Genomic sequencing reveals gene content, genomic organization, and recombination relationships in barley.


:Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) is one of the most important large-genome cereals with extensive genetic resources available in the public sector. Studies of genome organization in barley have been limited primarily to genetic markers and sparse sequence data. Here we report sequence analysis of 417.5 kb DNA from four BAC clones from different genomic locations. Sequences were analyzed with respect to gene content, the arrangement of repetitive sequences and the relationship of gene density to recombination frequencies. Gene densities ranged from 1 gene per 12 kb to 1 gene per 103 kb with an average of 1 gene per 21 kb. In general, genes were organized into islands separated by large blocks of nested retrotransposons. Single genes in apparent isolation were also found. Genes occupied 11% of the total sequence, LTR retrotransposons and other repeated elements accounted for 51.9% and the remaining 37.1% could not be annotated.


Funct Integr Genomics


Rostoks N,Park YJ,Ramakrishna W,Ma J,Druka A,Shiloff BA,SanMiguel PJ,Jiang Z,Brueggeman R,Sandhu D,Gill K,Bennetzen JL,Kleinhofs A





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  • Expansion and evolutionary patterns of GDSL-type esterases/lipases in Rosaceae genomes.

    abstract::GDSL-type esterase/lipase (GELP) is mainly characterized by a conserved GDSL domain at N terminus, and is widely found in all living species, both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. GELP gene family consists of a wide range of members playing important roles in plant physiological processes, such as development, stress respo...

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  • A novel genetic island of meningitic Escherichia coli K1 containing the ibeA invasion gene (GimA): functional annotation and carbon-source-regulated invasion of human brain microvascular endothelial cells.

    abstract::The IbeA (ibe10) gene is an invasion determinant contributing to E. coli K1 invasion of the blood-brain barrier. This gene has been cloned and characterized from the chromosome of an invasive cerebrospinal fluid isolate of E. coli K1, strain RS218 (018:K1: H7). In the present study, a genetic island of meningitic E. c...

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  • Analysis of pituitary transcriptomics indicates that lncRNAs are involved in the regulation of sheep estrus.

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