Sub-phonon-period compression of electron pulses for atomic diffraction.


:Visualizing the rearrangement of atoms in a wide range of molecular and condensed-matter systems requires resolving picometre displacements on a 10-fs timescale, which is achievable using pump-probe diffraction, given short enough pulses. Here we demonstrate the compression of single-electron pulses with a de Broglie wavelength of 0.08 ångström to a full-width at half-maximum duration of 28 fs or equivalently 12-fs root-mean square, substantially shorter than most phonon periods and molecular normal modes. Atomic resolution diffraction from a complex organic molecule is obtained with good signal-to-noise ratio within a data acquisition period of minutes. The electron-laser timing is found to be stable within 5 fs (s.d.) over several hours, allowing pump-probe diffraction at repetitive excitation. These measurements show the feasibility of laser-pump/electron-probe scans that can resolve the fastest atomic motions relevant in reversible condensed-matter transformations and organic chemistry.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Gliserin A,Walbran M,Krausz F,Baum P




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2015-10-27 00:00:00










  • Evidence for henipavirus spillover into human populations in Africa.

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  • ADAR-mediated RNA editing suppresses sleep by acting as a brake on glutamatergic synaptic plasticity.

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  • Publisher Correction: Proton mediated spin state transition of cobalt heme analogs.

    abstract::In the original version of this Article, the four structural depictions of orbital distributions were inadvertently omitted from Figure 5. This has now been corrected in both the HTML and PDF versions of the Article. ...

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  • Large magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic oxide heterostructures assembled via epitaxial lift-off.

    abstract::Epitaxial films may be released from growth substrates and transferred to structurally and chemically incompatible substrates, but epitaxial films of transition metal perovskite oxides have not been transferred to electroactive substrates for voltage control of their myriad functional properties. Here we demonstrate g...

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  • FRQ-CK1 interaction determines the period of circadian rhythms in Neurospora.

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  • Reagent-controlled regiodivergent ring expansions of steroids.

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  • Geographic population structure analysis of worldwide human populations infers their biogeographical origins.

    abstract::The search for a method that utilizes biological information to predict humans' place of origin has occupied scientists for millennia. Over the past four decades, scientists have employed genetic data in an effort to achieve this goal but with limited success. While biogeographical algorithms using next-generation seq...

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    authors: Elhaik E,Tatarinova T,Chebotarev D,Piras IS,Maria Calò C,De Montis A,Atzori M,Marini M,Tofanelli S,Francalacci P,Pagani L,Tyler-Smith C,Xue Y,Cucca F,Schurr TG,Gaieski JB,Melendez C,Vilar MG,Owings AC,Gómez R,Fuji

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  • A multi-omic map of the lipid-producing yeast Rhodosporidium toruloides.

    abstract::Triacylglycerols are among the most attractive alternative raw materials for biofuel development. Current oil plant-based technologies are limited in terms of triacylglycerol production capacity and rate. These limitations may be circumvented by biotransformation of carbohydrates into lipids; however, our understandin...

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  • Drought reduces blue-water fluxes more strongly than green-water fluxes in Europe.

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  • Imaging of fluorescence anisotropy during photoswitching provides a simple readout for protein self-association.

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