Efficacy of periodontal plastic surgery procedures in the treatment of localized facial gingival recessions. A systematic review.


BACKGROUND:The aim of this Systematic Review (SR) was to assess the clinical efficacy of periodontal plastic surgery procedures in the treatment of localized gingival recessions (Rec) with or without inter-dental clinical attachment loss (iCAL). MATERIAL AND METHODS:Electronic and hand searches were performed to identify randomized clinical trials (RCTs) on treatment of single gingival recessions with at least 6 months of follow-up. Primary outcome variable was complete root coverage (CRC). Secondary outcome variables were recession reduction (RecRed) and keratinized tissue (KT) gain. To evaluate treatment effect, Odds Ratios were combined for dichotomous data and mean differences in continuous data using a random-effect model. RESULTS:Fifty-one RCTs (53 articles) with a total of 1574 treated patients (1744 recessions) were included in this SR. Finally, 30 groups of comparisons were identified and a total of 80 meta-analyses were performed. Coronally Advanced Flap (CAF) was associated with higher probability of CRC and higher amount of RecRed than Semilunar Coronal Positioned Flap (SCPF). The combination CAF plus Connective Tissue Graft (CAF+CTG) or CAF plus Enamel Matrix Derivative (CAF+EMD) was more effective than CAF alone in terms of CRC and RecRed. The combination CAF plus Collagen Matrix (CAF+CM) achieved higher RecRed than CAF alone. In addition, CAF+CTG achieved CRC more frequently than CAF+EMD, SCPF, Free Gingival Graft (FGG) and Laterally Positioned Flap (LPS). CAF+CTG was also associated with higher RecRed than Barrier Membranes (CAF+GTR), CAF+EMD and CAF+CM. GTR was not able to improve the clinical efficacy of CAF. Studies adding Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM) under CAF showed a large heterogeneity and not significant benefits compared with CAF alone. Multiple combinations, using more than a single graft/biomaterial under the flap, usually provide similar or less benefits than simpler, control procedures in term of root coverage outcomes. CONCLUSIONS:CAF procedures alone or with CTG, EMD are supported by large evidence in modern periodontal plastic surgery. CAF+CTG achieved the best clinical outcomes in single gingival recessions with or without iCAL.


J Clin Periodontol


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  • Depth of alveolar bone dehiscences in relation to gingival recessions.

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    abstract::23 patients with pockets greater than or equal to 4 mm and evidence of bone loss on radiographs received thorough scaling and root planing followed by instruction in Bass brushing. They refrained from routine interdental cleaning for the first 28 days. A pulsating jet irrigator was used once daily supragingivally with...

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  • Comparative longitudinal study of 2 methods of scheduling maintenance visits: 4-year data.

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  • Chemiluminescent assay of alkaline phosphatase in human gingival crevicular fluid: investigations with an experimental gingivitis model and studies on the source of the enzyme within crevicular fluid.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to investigate how levels of gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) alkaline phosphatase (ALP) change in relation to levels of plaque and gingival inflammation in 20 adults during a 21 day period of experimental gingivitis. The source of ALP within GCF was also investigated using a repeat sampli...

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  • The effect of electronic dental analgesia during sonic scaling.

    abstract::The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of electronic dental analgesia (EDA) during sonic scaling. The clinical trial included 30 healthy adult subjects and was conducted as a randomised single-blind split-mouth design. The applied procedure consisted of periodontal scaling by means of a sonic scal...

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  • Essential oil mouthwashes: a key component in oral health management.

    abstract::This Supplement provides clear evidence that essential oil (EO) mouthwashes can be a beneficial, safe component of daily oral health routines. However, despite the wealth of supporting evidence, several issues are worthy of discussion. Patient compliance is a clear issue with oral home-care routines, and the emphasis ...

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  • Flow-cytometric analysis of lymphocyte subsets in patients with advanced periodontitis.

    abstract::Peripheral blood lymphocytes from 36 patients with advanced periodontitis and from 34 healthy subjects were examined using a panel of monoclonal antibodies and fluorescence flow cytometry. The absolute and relative counts of B-cells, T-cells, T-helper (TH), T-suppressor/cytotoxic (TS) cells, activated T-cells and natu...

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  • The association between missing teeth and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in adults.

    abstract:AIMS:Long-term oral chronic inflammatory process is closely related to systemic inflammation, which is a main mechanism involved in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Tooth loss could reflect the accumulation of oral local inflammation, implying that number of missing teeth may associate with NAFLD. This study ...

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