Interaction of progesterone derivatives with the digitalis target enzyme: impact of glycosidation on inhibitory potency.


:As a function of the structural modification of the steroid nucleus, the inhibitory interaction of 11 progesterone derivatives with human Na/K-ATPase (Na+/K(+)-transporting ATPase, EC, through C3-O-rhamnosylation, is either much decreased or weakly up to strongly increased, so that the rhamnosyl residue contributes to the complementary Gibbs energy of interaction, at the most, the same Gibbs energy increment as realized in ouabain. After C3 beta-O-rhamnosylation, the activity of some progesterone derivatives considerably surpasses that of 3 beta-O-rhamnosyl-chlormadinolacetate, which has been known to elicit positive inotropy in cats. The progesterone derivatives (aglycons and glycosides), that have been analysed more closely, produce their effects by the same molecular mechanism of interaction with Na/K-ATPase as characteristic for digitalis aglycons and glycosides. The results promise to pave the way for the identification of the chemical nature of endogenous digitalis and for the design of novel inotropic drugs.


Pharmacol Res


Pharmacological research


Weiland J,Schönfeld W,Menke KH,Repke KR




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1991-01-01 00:00:00














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  • Temsirolimus promotes autophagic clearance of amyloid-β and provides protective effects in cellular and animal models of Alzheimer's disease.

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  • Insulinotropic action of novel succinic acid esters.

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  • Vigabatrin does not affect the intestinal absorption of phenytoin in rat duodeno-jejunal loops in situ.

    abstract::The antiepileptic drug vigabatrin (GVG) is known to decrease significantly the serum concentration of concurrently administered phenytoin (PHT) in epileptic patients. To assess a possible mechanism for this interaction, the effect of GVG on the intestinal absorption of PHT was investigated by means of circulation expe...

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  • Flumazenil, diazepam, nordiazepam and oxazepam interactions on plasma protein binding.

    abstract::The effect of flumazenil (FLU) on plasma protein binding of diazepam (DZ), nordiazepam (ND) and oxazepam (OX) was determined in plasma from drug-naive dogs to which graded concentrations of tested drugs alone and in combination were added. The results revealed that as the concentration of FLU added to plasma alone was...

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  • The influence of lidocaine and verapamil on haemodynamic parameters after intravenous administration of midazolam in rabbits.

    abstract::Cardiac arrhythmia can be a serious complication during general anaesthesia of patients suffering from cardiac arrhythmias and using antiarrhythmic drugs. The aim of the present experiments was to establish the way in which lidocaine and verapamil influence haemodynamic parameters of rabbits after midazolam anaesthesi...

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    abstract::As the capacity of the endogenous antioxidative system is limited, pharmacological treatment with antioxidants may help to protect neuronal tissue against increased amount of reactive oxygen species produced during oxidative stress. We attempted to improve resistance of rat hippocampal slices exposed to ischaemia in v...

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  • MicroRNA-128-3p aggravates doxorubicin-induced liver injury by promoting oxidative stress via targeting Sirtuin-1.

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  • Transcriptome profiling of NIH3T3 cell lines expressing opsin and the P23H opsin mutant identifies candidate drugs for the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa.

    abstract::Mammalian cells are commonly employed in screening assays to identify active compounds that could potentially affect the progression of different human diseases including retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a class of inherited diseases causing retinal degeneration with compromised vision. Using transcriptome analysis, we comp...

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  • Funny channels in the control of cardiac rhythm and mode of action of selective blockers.

    abstract::"Funny" (f) channels underlie the cardiac "pacemaker"I(f) current, originally described as an inward current activated on hyperpolarization to the diastolic range of voltages in sino-atrial node myocytes [Brown, HF, DiFrancesco, D, Noble, SJ. How does adrenaline accelerate the heart? Nature 1979;280:235-236]. The invo...

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  • Role of aldehyde dehydrogenase in the biological activity of spermine dialdehyde, a novel immunosuppressive/purging agent.

    abstract::The antitumour and immunosuppressive activities of spermine dialdehyde (SDA), a synthetic, oxidized form of spermine, were examined using L1210 cell lines and murine bone marrow cells. SDA acted as a high affinity substrate for aldehyde dehydrogenase (ADH) derived from different sources, with kinetic profiles similar ...

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  • From stroke to neurodegenerative diseases: The multi-target neuroprotective effects of 3-n-butylphthalide and its derivatives.

    abstract::Discovering effective agents to slow or stop neurodegeneration is a challenging task. Over decades, only a few drugs were approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and most ended in failure. The lessons learned have switched the strategy of drug discovery from designing highly selective ligands to a network pharm...

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  • N3,N7-diaminophenothiazinium derivatives as antagonists of α7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptors expressed in Xenopus oocytes.

    abstract::Derivatization of phenothiazine (PTZ, 1) has been a commonly used method to develop drugs with various pharmacological properties. In the present study, a series of PTZ derivatives 1-11 were investigated on the inhibition of the cloned α7 subunit of the human nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (α7-nAChR) expressed in Xe...

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