Does information provided to men before a urodynamic study affect their expectation of pain?


OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the effect of a routine explanation provided to men on their expectation of pain associated with a urodynamic study (UDS). PATIENTS AND METHODS:The purpose of UDS is to reproduce patient's symptoms during the urine storage and voiding phases, and thus understand the causes of the patient's symptoms. UDS may cause discomfort and pain, mainly from the urethral instrumentation; the fear of pain related to UDS may affect the patients' behaviour and the information provided by them, and thus may alter the conclusions drawn from the study. Routinely as with any other invasive procedures, patients are provided with an explanation about the UDS. Sixty-three men referred for UDS in an outpatient clinic, who had not had previous UDS, were included (mean age 56.4 years, range 25-89). Of these patients, 15 had had previous instrumentation of the urethra (urethral catheterization, cystoscopy), and 14 had had a prostatectomy. One urologist provided a detailed explanation of the different stages of the UDS. Use of an anaesthetic gel, and instrumentation of the urethra and anus by an experienced urologist, were emphasized. Pain was assessed using a visual analogue pain scale three times, to provide an expected pain score (EPS) on entering the examination room, after the explanation, and the actual pain felt during the UDS. RESULTS:The mean EPS before the explanation was 4.2, significantly higher (5.17) after the explanation (P = 0.02) and the actual pain scored during the UDS was 3.76, lower than both the previous EPS. In patients who had had previous instrumentation of the urethra, the EPS after the explanation was significantly higher, at 6.06 (P < 0.05). Pain scores were not significantly different in patients after prostatectomy. CONCLUSIONS:The routine guidance provided to male patients undergoing UDS enhances their expectations of pain, especially in those who have had previous instrumentation of the urethra. As the fear of pain may alter the information provided by the patient, different strategies of providing patients with information about UDS should be devised.




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Greenstein A,Bar-Yosef Y,Chen J,Matzkin H





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