Importance of the biopsy date in autologous endometrial cocultures for patients with multiple implantation failures.


OBJECTIVE:To analyze the effectiveness of autologous endometrial coculture by the cycle day of the endometrial biopsy. DESIGN:Retrospective study. SETTING:University-based IVF center. PATIENT(S):Two hundred eight patients with multiple IVF failures. INTERVENTION(S):Embryos were split and randomly allocated to growth on autologous endometrial coculture or conventional media. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S):Embryo quality and pregnancy outcome. RESULT(S):The overall clinical pregnancy rate was 41.8%. Embryos grown on autologous endometrial coculture were of higher quality (more blastomeres and less fragmentation) than embryos grown with conventional media. Early luteal biopsies (<5 days after LH surge) for autologous endometrial coculture did not demonstrate an improvement in embryo quality as compared to the significant improvement demonstrated with later luteal endometrial biopsies (> or =5 days after LH surge). The date of the biopsy was predictive of pregnancy outcome when using autologous endometrial coculture (44.7% [> or =5 days after LH surge] vs. 18.8% [<5 days after LH surge], P=.012). CONCLUSION(S):We have demonstrated an improvement in embryo quality when using autologous endometrial coculture. The improvement in embryo quality and higher pregnancy rates were limited to biopsies > or =5 days after the LH surge. This suggests that mid/late luteal phase endometrium contains factors that enhanced embryo growth and subsequent implantation.


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Fertility and sterility


Spandorfer SD,Barmat LI,Navarro J,Liu HC,Veeck L,Rosenwaks Z





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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To elucidate reinitiation factors in human spermatozoa preserved in the electrolyte-free solution at 4 degrees C. SETTING:Andrology laboratory of our hospital. PATIENTS:Semen samples were obtained from patients attending our infertility clinic. INTERVENTIONS:Ejaculated sperm were centrifuged and washed usi...

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  • Slow excretion of exogenous human chorionic gonadotropin simulating repeated pregnancies and pregnancy losses.

    abstract::We report a patient undergoing hMG-induced superovulation who demonstrated delayed excretion of hCG, originally believed to be because of successive biochemical pregnancies. However, sequential hCG titers after administration of exogenous hCG demonstrated a longer than normal half-life for the excretion of hCG in this...

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