Overexpression of an auxilin-like gene (F9E10.5) can suppress Al uptake in roots of Arabidopsis.


:Plants resistant to aluminium (Al) stress were isolated from Arabidopsis thaliana enhancer-tagged mutant lines. Compared with the parental Col-7 control line, one of the resistant candidates, #355-2, showed a higher expression of the F9E10.5 gene (At1g75100) on chromosome 1, a lower Al content in whole roots, and a shorter root hair length (approximately 30%). Both Al influx and associated oxidative stress occurred in root hairs, as well as in root tips of Col-7; however, they were seen only in root tips of #355-2. Transgenic plants overexpressing the F9E10.5 gene showed a slightly higher Al resistance than their parental control line (Ler). The F9E10.5 gene encodes an auxilin-like protein related to the clathrin-uncoating process in endocytosis. Microscopic observation indicated that both Al ion influx and endocytosis activity were lower in root hair cells of the #355-2 line than in those of Col-7. These results suggested that overexpression of this auxilin-like protein inhibits endocytosis in root hair cells by a disturbance of the transport system as in animal cells shown previously. It was also suggested that a part of the Al influx occurred via endocytosis in root hair cells in Arabidopsis. The Al resistance in the #355-2 line may therefore be due to a lower Al uptake via endocytosis in the root hair region.


J Exp Bot


Ezaki B,Kiyohara H,Matsumoto H,Nakashima S




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2007-01-01 00:00:00














  • Proteomes of hard and soft near-isogenic wheat lines reveal that kernel hardness is related to the amplification of a stress response during endosperm development.

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  • Calculated activity of Mn2+ at the outer surface of the root cell plasma membrane governs Mn nutrition of cowpea seedlings.

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  • Isolation of Arabidopsis ahg11, a weak ABA hypersensitive mutant defective in nad4 RNA editing.

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  • Hydraulic conductance as well as nitrogen accumulation plays a role in the higher rate of leaf photosynthesis of the most productive variety of rice in Japan.

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  • VpRFP1, a novel C4C4-type RING finger protein gene from Chinese wild Vitis pseudoreticulata, functions as a transcriptional activator in defence response of grapevine.

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  • Hydraulic properties of individual xylem vessels of Fraxinus americana.

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  • miR156-targeted SPL10 controls Arabidopsis root meristem activity and root-derived de novo shoot regeneration via cytokinin responses.

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  • Identification and characterization of Arabidopsis AtNUDX9 as a GDP-d-mannose pyrophosphohydrolase: its involvement in root growth inhibition in response to ammonium.

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  • Effect of breeding on nitrogen use efficiency-associated traits in oilseed rape.

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  • Osmotic stress-induced polyamine oxidation mediates defence responses and reduces stress-enhanced grapevine susceptibility to Botrytis cinerea.

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    abstract::Plants are sessile organisms forced to adjust to their surrounding environment. In a single plant the photoautotrophic shoot is exposed to pronounced environmental variations recurring in a day-night 24 h (diel) cycle, whereas the heterotrophic root grows in a temporally less fluctuating environment. The contrasting h...

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  • A comparative study of ripening among berries of the grape cluster reveals an altered transcriptional programme and enhanced ripening rate in delayed berries.

    abstract::Transcriptional studies in relation to fruit ripening generally aim to identify the transcriptional states associated with physiological ripening stages and the transcriptional changes between stages within the ripening programme. In non-climacteric fruits such as grape, all ripening-related genes involved in this pro...

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  • Expression of Arabidopsis class 1 phytoglobin (AtPgb1) delays death and degradation of the root apical meristem during severe PEG-induced water deficit.

    abstract::Maintenance of a functional root is fundamental to plant survival in response to some abiotic stresses, such as water deficit. In this study, we found that overexpression of Arabidopsis class 1 phytoglobin (AtPgb1) alleviated the growth retardation of polyethylene glycol (PEG)-induced water stress by reducing programm...

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  • Low temperature maximizes growth of Crocus vernus (L.) Hill via changes in carbon partitioning and corm development.

    abstract::In Crocus vernus, a spring bulbous species, prolonged growth at low temperatures results in the development of larger perennial organs and delayed foliar senescence. Because corm growth is known to stop before the first visual sign of leaf senescence, it is clear that factors other than leaf duration alone determine f...

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  • Rutin in buckwheat herbs grown at different UV-B radiation levels: comparison of two UV spectrophotometric and an HPLC method.

    abstract::Rutin is an antioxidant with many interesting pharmacological effects. It can also be found in buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench). UV radiation stimulates the activity of enzymes of the phenylpropanoid pathway and there is some evidence that it influences the rutin content in plants. The aim of the present resear...

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  • The AMI1 gene family: indole-3-acetamide hydrolase functions in auxin biosynthesis in plants.

    abstract::Novel genes that function in the conversion of indole-3-acetamide (IAM) into indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), which were previously thought to exist only in the bacterial genome, have been isolated from plants. The finding of the AtAMI1 gene in Arabidopsis thaliana and the NtAMI1 gene in Nicotiana tabacum, which encode ind...

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  • Small RNA activity and function in angiosperm gametophytes.

    abstract::Small non-coding RNAs are key post-transcriptional and transcriptional regulators of plant gene expression in angiosperm sporophytes. In recent years, gametophytic small RNAs have also been investigated, predominantly in Arabidopsis male gametophytes, revealing features in common with the sporophyte as well as some su...

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  • Distinct metabolic pathways drive monoterpenoid biosynthesis in a natural population of Pelargonium graveolens.

    abstract::Pelargonium graveolens is a wild predecessor to rose-scented geranium hybrids prized for their essential oils used as fragrances and flavorings. However, little is known about their biosynthesis. Here we present metabolic evidence that at least two distinct monoterpene biosynthetic pathways contribute to their volatil...

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  • Resistances along the CO2 diffusion pathway inside leaves.

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