Programmable gradational micropatterning of functional materials using maskless lithography controlling absorption.


:The demand for patterning functional materials precisely on surfaces of stimuli-responsive devices has increased in many research fields. In situ polymerization technology is one of the most convenient ways to place the functional materials on a desired location with micron-scale accuracy. To fabricate stimuli-responsive surfaces, controlling concentration of the functional material is much as important as micropatterning them. However, patterning and controlling concentration of the functional materials simultaneously requires an additional process, such as preparing multiple co-flow microfluidic structures and numbers of solutions with various concentrations. Despite applying these processes, fabricating heterogeneous patterns in large scale (millimeter scale) is still impossible. In this study, we propose an advanced in situ polymerization technique to pattern the surface in micron scale in a concentration-controlled manner. Because the concentration of the functional materials is manipulated by self-assembly on the surface, a complex pattern could be easily fabricated without any additional procedure. The complex pattern is pre-designed with absorption amount of the functional material, which is pre-determined by the duration of UV exposure. We show that the resolution reaches up to 2.5 μm and demonstrate mm-scale objects, maintaining the same resolution. We also fabricated Multi-bit barcoded micro particles verify the flexibility of our system.


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Jung Y,Lee H,Park TJ,Kim S,Kwon S




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2015-10-22 00:00:00










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    abstract::Alveolar β2-receptor blockade worsens lung diffusion in heart failure (HF). This effect could be mitigated by stimulating alveolar β2-receptors. We investigated the safety and the effects of indacaterol on lung diffusion, lung mechanics, sleep respiratory behavior, cardiac rhythm, welfare, and exercise performance in ...

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    abstract::Treatment as Prevention (TasP) using directly-acting antivirals has been advocated for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) in people who inject drugs (PWID), but treatment is expensive and TasP's effectiveness is uncertain. Previous modelling has assumed a homogeneously-mixed population or a static network lacking turnover in the...

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  • Alcohol consumption promotes colorectal carcinoma metastasis via a CCL5-induced and AMPK-pathway-mediated activation of autophagy.

    abstract::There is a definite relationship between alcohol consumption and colorectal cancer (CRC) development. We investigated effect of alcohol consumption on CRC patients' progression and prognosis by utilizing epidemiological data and found patients with alcohol consumption increased risks of tumor-node-metastasis (TNM), or...

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  • Ezh2 is involved in radial neuronal migration through regulating Reelin expression in cerebral cortex.

    abstract::Radial migration of pyramidal neurons is an important event during the development of cerebral cortex. Neurons experience series of morphological and directional transitions to get to their final laminar positions. Here we report that the histone methyltransferase enhancer of zest homolog 2 (Ezh2) is involved in the r...

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  • Intelligent Metal-Phenolic Metallogels as Dressings for Infected Wounds.

    abstract::In this study, we report a metallogel developed based on metal-phenolic coordination of natural low-cost polyphenolic molecule and metal ions. Gelation occurs by mixing tannic acid (TA) and group (IV) titanium ions (TiIV) to form TA-TiIV gel. The TA-TiIV gel exhibits good capability to incorporate diverse metal ions b...

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