Participation in Alcoholics Anonymous and post-treatment abstinence from alcohol and other drugs.


BACKGROUND:This study examined associations between two types of AA participation (i.e., meeting attendance, having a sponsor) and two types of post-treatment abstinence (i.e., abstinence from alcohol, abstinence from drugs). METHOD:Respondents completed measures that assessed their demographic characteristics, the severity of their substance use, and their motivation to change when they enrolled in treatment (T1). They completed measures of AA participation at T1 and a 3-month follow-up assessment (T2), and measures of recent abstinence at T1 and a 6-month follow-up assessment (T3). RESULTS:T2 sponsor was associated prospectively with T3 abstinence from alcohol. CONCLUSIONS:Having a sponsor served as a marker for subsequent abstinence. Future research can examine factors that may mediate or moderate the associations between having a sponsor and subsequent abstinence.


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Addictive behaviors


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  • Long-term effects of cessation of smoking on body weight, blood pressure and serum cholesterol in the middle-aged population with high blood pressure.

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  • Patient characteristics and treatment implications of marijuana abuse among bipolar alcoholics: results from a double blind, placebo-controlled study.

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  • Factor analysis of the Alcohol and Drug Confrontation Scale (ADCS).

    abstract::The Alcohol and Drug Confrontation Scale (ADCS) is a 72-item instrument that defines confrontation as an individual being told "bad things" might happen if they do not make changes to address alcohol or drug problems or maintain sobriety. Preliminary assessment of the ADCS using substance abusers entering SLH's reveal...

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  • Context effects and false memory for alcohol words in adolescents.

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  • Mediation analysis with binary outcomes: Direct and indirect effects of pro-alcohol influences on alcohol use disorders.

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  • Parental alcoholism: relationships to adult attachment in college women and men.

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  • The theory of planned behavior and binge drinking among undergraduate students: assessing the impact of habit strength.

    abstract::The present study sought to apply the theory of planned behavior (TPB) to the prediction of binge drinking intentions and behavior among undergraduate students and to test whether habit strength explains additional variance in binge drinking behavior. Undergraduate students (N=137) completed measures of the TPB (i.e.,...

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  • Do different types of social identity moderate the association between perceived descriptive norms and drinking among college students?

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  • Efficacy and outcomes of a mobile app targeting alcohol use in young people.

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  • Activity levels and drug use in a sample of Spanish adolescents.

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  • Mental health problems and interest in marijuana treatment among marijuana-using college students.

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  • The relationships between sensation seeking and a spectrum of e-cigarette use behaviors: Cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses specific to Texas adolescents.

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  • Modeling the activation of tobacco smoking expectancies in memory in relation to use patterns.

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  • Self and partner alcohol-related problems among ACOAs and non-ACOAs: associations with depressive symptoms and motivations for alcohol use.

    abstract::The present study examined whether drinking motivations and depressive symptoms would have a stronger impact on alcohol-related problems among adult children of alcoholics (ACOAs) and their dating partners as compared to non-ACOAs and their dating partners. Participants were 197 undergraduate (60 ACOAs, 137 non-ACOAs)...

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  • Characteristics of cocaine- and marijuana-dependent subjects presenting for medication treatment trials.

    abstract::Evaluation of the characteristics of individuals presenting for substance abuse treatment can provide important information to help focus treatment services. In this study, demographic and clinical characteristics of individuals presenting for medication trials for the treatment of cocaine or marijuana dependence were...

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  • Negative urgency mediates the relationship between childhood maltreatment and problems with alcohol and cannabis in late adolescence.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Childhood maltreatment is an important risk factor for problems with alcohol and other drugs such as cannabis. Although this link has been well established, the mechanisms in this association require further study. High levels of impulsivity and difficulties with emotion regulation are often associated with ...

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  • Motives for simultaneous alcohol and marijuana use among young adults.

    abstract::The majority of young adults who use alcohol and marijuana sometimes use the two substances simultaneously. Understanding why young adults engage in simultaneous alcohol and marijuana (SAM) use may inform interventions and help offset negative consequences. To date, research has not yet examined motives for SAM use. T...

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  • The association between probable personality disorders and smoking cessation and maintenance.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Although it has been suggested that persons with psychopathological disorders experience greater difficulty in quitting smoking, the few studies that have analyzed personality disorders in smokers have failed to produce conclusive results. The aim of this study was to examine whether the presence of probab...

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  • Response inhibition toward alcohol-related cues using an alcohol go/no-go task in problem and non-problem drinkers.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Previous results suggested that alcohol abusers and alcohol dependent patients show cognitive biases in the treatment of alcohol-related cues, especially approach and inhibition deficit biases. Response inhibition was often tested using the go/no-go task in which the participants had to respond as quickly as...

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  • Protective behavioral strategies and alcohol-related outcomes: The moderating effects of drinking refusal self-efficacy and sex.

    abstract::The investigation of drinking refusal self-efficacy and alcohol protective behavioral strategies (PBSA) has revealed inconsistent results. Sex may be one factor that plays a role in these results given the demonstrable differences between the alcohol use behaviors of men and women. The current study examined the moder...

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  • Relapse prevention treatment for cocaine dependence: group vs. individual format.

    abstract::To investigate the role of treatment modality in relapse prevention treatment, 32 cocaine-dependent subjects were randomly assigned by cohorts to group-based relapse prevention (G-RP) or individually based RP (I-RP). The two RP formats were identical in content, consisting of 12 outpatient treatment sessions over a 2-...

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  • Menthol cigarette smoking is associated with greater subjective reward, satisfaction, and "throat hit", but not greater behavioral economic demand.

    abstract:AIMS:The cooling and minty flavor of menthol in cigarettes has been hypothesized to mask the harshness of inhaled cigarette smoke, contributing to menthol's appeal and subjective reinforcement and linking menthol use to smoking initiation, progression, nicotine dependence, and difficulty quitting. This study examined d...

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  • The interplay between trauma, substance abuse and appetitive aggression and its relation to criminal activity among high-risk males in South Africa.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In persistently unsafe environments, the cumulative exposure to violence predicts not only the development of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but also of increased aggression and violent outbursts. Substance use disorders interact with these developments, as drug consumption may blunt symptoms and also...

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  • Compulsive smoking: the development of a Rasch homogeneous scale of nicotine dependence.

    abstract::The unidimensionality of nicotine dependence has not been established firmly yet. The aim of this study was to assess the dimensionality of nicotine dependence, preferably meeting the strict assumptions of the Rasch model. First, we examined the validity of the Fagerström Test for Nicotine Dependence (FTND) [Br. J. Ad...

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  • Self assessment of relapse risk and assertiveness in relation to treatment outcome of female alcoholics.

    abstract::Prior to and following social-skills training during a three months inpatient treatment, 145 female alcoholics indicated for various situations involving social pressure to drink alcohol (a) how difficult it would be for them not to drink (Relapse Risk) and (b) the degree of discomfort they expected (Specific Assertiv...

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