Context-dependent remodeling of structure in two large protein fragments.


:Protein folding involves the formation of secondary structural elements from the primary sequence and their association with tertiary assemblies. The relation of this primary sequence to a specific folded protein structure remains a central question in structural biology. An increasing body of evidence suggests that variations in homologous sequence ranging from point mutations to substantial insertions or deletions can yield stable proteins with markedly different folds. Here we report the structural characterization of domain IV (D4) and ΔD4 (polypeptides with 222 and 160 amino acids, respectively) that differ by virtue of an N-terminal deletion of 62 amino acids (28% of the overall D4 sequence). The high-resolution crystal structures of the monomeric D4 and the dimeric ΔD4 reveal substantially different folds despite an overall conservation of secondary structure. These structures show that the formation of tertiary structures, even in extended polypeptide sequences, can be highly context dependent, and they serve as a model for structural plasticity in protein isoforms.


J Mol Biol


Schellenberg MJ,Ritchie DB,Wu T,Markin CJ,Spyracopoulos L,MacMillan AM




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  • Alanine scan of core positions in ubiquitin reveals links between dynamics, stability, and function.

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  • Identification of 5-hydroxycytidine at position 2501 concludes characterization of modified nucleotides in E. coli 23S rRNA.

    abstract::Complete characterization of a biomolecule's chemical structure is crucial in the full understanding of the relations between their structure and function. The dominating components in ribosomes are ribosomal RNAs (rRNAs), and the entire rRNA-but a single modified nucleoside at position 2501 in 23S rRNA-has previously...

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  • The foldon substructure of staphylococcal nuclease.

    abstract::To search for submolecular foldon units, the spontaneous reversible unfolding and refolding of staphylococcal nuclease under native conditions was studied by a kinetic native-state hydrogen exchange (HX) method. As for other proteins, it appears that staphylococcal nuclease is designed as an assembly of well-integrate...

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