[Adoption of standard precautions: a report].


:During 1993 and 1994, a recycling program on Standard Precautions was conducted for the nursing personnel at the Women's Health Centre (CAISM). In 1995, an evaluation was obtained through direct observation of these sectors regarding the adoption of these measures, the adequate use, access and availability of gloves and boxes for the disposal of perforating, sharp material. Sixty observations and 232 procedures were reported. One hundred sixty four procedures (71%) adopted these measures and 68 procedures (29%) did not. It was evident that the need to wash hands and not to use needles twice should be emphasized.


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Lopes MH,Moromizato SS,Veiga JF



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  • Interdisciplinary simulation scenario in nursing education: Humanized childbirth and birth.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to develop and validate with a panel of experts a scenario of maternal-child clinical simulation, related to humanized childbirth and birth. METHOD:methodological study based on the Jeffries framework and standardized guides of the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation in Learning, which ...

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  • [Analysis of the utilization of the operating room using a computer].

    abstract::With this study, we intended to verify the possibility of settling a time control of the activities developed at the operating room of an University Hospital, which has more than 500 beds, through the introduction of a computer program. The results indicate that this kind of systematic time control, which is used by n...

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  • Low-income families' perceptions on the use of drugs by one of their members.

    abstract::Families who are socially excluded are vulnerable to problems related to the use of psychoactive substances. This study aimed to identify the perception regarding drugs use among families that lived in extreme poverty and participated in a social-educational group in the suburbs of a city in the interior of São Paulo ...

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  • Zarit Burden Interview Psychometric Indicators Applied in Older People Caregivers of Other Elderly.

    abstract:Objective::to derive psychometric indicators of construct validity and internal consistence of the Zarit Burden Interview scale for caregivers, describing associations of the scale with metrics related to care demands, coping strategies and depression in aged caregivers. Method::crosscutting descriptive and correlatio...

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  • [Clinical nurses working in psychiatric institutions in Ribeirao Preto: characterization, education, and performance].

    abstract::This is a quanti-qualitative study that had the purpose to characterize nurses who work in psychiatric institutions at the city of Ribeirão Preto, focussing on their education, identifying nursing actions that those professionals perform daily and finding out about practice and knowledge that they consider specific to...

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  • Nursing diagnoses related to skin: operational definitions.

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  • Application of the educational method of realistic simulation in the treatment of pressure injuries.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to evaluate the use of realistic simulation as a strategy to promote teaching about pressure injuries. METHOD:This is a quasi-experimental study. A modified and translated version of the Pieper Pressure Ulcer knowledge test was applied. Kappa statistical analysis was used to assess the professionals' knowled...

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  • [Perception of children by undergraduate nursing students].

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  • Nursing history: reflections on teaching and research at undergraduate level.

    abstract::This study aims to contribute to the discussion on the development of a specific research line on Nursing History. It concludes by addressing the current situation of nursing teaching in undergraduate courses, its persisting difficulties and growing possibilities of this yet so little explored field. ...

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  • [Caring for children with neurogenic bladder dysfunction: social representation of these children's and their mothers' needs].

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to know and analyze the representations and needs of school-age children with neurogenic bladder dysfunction and of their mothers. This is a qualitative study; whose methodology was based on social representations. According to the interposition of empirical end analytical categories, the...

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  • [Sexuality in adolescence: a bibliographic study].

    abstract::This is a bibliographical study that aimed at pointing out the history of sexuality as well as its cultural, social and religious influences. The goals were to find out in literature the causes of the difficulties faced by the actual men to approach themes related to sexuality mainly with their adolescent children tha...

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  • The dialogic life-death in care delivery to adolescents with cancer.

    abstract::This study aims to understand the experience of adolescents with cancer, family and the health team regarding death in the healthcare context, in the light of Edgar Morin's proposed theoretical framework of complexity. Participants were 12 adolescents, 14 relatives and 25 health professionals. The interview was used f...

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  • Transcultural adaptation and validation of the Conditions of Work Effectiveness-Questionnaire-II instrument.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study aims at translating and validating the content of the instrument Conditions of Work Effectiveness-Questionnaire-II CWEQ-II), developed by Laschinger, Finegan, Shamian and Wilk, modified from the original CWEQ for the Brazilian culture. METHOD:The methodological procedure consisted of the stages of...

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  • Predisposing factors for peripheral intravenous puncture failure in children.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To identify predisposing factors for peripheral intravenous puncture failure in children. METHODS:Cross-sectional cohort study conducted with 335 children in a pediatric ward of a university hospital after approval of the ethics committee. The Wald Chi-squared, Prevalence Ratio (PR) and backward procedure (p...

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  • Differences in foot self-care and lifestyle between men and women with diabetes mellitus.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to investigate differences with regard to foot self-care and lifestyle between men and women with diabetes mellitus. METHOD:cross-sectional study conducted in a sample of 1,515 individuals with diabetes mellitus aged 40 years old or older. Poisson regression models were used to identity differences in foot s...

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  • Family health team knowledge concerning the health needs of people with tuberculosis.

    abstract::The purposes of the study were to get to know conceptions on tuberculosis and health needs and to describe the care provided to people with tuberculosis, according to health professionals' perspective. Qualitative study developed at family health units in Capão Redondo, São Paulo. The data were collected through open ...

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  • Moving in the right direction: first step in writing for publication in nursing.

    abstract::Current trends suggest that the dissemination of nursing knowledge and published papers in high quality journals bring further development in the professionalization of nursing. There is limited understanding of the factors that enable nurses' writing for publication, but an educational programme on publications skill...

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  • Humanizing care through the valuation of the human being: resignification of values and principles by health professionals.

    abstract::This qualitative study aimed to find the values and principles steering health professionals' practice, in order to reach the values guiding humanization. The study took place between October and November 2005, when 17 professionals from a multiprofessional team at a hospital in the South of Brazil were interviewed in...

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  • [Adjustment of the theory of self-care deficit in home care in the light of Barnum's model].

    abstract::The study aimed at analyzing the Self-Care Deficit Theory adjustment, focusing on the atmosphere and the home care provider. Authors adopted the Barnum's model that suggests questions on the use of its concepts, seeking for its interrelations and scope. The answers to those questions were based on the Self-Care Defici...

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  • Effectiveness of an educational program in nursing in the self-care of patients with heart failure: randomized controlled trial.

    abstract::Unblinded randomized controlled clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of an educational program in nursing (educational meetings, home visits, telenursing and a printed book) in the improvement of self-care behaviors in patients with heart failure was evaluated. Thirty-three people participated in the intervent...

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  • [Hospital humanization as an expression of ethics].

    abstract::The practice of health professionals in the hospital environment has been loosing its human characteristics in view of the care delivered to the disease rather than to the sick being, and also in view of the increasing technological complexity, associated with increasing costs. Ethics requires the implementation of a ...

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  • Risk Factors for premature birth in a hospital.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to determine the risk factors for premature birth. METHODS:retrospective case-control study of 600 pregnant women assisted in a hospital, with 298 pregnant women in the case group (who gave birth prematurely <37 weeks) and 302 pregnant women who gave birth to a full-term newborn in the control group. Stata s...

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  • Changing the perspective on specialized knowledge in nursing: an epistemological debate.

    abstract::This theoretical study results from the observation and problematization of inexperienced nurses' insertion in technological environments, which requires specialized knowledge and practices. We pose the question if the use of this knowledge leads to a fragmented practice. The objective is to discuss the specialized kn...

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  • [The nursing process in a burn unit: analysis and reformulation of teaching].

    abstract::The present study aims at elaborating and applying an education plan for nurses in an Unit for Burnt Patients, with the proposal of analysing and reformulating the practice of the nursing process in this service. The framework proposed by Charles MAGUEREZ, was employed as a guideline, which led to the selection and ap...

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    authors: Rossi LA,Trevizan MA

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  • [Quality of life of persons with chronic illness].

    abstract::The present study has the following objectives: to identify the significance of the quality of life of people with chronic illness and verify its interference in their quality of life. We have studied 71 people of both sexes, attended in the clinical settings of 2 public hospitals. The most common diagnoses were high ...

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  • Survey on the use of health services by adult men: prevalence rates and associated factors.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:estimate the prevalence and identify factors associated with the use of health services by men between 20 and 59 years of age. METHOD:population-based, cross-sectional domestic survey undertaken with 421 adult men, selected through systematic random sampling. The data were collected through a structured inst...

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  • Self-perceived factors associated with smoking cessation among primary health care nurses: a qualitative study.

    abstract::The aim of this work was to characterize the views of nurses about factors modulating smoking cessation. Results of this study will allow us to design helping interventions with the maximum specificity for nurses. A qualitative study through a semi-structured interview of 15 Primary Health Care nurses who were smokers...

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  • The daily routine of patients in tuberculosis treatment in basic health care units: a phenomenological approach.

    abstract::This study presents a phenomenological reflection on the daily care routine of patients in TB treatment. It aimed to understand the routine of treatment delivered at the primary health care service. Phenomenological interviews were carried out with patients infected with TB and health professionals at Primary Care Uni...

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  • Correlation between classification in risk categories and clinical aspects and outcomes.

    abstract:Objective:to correlate classification in risk categories with the clinical profiles, outcomes and origins of patients. Method:analytical cross-sectional study conducted with 697 medical forms of adult patients. The variables included: age, sex, origin, signs and symptoms, exams, personal antecedents, classification in...

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  • Knowledge about AIDS and drugs among undergraduate students in a higher education institution in the state of Paraná.

    abstract::The main objective of this study was to measure the knowledge of undergraduate nursing students about Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and drugs. The study was carried out in 2007 with a random sample of 289 undergraduate students at a State University in the Northwest of Paraná, Brazil. The students self-app...

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    authors: dos Santos SM,de Oliveira ML

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