[Reviewing the teaching strategies in a learning process].


:This is a qualitative research that aimed at finding out opinions on the learning process that was used with the participants of the workshop "Learning what is to be a nurse", presented at the 47 degrees Brazilian Nursing Congress, in Goiânia, in 1995, in order to analyze the teaching strategies introduced during the workshop. Data were collected from an evaluation questionnaire that was answered by the participants who were the subjects of this research. We submitted the answers to a content analysis using a thematic categorization and identified classes which distinguish or sometimes emphasize the searched strategies.


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  • The legacy of care as reflexive learning.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to analyze whether the tutor's use of reflexive strategies encourages the students to reflect. The goal is to discover what type of strategies can help to achieve this and how tutors and students behave in the practical context. METHOD:a qualitative and ethnographic focus was adopted. Twenty-seven students a...

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    pub_type: 杂志文章,多中心研究


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  • Cultural adaptation and validation of the "Diabetes Quality of Life for Youths" measure of Ingersoll and Marrero into Brazilian culture.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to adapt the "Diabetes Quality of Life for Youths (DQOLY)" measure into Brazilian culture and to analyze its psychometric properties. The cross-cultural adaptation included the phases of translation, backtranslation, committee review, and pretesting. The adapted instrument was applied to 124 ...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Novato Tde S,Grossi SA,Kimura M

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  • Reflections on the care delivered in a suspected case of infanticide.

    abstract::This study resulted from the experience of supervising a suspected infanticide case hospitalized at a psychiatric ward. We aimed to find support in scientific literature about infanticide, point out an interdisciplinary health team's affliction and uncertainties when faced with this kind of case and suggest strategies...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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  • Emotional competencies in the process of teaching and learning in nursing, from the perspective of the neurosciences.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to investigate aspects of the interaction which occurs between feeling and learning from the perspective of the neurosciences. METHOD:research with a qualitative approach, of the case study type, undertaken in Brazilian public nursing colleges. The research subjects were lecturers and students. The technique...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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  • Fertility rates and perinatal outcomes of adolescent pregnancies: a retrospective population-based study.

    abstract:Objective:analyze trends in fertility rates and associations with perinatal outcomes for adolescents in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Methods:a population-based study covering 2006 to 2013 was carried out to evaluate associations between perinatal outcomes and age groups, using odds ratios, and Chi-squared tests. Results:d...

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  • [Building competences in the care, according to Boff: a new perspective of nurse's ethical conduct].

    abstract::In this study, authors characterize nurse's managerial conduct in the perspective of the work, illustrated through the analysis of three investigations. Understanding the fragility of managerial nurse's situation, considering the commitment with the users and with the ones who provide the services, authors advocate in...

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  • Integrative review of factors related to the nursing diagnosis nausea during antineoplastic chemotherapy.

    abstract:Objective:to identify factors related to the nursing diagnosis nausea among cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Method:integrative review conducted in four electronic databases (PUBMED, EMBASE, CINAHL and LILACS) using the key words: neoplasia, antineoplastic agents and nausea. Results:only 30 out of 1,258 paper...

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  • Body composition of chronic renal patients: anthropometry and bioimpedance vector analysis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to compare the body composition of patients undergoing hemodialysis with that of healthy individuals using different methods. METHOD:cross-sectional study assessing male individuals using anthropometric markers, electrical bioimpedance and vector analysis. RESULTS:the healthy individuals presented larger tr...

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    authors: Soares V,Avelar IS,Andrade SR,Vieira MF,Silva MS

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  • [Analysis of humanistic theory and interpersonal relations of nurses in newborn care].

    abstract::Theories are propositions created to evaluate nursing care, allowing nurses to consider and incorporate them in their professional practice. This Masters study was aimed at thinking critically about the practical usefulness of the concepts of Humanistic Nursing Theory. This descriptive-reflexive study was carried out ...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Rolim KM,Pagliuca LM,Leitão Cardoso MV

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  • [Intuitive ability in nursing care].

    abstract::This study aimed to understand the intuitive ability of nursing professionals in caring. The study method was qualitative, adopting a descriptive exploratory approach. Sampling involved 87 female nursing professionals, being 31 nurses, 29 nursing technicians and 18 nursing auxiliaries. The result showed different leve...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: da Silva AL

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  • Cardiovascular risk assessment in hypertensive patients.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to assess cardiovascular risk by means of the traditional Framingham score and the version modified through the incorporation of emerging risk factors, such as family history of acute myocardial infarction, metabolic syndrome and chronic kidney disease. METHOD:participants were 50 hypertensive patients under...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: de Paula EA,de Paula RB,da Costa DM,Colugnati FA,de Paiva EP

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  • [Child care according to day care center workers].

    abstract::This investigation aimed at understanding and analyzing the representations of the workers from daycare centers regarding the care they provide to children. Data were collected through individual interviews and an educational workshop. These interviews were carried out in daycare centers, that are associated to a publ...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Veríssimo Mde L,da Fonseca RM

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  • Evaluation of products and services of a nursing library: user satisfaction.

    abstract::The goal of the study was to evaluate the quality of the services provided by the library at the Nursing School of the University of São Paulo. A questionnaire evaluating users' satisfaction with the service was employed, covering five quality components: tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy. ...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Cozin SK,Turrini RN

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  • [Quality of life at work among nursing professionals at surgical wards from the perspective of satisfaction].

    abstract::This transversal and descriptive study aimed at evaluating the life quality of nursing professionals working at a surgical ward, using the Index of Work Satisfaction. Study participants were 105 workers; most of them women (82.9%), with an average age of 38. In this group, 69.5% were nursing auxiliaries and 11.4% were...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Schmidt DR,Dantas RA

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  • The economic survival of long stay institutions for impoverished aged people.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Identify structural couplings of Retirement Institutions for the Aged (RIA) with the economic system, in order to maintain those institutions that shelter the poor aged in the Brazilian context. METHOD:Qualitative, exploratory-descriptive study. The data collection was carried out through interviews with sev...

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    authors: Creutzberg M,Gonçalves LH,Sobottka EA

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  • Diagnosis of the situation of health workers and the training process at a regional center for professional health education.

    abstract::The policy of professional health education has been put into operation by the centers of professional health education in a decentralized way. Aiming to identify the needs of the health sector at a regional level, a survey was carried out to investigate the situation of workers in the public health network of 22 citi...

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    authors: Murofuse NT,Rizzotto ML,Muzzolon AB,Nicola AL

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  • [Risk factors associated with drug abuse among adolescent students].

    abstract:UNLABELLED:This study aims to identify risk factors associated with licit and illicit drug abuse among adolescent students in various public institutions. METHODS:A descriptive study was carried out in Naguanagua, Carabobo, Venezuela and applied the Test Drug Use Screening Inventory questionnaire to an age-stratified ...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Rebolledo EA,Medina NM,Pillon SC

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  • Swedish Advanced Home Care: organizational structure and implications of adopting this care model in Brazilian health care system.

    abstract::The purpose of this paper was to describe the organization of the Advanced Home Care Program provided in a region of Sweden and to discuss some benefits and implications of this model adoption in Brazilian settings. Data triangulation as interview, observation and questionnaire was used. Thirty two professionals parti...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Perroca MG,Ek AC

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  • [The meaning of sexuality for adolescents living in the streets of Goiania].

    abstract::This study aimed at reflecting on the sexuality for adolescents living on the street, based on their point of view. Authors used a qualitative approach in order to identify general aspects related to the sexuality of adolescents living on the street in Goiânia. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews an...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Medeiros M,Ferriani MG,Munari DB,Gomes R

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  • Experiencing organ donation: feelings of relatives after consent.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to identify experiences and feelings on the organ donation process, from the perspective of a relative of an organ donor in a transplant unit. METHOD:this was exploratory research using a qualitative approach, performed with seven family members of different organ donors, selected by a lottery. Sociodemograp...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Fernandes ME,Bittencourt ZZ,Boin Ide F

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  • [Negative and positive eugenics: meanings and contradictions].

    abstract::Eugenics constitutes an important subject of debate, associated with current biogenetics improvements. Considering that the central point in eugenics has always been the preoccupation with future generations' health and constitution, and that the use of scientific means and knowledge for the birth of a physically and ...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Mai LD,Angerami EL

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  • Explanatory digital video disc with patients undergoing diagnostic cardiac catheterization.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to evaluate knowledge of patients before outpatient diagnostic cardiac catheterization after viewing an explanatory Digital Video Disc, in a cardiology reference hospital. This cross-sectional study was carried out with patients undergoing their first cardiac catheterization and was performed...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Torrano SK,Veiga VB,Goldmeier S,Azzolin K

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  • Late diagnosis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection and associated factors.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to analyze the occurrence of late diagnosis of infection by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and its associated factors. METHOD:this is an epidemiological, cross-sectional and analytical study, carried out with 369 people followed-up by Specialized Assistance Services, undergoing anti-retroviral treatment, a...

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    authors: Ribeiro LCS,Freitas MIF,Tupinambás U,Lana FCF

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  • The effects of acupressure on labor pains during child birth: randomized clinical trial.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to analyze the effects of acupressure on the sanyinjiao point for pregnant women in labor at public maternity wards. METHOD:single-blind controlled clinical trial, randomly done employing a pragmatic profile. We selected 156 pregnant women in their ≥ 37 week/s, who had cervical dilations of ≥ 4 cm and with t...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

    pub_type: 杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Mafetoni RR,Shimo AK

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  • [Professional trajectory of obstetric nurses from the University of Sao Paulo College of Nursing: a focus on social phenomenology].

    abstract::This study aimed at understanding the experiences of students that were enrolled in the Obstetric Nursing Program offered by the University of São Paulo College of Nursing. Data were collected through interviews with the former students, who had different life histories after their graduation. The proposal of this res...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Merighi MA

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  • [Critical reflexive education of nurses from the nursing undergraduate program offered by the School of Medicine of Marília - FAMEMA].

    abstract::The study aimed at learning with the undergraduate students enrolled at the Nursing Undergraduate Program offered by FAMEMA about how they are building their education with the purpose of forming a critical reflexive professional as well as identifying the differences perceived by the students with respect to the logi...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

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    authors: Chirelli MQ,Mishima SM

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  • Low-income families' perceptions on the use of drugs by one of their members.

    abstract::Families who are socially excluded are vulnerable to problems related to the use of psychoactive substances. This study aimed to identify the perception regarding drugs use among families that lived in extreme poverty and participated in a social-educational group in the suburbs of a city in the interior of São Paulo ...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Martins M,Santos MA,Pillon SC

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  • Care delivery for the child to grow up despite the pain: the family's experience.

    abstract::This study aimed to understand the meaning of the experience of families having a child experiencing pain due to Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and to construct a theoretical model representing this experience. Grounded Theory and Symbolic Interactionism were used as methodological framework and theoretical framework, ...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Rossato LM,Angelo M,Silva CA

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  • University students' perceived norms of peers and drug use: a multicentric study in five Latin American countries.

    abstract::This cross-sectional study compared perceived peer drug use and actual drug use in a sample of Latin American university students. Students from nine universities in five countries (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Honduras and Peru) completed a questionnaire that addressed the use of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. ...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

    pub_type: 杂志文章,多中心研究


    authors: Bustamante IV,Carvalho AM,de Oliveira EB,de Oliveira Júnior HP,Santos Figueroa SD,Montoya Vásquez EM,Cazenave A,Chaname E,Medina Matallana LS,Ramirez Castillo J

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  • Burden and modifications in life from the perspective of caregivers for patients after stroke.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to analyze the impact that caring has on a member of the family caring for a patient after a cerebrovascular accident, correlating life modifications and mental suffering with the perceived burden. METHOD:a cross-sectional, quantitative study, undertaken in January-April 2010 in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil. RE...

    journal_title:Revista latino-americana de enfermagem

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Morais HC,Soares AM,Oliveira AR,Carvalho CM,da Silva MJ,de Araujo TL

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