The quality of ultrasonic root-end preparation: a quantitative study.


:Ultrasonic root-end preparation techniques have recently been introduced and revolutionized the field of endodontic surgery. The purpose of this study was to compare quantitatively the quality of root-end preparation techniques prepared by a specially designed ultrasonic retrotip with those prepared in a traditional manner by a microhandpiece bur. Twenty roots with two canals and an isthmus from extracted maxillary human molars were selected for this study. After instrumentation, obturation, and root-end resection, root-end preparations were made using either an ultrasonic retrotip or a conventional microhandpiece bur. With the aid of the image processing and analysis system, the specimens were inspected under a stereomicroscope for further evaluation of the quality of the shape and size of preparation. The results of this investigation showed that the ultrasonic root-end preparations produced more conservative and less perforated cavities than those made with conventional microhandpiece bur preparations.


J Endod


Journal of endodontics


Lin CP,Chou HG,Kuo JC,Lan WH





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  • Isolation of methicillin-resistant staphylococci in the dental operatory.

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    abstract:INTRODUCTION:The purpose of this study was to evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy of Triphala, green tea polyphenols (GTP), MTAD, and 5% sodium hypochlorite against E. faecalis biofilm formed on tooth substrate. METHODS:Extracted human teeth were biomechanically prepared, vertically sectioned, placed in the tissue cul...

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  • Gingival squamous cell carcinoma mimicking a dentoalveolar abscess: report of a case.

    abstract::Because of its close proximity to teeth and periodontium, gingival squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) can sometimes mimic tooth-related benign inflammatory conditions, resulting in misdiagnosis. In this study we report a case of gingival SCC that mimicked a dentoalveolar abscess of endodontic origin in its early presentati...

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  • Role of Protein Phosphatase 1 in Angiogenesis and Odontoblastic Differentiation of Human Dental Pulp Cells.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:The aims of this study were to examine the immunolocalization of protein phosphatase 1 (PP1) in developing mouse pulp tissue and to explore the role of PP1 in odontoblastic differentiation and in vitro angiogenesis in human dental pulp cells (HDPCs). METHODS:Immunolocalization of PP1 was assessed in devel...

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  • The number of bleaching sessions influences pulp tissue damage in rat teeth.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Hydrogen peroxide tooth bleaching is claimed to cause alterations in dental tissue structures. This study investigated the influence of the number of bleaching sessions on pulp tissue in rats. METHODS:Male Wistar rats were studied in 5 groups (groups 1S-5S) of 10 each, which differed by the number (1-5) o...

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  • Evaluation of human osteosarcoma cell line genotoxicity effects of mineral trixoide aggregate and calcium silicate cements.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and calcium silicate (CS) cements exhibit acceptable levels of cytocompatibility. The aim of the present study was to evaluate MTA and CS cement genotoxicity in a human osteosarcoma cell line (MG63). METHODS:A mitochondrial colorimetric assay was used to evaluate the MG63 ...

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  • Healing of induced periapical lesions in ferret canines.

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