An obligate intermediate along the slow folding pathway of a group II intron ribozyme.


:Most RNA molecules collapse rapidly and reach the native state through a pathway that contains numerous traps and unproductive intermediates. The D135 group II intron ribozyme is unusual in that it can fold slowly and directly to the native state, despite its large size and structural complexity. Here we use hydroxyl radical footprinting and native gel analysis to monitor the timescale of tertiary structure collapse and to detect the presence of obligate intermediates along the folding pathway of D135. We find that structural collapse and native folding of Domain 1 precede assembly of the entire ribozyme, indicating that D1 contains an on-pathway intermediate to folding of the D135 ribozyme. Subsequent docking of Domains 3 and 5, for which D1 provides a preorganized scaffold, appears to be very fast and independent of one another. In contrast to other RNAs, the D135 ribozyme undergoes slow tertiary collapse to a compacted state, with a rate constant that is also limited by the formation D1. These findings provide a new paradigm for RNA folding and they underscore the diversity of RNA biophysical behaviors.


Nucleic Acids Res


Nucleic acids research


Su LJ,Waldsich C,Pyle AM





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2005-11-27 00:00:00














  • Chewie Nomenclature Server (chewie-NS): a deployable nomenclature server for easy sharing of core and whole genome MLST schemas.

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  • Noncoding RNAs database (ncRNAdb).

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  • Unexpected A-form formation of 4'-thioDNA in solution, revealed by NMR, and the implications as to the mechanism of nuclease resistance.

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  • Theoretical study on the proton chemical shifts of hydrogen bonded nucleic acid bases.

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  • Novel m4C modification in type I restriction-modification systems.

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  • DNA methylase from HeLa cell nuclei.

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  • A chicken embryo protein related to the mammalian DEAD box protein p68 is tightly associated with the highly purified protein-RNA complex of 5-MeC-DNA glycosylase.

    abstract::We have shown previously that DNA demethylation by chick embryo 5-methylcytosine (5-MeC)-DNA glycosylase needs both protein and RNA. Amino acid sequences of nine peptides derived from a highly purified 5-MeC-DNA glycosylase complex were identified by Nanoelectrospray ionisation mass spectrometry to be identical to the...

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  • Distribution of 5-methylcytosine in the DNA of somatic and germline cells from bovine tissues.

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  • Mg2+ binding and structural stability of mature and in vitro synthesized unmodified Escherichia coli tRNAPhe.

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  • Specific ribosomal RNA recognition by a fragment of E. coli ribosomal protein S4 missing the C-terminal 36 amino acid residues.

    abstract::We have previously investigated the role of the N-terminal region of ribosomal protein S4 to participate in 30S ribosome assembly and function (1-3). In this report we extend these studies to the two fragments produced by the chemical cleavage of protein S4 at the tryptophan residue 167. We find that the carboxyl term...

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  • Termination of DNA synthesis by N6-alkylated, not 3'-O-alkylated, photocleavable 2'-deoxyadenosine triphosphates.

    abstract::The Human Genome Project has facilitated the sequencing of many species, yet the current Sanger method is too expensive, labor intensive and time consuming to accomplish medical resequencing of human genomes en masse. Of the 'next-generation' technologies, cyclic reversible termination (CRT) is a promising method with...

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  • Induced DNA demethylation by targeting Ten-Eleven Translocation 2 to the human ICAM-1 promoter.

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  • Different sequence signatures in the upstream regions of plant and animal tRNA genes shape distinct modes of regulation.

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  • Analysis of the gene encoding the RNA subunit of ribonuclease P from cyanobacteria.

    abstract::The genes encoding the RNA subunit of ribonuclease P from the unicellular cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803, and from the heterocyst-forming strains Anabaena sp. PCC 7120 and Calothrix sp. PCC 7601 were cloned using the homologous gene from Anacystis nidulans (Synechococcus sp. PCC 6301) as a probe. The genes ...

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  • Transition-state destabilization reveals how human DNA polymerase β proceeds across the chemically unstable lesion N7-methylguanine.

    abstract::N7-Methyl-2'-deoxyguanosine (m7dG) is the predominant lesion formed by methylating agents. A systematic investigation on the effect of m7dG on DNA replication has been difficult due to the chemical instability of m7dG. To gain insights into the m7dG effect, we employed a 2'-fluorine-mediated transition-state destabilz...

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  • Human CTF18-RFC clamp-loader complexed with non-synthesising DNA polymerase ε efficiently loads the PCNA sliding clamp.

    abstract::The alternative proliferating-cell nuclear antigen (PCNA)-loader CTF18-RFC forms a stable complex with DNA polymerase ε (Polε). We observed that, under near-physiological conditions, CTF18-RFC alone loaded PCNA inefficiently, but loaded it efficiently when complexed with Polε. During efficient PCNA loading, CTF18-RFC ...

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  • The structural basis for recognition of base J containing DNA by a novel DNA binding domain in JBP1.

    abstract::The J-binding protein 1 (JBP1) is essential for biosynthesis and maintenance of DNA base-J (β-d-glucosyl-hydroxymethyluracil). Base-J and JBP1 are confined to some pathogenic protozoa and are absent from higher eukaryotes, prokaryotes and viruses. We show that JBP1 recognizes J-containing DNA (J-DNA) through a 160-res...

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  • FragGeneScan: predicting genes in short and error-prone reads.

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