An evidence-based analysis of the antibacterial effectiveness of intracanal medicaments.


:The authors reviewed the literature evaluating the antibacterial effectiveness of intracanal medicaments used in the management of apical periodontitis. A PICO (problem, intervention, comparison, outcome) strategy was developed to identify studies dealing with calcium hydroxide, phenolic derivatives, iodine-potassium iodide, chlorhexidine, and formocresol. The final inclusion/exclusion criteria eliminated all papers except five that evaluated calcium hydroxide. The total sample size in the included studies was 164 teeth. Microbiologic sampling was performed before endodontic treatment (S1), after instrumentation and irrigation (S2), and after intracanal medication (S3). At S2, 62% of canals were positive. After medication, 27% still showed detectable growth. Of cultures that were positive at S2, 45% were still positive at S3. Most studies did not address issues of culture reversals or false positive and false negative cultures. The main component of antibacterial action appears to be associated with instrumentation and irrigation, although canals cannot be reliably rendered bacteria free. Calcium hydroxide remains the best medicament available to reduce residual microbial flora further.


J Endod


Journal of endodontics


Law A,Messer H





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  • Bacterial removal promoted by 2 single-file systems: Wave One and One Shape.

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  • Complement C3a Mobilizes Dental Pulp Stem Cells and Specifically Guides Pulp Fibroblast Recruitment.

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  • Combined orthodontic-endodontic therapy: case report of orthodontic movement of a recalcified lateral incisor.

    abstract::Unlike most cases of combined orthodontic and endodontic therapy that have been reported, in this case endodontic treatment with calcium hydroxide-induced calcification was utilized prior to orthodontic treatment. A 14-yr-old female required orthodontic therapy due to anterior crowding. Preoperative periapical radiogr...

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  • Cell Homing for Pulp Tissue Engineering with Endogenous Dentin Matrix Proteins.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Compelling evidence pinpoints that pulp tissue engineering after the transplantation of stem cells is possible. Although intriguing, severe problems regarding clinical feasibility remain. Cell homing has been proposed as a viable alternative in which dentin-derived growth factors in a conducive scaffold ma...

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  • Effects of calcium silicate-based materials on collagen matrix integrity of mineralized dentin.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Calcium silicate-based materials (CSMs) are used in various endodontic procedures. The present study examined whether prolonged contact of mineralized dentin with recently commercialized versions of these materials adversely affects dentin collagen matrix integrity. METHODS:Dentin slabs prepared from extr...

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  • Effect of dynamic loading on the integrity of the interface between root canal and obturation materials.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of occlusal load on the integrity of root canal obturation. Maxillary anterior teeth were cleaned, shaped, and obturated with either gutta-percha (GP)/AH Plus or Resilon/Epiphany. Afterwards, teeth were placed under 100 N force at 2 Hz for 22 hours in a 37 degrees C...

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