Expression and activity of the Calvin-Benson-Bassham cycle transcriptional regulator CbbR from Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans in Ralstonia eutropha.


:Autotrophic fixation of carbon dioxide into cellular carbon occurs via several pathways but quantitatively, the Calvin-Benson-Bassham cycle is the most important. CbbR regulates the expression of the cbb genes involved in CO2 fixation via the Calvin-Benson-Bassham cycle in a number of autotrophic bacteria. A gene potentially encoding CbbR (cbbR(AF)) has been predicted in the genome of the chemolithoautotrophic, extreme acidophile Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans. However, this microorganism is recalcitrant to genetic manipulation impeding the experimental validation of bioinformatic predictions. Two novel functional assays were devised to advance our understanding of cbbR(AF) function using the mutated facultative autotroph Ralstonia eutropha H14 ΔcbbR as a surrogate host to test gene function: (i) cbbR(AF) was expressed in R. eutropha and was able to complement ΔcbbR; and (ii) CbbR(AF) was able to regulate the in vivo activity of four A. ferrooxidans cbb operon promoters in R. eutropha. These results open up the use of R. eutropha as a surrogate host to explore cbbR(AF) activity.


FEMS Microbiol Lett


Esparza M,Jedlicki E,Dopson M,Holmes DS




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2015-08-01 00:00:00














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    abstract::A 1.8-kb cryptic plasmid pFR18 was isolated from Leuconostoc mesenteroides ssp. mesenteroides FR52 and characterized. The identification of single-stranded DNA intermediate (ssDNA) in Leuconostoc demonstrated that the replication of pFR18 is directed by a rolling-circle mechanism (RCR). Sequence analysis revealed a si...

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  • Diversity and distribution of hemerythrin-like proteins in prokaryotes.

    abstract::Hemerythrins are oxygen-binding proteins found in the body fluids and tissues of certain invertebrates. Oxygen is bound at a nonheme iron centre consisting of two oxo-bridged iron atoms bound to a characteristic set of conserved histidine: aspartate and glutamate residues with the motifs H-HxxxE-HxxxH-HxxxxD. It has r...

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  • The effect of buthionine sulfoximine on the growth of Leishmania donovani in culture.

    abstract::Changes in composition of the principal low molecular mass thiols of Leishmania donovani were monitored during the transformation of promastigotes, first to stationary phase metacyclic forms and then to amastigotes. No consistent variation in the thiol composition of the parasite which could account for the known incr...

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  • Mucilaginibacter dorajii sp. nov., isolated from the rhizosphere of Platycodon grandiflorum.

    abstract::A Gram-negative, nonmotile and rod-shaped bacterial strain was isolated from the rhizosphere of Platycodon grandiflorum in a study of bacterial diversity, and its taxonomic position was investigated by a genotypic and phenotypic analysis. This isolate, designated as DR-f4, grew at 4-30 degrees C (optimally at 20-25 de...

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  • The phylogenetic position of Hydrogenobacter acidophilus based on 16S rRNA sequence analysis.

    abstract::Hydrogenobacter acidophilus strain 3H-1 is a thermoacidophilic, obligately chemolithoautotrophic, hydrogen-oxidizer isolated from a Japanese solfataric field. Strain 3H-1 requires elemental sulfur for growth. We used PCR to amplify the 16S rRNA gene of strain 3H-1, and sequenced the amplification product directly. Phy...

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  • Characterization of two genes (hupD and hupE) required for hydrogenase activity in Azotobacter chroococcum.

    abstract::In Azotobacter chroococcum the hydrogenase structural genes (hupSL) cover about 2.8 kb of a 15-kb region associated with hydrogen-uptake (Hup) activity. Two other genes in this region, hupD and hupE, were located 8.9 kb downstream of hupL and were shown to be essential for hydrogenase activity by insertion mutagenesis...

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