays important roles in fertilization, especially in species-specific interactions with sperm to induce the sperm acrosome reaction and to form ...

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