Lessons learned from the 1-hour post-load glucose level during OGTT: Current screening recommendations for dysglycaemia should be revised.


:This perspective covers a novel area of research describing the inadequacies of current approaches for diagnosing dysglycaemia and proposes that the 1-hour post-load glucose level during the 75-g oral glucose tolerance test may serve as a novel biomarker to detect dysglycaemia earlier than currently recommended screening criteria for glucose disorders. Considerable evidence suggests that a 1-hour post-load plasma glucose value ≥155 mg/dl (8.6 mmol/L) may identify individuals with reduced β-cell function prior to progressing to prediabetes and diabetes and is highly predictive of those likely to progress to diabetes more than the HbA1c or 2-hour post-load glucose values. An elevated 1-hour post-load glucose level was a better predictor of type 2 diabetes than isolated 2-hour post-load levels in Indian, Japanese, and Israeli and Nordic populations. Furthermore, epidemiological studies have shown that a 1-hour PG ≥155 mg/dl (8.6 mmol/L) predicted progression to diabetes as well as increased risk for microvascular disease and mortality when the 2-hour level was <140 mg/dl (7.8 mmol/L). The risk of myocardial infarction or fatal ischemic heart disease was also greater among subjects with elevated 1-hour glucose levels as were risks of retinopathy and peripheral vascular complications in a Swedish cohort. The authors believe that the considerable evidence base supports redefining current screening and diagnostic recommendations with the 1-hour post-load level. Measurement of the 1-hour PG level would increase the likelihood of identifying a larger, high-risk group with the additional practical advantage of potentially replacing the conventional 2-hour oral glucose tolerance test making it more acceptable in a clinical setting.


Diabetes Metab Res Rev


Bergman M,Jagannathan R,Buysschaert M,Pareek M,Olsen MH,Nilsson PM,Medina JL,Roth J,Chetrit A,Groop L,Dankner R




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