Response of plasma membrane H+-ATPase to heavy metal stress in Cucumis sativus roots.


:The effect of heavy metals on the modification of plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase (EC activity in cucumber roots was studied. In plants stressed for 2 h with 10 microM or 100 microM Cd, Cu or Ni the hydrolytic as well as the transporting activity of H(+)-ATPase in the plasma membranes of root cells was decreased. Transcript levels of Cucumis sativus plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase in roots treated with 10 microM Cd, Cu, or Ni as well as with 100 microM Cu or Ni were similar to the control, indicating that the action of metals did not involve the gene expression level. Only in roots exposed to 100 microM Cd was the level of plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase mRNA markedly decreased. The inhibition of the plasma membrane proton pump caused by 100 microM Cd, Cu and Ni was partially diminished in the presence of cantharidin, a specific inhibitor of protein phosphatases. Western blot analysis with the antibody against phosphothreonine confirmed that decreased activity of plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase under heavy metals resulted from dephosphorylation of the enzyme protein. Taken together, these data strongly indicated that alteration of the enzyme under heavy metal stresses was mainly due to the post-translational modification of its proteins in short-term experiments.


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Janicka-Russak M,Kabała K,Burzyński M,Kłobus G




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  • Sugar regulation of SUGAR TRANSPORTER PROTEIN 1 (STP1) expression in Arabidopsis thaliana.

    abstract::Sugars regulate the expression of many genes at the transcriptional level. In Arabidopsis thaliana, sugars induce or repress the expression of >1800 genes, including the STP1 (SUGAR TRANSPORTER PROTEIN 1) gene, which encodes an H(+)/monosaccharide cotransporter. STP1 transcript levels decrease more rapidly after the a...

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  • PhOBF1, a petunia ocs element binding factor, plays an important role in antiviral RNA silencing.

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  • Small-peptide signals that control root nodule number, development, and symbiosis.

    abstract::Many legumes have the capacity to enter into a symbiotic association with soil bacteria generically called 'rhizobia' that results in the formation of new lateral organs on roots called nodules within which the rhizobia fix atmospheric nitrogen (N). Up to 200 million tonnes of N per annum is fixed by this association....

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  • The olive DGAT2 gene is developmentally regulated and shares overlapping but distinct expression patterns with DGAT1.

    abstract::Diacylglycerol acyltransferases (DGATs) catalyse the final step of the triacylglycerol (TAG) biosynthesis of the Kennedy pathway. Two major gene families have been shown to encode DGATs, DGAT1 (type-1) and DGAT2 (type-2). Both genes encode membrane-bound proteins, with no sequence homology to each other. In this study...

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  • An evolutionary population structure model reveals pleiotropic effects of GmPDAT for traits related to seed size and oil content in soybean.

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  • Stomatal conductance, mesophyll conductance, and transpiration efficiency in relation to leaf anatomy in rice and wheat genotypes under drought.

    abstract::Increasing leaf transpiration efficiency (TE) may provide leads for growing rice like dryland cereals such as wheat (Triticum aestivum). To explore avenues for improving TE in rice, variations in stomatal conductance (gs) and mesophyll conductance (gm) and their anatomical determinants were evaluated in two cultivars ...

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  • Sensitivity of growth of roots versus leaves to water stress: biophysical analysis and relation to water transport.

    abstract::Water transport is an integral part of the process of growth by cell expansion and accounts for most of the increase in cell volume characterizing growth. Under water deficiency, growth is readily inhibited and growth of roots is favoured over that of leaves. The mechanisms underlying this differential response are ex...

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  • Metabolic responses to salt stress of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cultivars, Sahara and Clipper, which differ in salinity tolerance.

    abstract::Plants show varied cellular responses to salinity that are partly associated with maintaining low cytosolic Na(+) levels and a high K(+)/Na(+) ratio. Plant metabolites change with elevated Na(+), some changes are likely to help restore osmotic balance while others protect Na(+)-sensitive proteins. Metabolic responses ...

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  • From museums to genomics: old herbarium specimens shed light on a C3 to C4 transition.

    abstract::Collections of specimens held by natural history museums are invaluable material for biodiversity inventory and evolutionary studies, with specimens accumulated over 300 years readily available for sampling. Unfortunately, most museum specimens yield low-quality DNA. Recent advances in sequencing technologies, so call...

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  • Starch bioengineering affects cereal grain germination and seedling establishment.

    abstract::Cereal grain germination is central for plant early development, and efficient germination has a major role in crop propagation and malting. Endosperm starch is the prime energy reserve in germination and seedling establishment. In this study, it was hypothesized that optimized starch granule structure, and not only t...

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  • Comparative transcriptome analysis in Arabidopsis ein2/ore3 and ahk3/ore12 mutants during dark-induced leaf senescence.

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  • Functions of two genes in aluminium (Al) stress resistance: repression of oxidative damage by the AtBCB gene and promotion of efflux of Al ions by the NtGDI1gene.

    abstract::The functions of two genes whose expression provides tolerance to aluminium (Al) stress were investigated using plants and Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast): the Arabidopsis thaliana blue copper binding gene (AtBCB) and Nicotiana tabacum guanosine diphosphate (GDP) dissociation inhibitor gene (NtGDI1). To determine the...

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  • Dwarf alleles differentially affect barley root traits influencing nitrogen acquisition under low nutrient supply.

    abstract::Sustainable food production depends critically on the development of crop genotypes that exhibit high yield under reduced nutrient inputs. Rooting traits have been widely advocated as being able to influence optimal plant performance, while breeding-based improvements in yield of spring barley suggest that this specie...

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  • Involvement of brassinosteroid signals in the floral-induction network of Arabidopsis.

    abstract::The transition to flowering is known to be regulated by numerous interacting endogenous and environmental cues, of which brassinosteroids (BRs), a group of polyhydroxylated steroid phytohormones, appear to be linked to the regulation of flowering time. In Arabidopsis, BR biosynthetic det2 mutants exhibited delayed flo...

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  • Genome-wide identification, classification, and expression analysis of the arabinogalactan protein gene family in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

    abstract::Arabinogalactan proteins (AGPs) comprise a family of hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins that are implicated in plant growth and development. In this study, 69 AGPs are identified from the rice genome, including 13 classical AGPs, 15 arabinogalactan (AG) peptides, three non-classical AGPs, three early nodulin-like AGPs ...

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  • Jasmonates: biosynthesis, metabolism, and signaling by proteins activating and repressing transcription.

    abstract::The lipid-derived phytohormone jasmonate (JA) regulates plant growth, development, secondary metabolism, defense against insect attack and pathogen infection, and tolerance to abiotic stresses such as wounding, UV light, salt, and drought. JA was first identified in 1962, and since the 1980s many studies have analyzed...

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  • Phosphatidylinositol-phospholipase C2 regulates pattern-triggered immunity in Nicotiana benthamiana.

    abstract::Phospholipid signaling plays an important role in plant immune responses against phytopathogenic bacteria in Nicotiana benthamiana. Here, we isolated two phospholipase C2 (PLC2) orthologs in the N. benthamiana genome, designated as PLC2-1 and 2-2. Both NbPLC2-1 and NbPLC2-2 were expressed in most tissues and were indu...

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  • The (r)evolution of gene regulatory networks controlling Arabidopsis plant reproduction: a two-decade history.

    abstract::Successful plant reproduction relies on the perfect orchestration of singular processes that culminate in the product of reproduction: the seed. The floral transition, floral organ development, and fertilization are well-studied processes and the genetic regulation of the various steps is being increasingly unveiled. ...

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    authors: Pajoro A,Biewers S,Dougali E,Leal Valentim F,Mendes MA,Porri A,Coupland G,Van de Peer Y,van Dijk AD,Colombo L,Davies B,Angenent GC

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  • A comparison of manual and automated systems for soil CO2 flux measurements: trade-offs between spatial and temporal resolution.

    abstract::Soil respiration is affected by distributions of roots and soil carbon substrates and by temperature and soil water content, all of which vary spatially and temporally. The objective of this paper was to compare a manual system for measuring soil respiration in a temperate forest, which had a greater spatial distribut...

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  • Evidence for functional interaction between brassinosteroids and cadmium response in Arabidopsis thaliana.

    abstract::Plant hormones, in addition to regulating growth and development, are involved in biotic and abiotic stress responses. To investigate whether a hormone signalling pathway plays a role in the plant response to the heavy metal cadmium (Cd), gene expression data in response to eight hormone treatments were retrieved from...

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  • Protein tyrosine nitration in pea roots during development and senescence.

    abstract::Protein tyrosine nitration is a post-translational modification mediated by reactive nitrogen species (RNS) that is associated with nitro-oxidative damage. No information about this process is available in relation to higher plants during development and senescence. Using pea plants at different developmental stages (...

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  • Quantitative characterization of cuticular barrier properties: methods, requirements, and problems.

    abstract::The interface between the atmosphere and leaves and fruits is formed by the lipophilic plant cuticle, which seals the outer epidermal cell walls, thus significantly reducing water loss and uptake of dissolved solutes deposited on the cuticle surface. Different experimental and theoretical approaches for quantifying ba...

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  • Phytohormone regulation of root growth triggered by P deficiency or Al toxicity.

    abstract::Phosphorus (P) deficiency and aluminum (Al) toxicity often coexist and limit plant growth on acid soils. It has been well documented that both P deficiency and Al toxicity alter root growth, including inhibition of primary roots and promotion of lateral roots. This suggests that plants adapt to both stresses through a...

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  • Ethylene is required for both the initiation and progression of softening in pear (Pyrus communis L.) fruit.

    abstract::In order to investigate the physiological role of ethylene in the initiation and subsequent progression of softening, pear fruit were treated with propylene, an analogue of ethylene or 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), a gaseous inhibitor of ethylene action at the preclimacteric or ripening stages. The propylene treatment...

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  • Physiological and genetic analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana anthocyanin biosynthesis mutants under chronic adverse environmental conditions.

    abstract::Anthocyanin production is a characteristic response of flowering plants to unfavourable environmental conditions. The potential roles of flavonoids and anthocyanins in plant growth were investigated by growing Arabidopsis thaliana anthocyanin production mutants (transparent testa) under limiting nitrogen and high ligh...

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  • The DYW-subgroup pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR27 interacts with ZmMORF1 to facilitate mitochondrial RNA editing and seed development in maize.

    abstract::C-to-U RNA editing in plant mitochondria requires the participation of many nucleus-encoded factors, most of which are pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) proteins. There is a large number of PPR proteins and the functions many of them are unknown. Here, we report a mitochondrion-localized DYW-subgroup PPR protein, PPR27, ...

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  • Different ethylene receptors show an increased expression during the ripening of strawberries: does such an increment imply a role for ethylene in the ripening of these non-climacteric fruits?

    abstract::Notwithstanding the economic importance of non-climacteric fruits like grape and strawberry, little is known about the mechanisms that regulate their ripening. Up to now no growth regulator has emerged with a primary role similar to that played by ethylene in the ripening of the climacteric fruits. Strawberries can pr...

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    authors: Trainotti L,Pavanello A,Casadoro G

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  • Metabolic analysis of kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) berries from extreme genotypes reveals hallmarks for fruit starch metabolism.

    abstract::Tomato, melon, grape, peach, and strawberry primarily accumulate soluble sugars during fruit development. In contrast, kiwifruit (Actinidia Lindl. spp.) and banana store a large amount of starch that is released as soluble sugars only after the fruit has reached maturity. By integrating metabolites measured by gas chr...

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    authors: Nardozza S,Boldingh HL,Osorio S,Höhne M,Wohlers M,Gleave AP,MacRae EA,Richardson AC,Atkinson RG,Sulpice R,Fernie AR,Clearwater MJ

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  • Functional relationship between mTERF4 and GUN1 in retrograde signaling.

    abstract::Plastid-to-nucleus retrograde signaling plays an important role in regulating the expression of photosynthesis-associated nuclear genes (PhANGs) in accordance with physiological demands on chloroplast biogenesis and function. Despite its fundamental importance, little is known about the molecular nature of the plastid...

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  • Life and death under salt stress: same players, different timing?

    abstract::Salinity does not only stress plants but also challenges human life and the economy by posing severe constraints upon agriculture. To understand salt adaptation strategies of plants, it is central to extend agricultural production to salt-affected soils. Despite high impact and intensive research, it has been difficul...

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